Elliot explains how Dan responds to email in way he doesn't actually reply.

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ElliotDan receives fan mail on a fairly regular basis. Sadly, he is often slow to respond, or doesn't respond at all. This isn't, however, due to a large ego.
Elliot(Narrating) "Dan often hesitates to respond because he's a bit shy, and he thinks too much about what he should say. He could be thought of as a bear, as in he's more afraid of you than you are of him."
ElliotTo help you better understand Dan's process for responding to E-mails, Sarah has been kind enough to create images depicting Dan's four crucial stages of E-mail response!
SarahAs you'll notice, his system could use some work.
Phase I:
DanOh, cool! Fan mail! Hmm... I'd better think carefully about how to respond and then reply later...
Phase II:
Phase III:
*crickets chirping*
Phase IV:
Dan"El Goonish Shive"?! What the--?! Is this bum calling me a goon?!
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