Tedd explains how to tell Ellen and Nanase apart. First he compares their faces, then mentions that they should be easy to distinguish by outfits. Then Ellen and Nanase appears with switched outfit.

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... and this was before Nanase got spell allowing her to switch outfits immediately in EGS Main Story Comic for 2008-06-25 ...


TeddWell folks, it seems that some of you are still having trouble telling Ellen and Nanase apart in grey-scale comics.
TeddHow?! How can you not tell the difference between my cousin and Ellen?!?!
TeddLook here: The eyes, the hair ... they each look quite different. ... at least they do in more recent comics.
Tedd poimts at a poster on the wall which reads: Ugly cousin (under a picture of Nanase) and Hot ♀ Elliot (under a picture of Ellen)
TeddAnd if all else fails, you should be able to easily tell them apart by their different outfits.
NanaseHello, Tedd.
TeddWhat the-- you bums! Now they'll be more confused that ever! How DATE you two come out dressed that way!
NanaseThis from the man in the skirt.
EllenI can fix that.
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