"The general idea was to breed and train people who appeared to be normal humans, but could transform into panic-causing monsters at will."
Edward Verres[1]
Project Lycanthrope

Dr. Sciuridae injecting DNA into a Uryuom egg.

Project Lycanthrope was developed to create an army of untraceable super-assassins that could hide their identities by killing people while in their animal form.[1]


By injecting animal DNA into uryuom eggs, which were provided solely by Mr. Guyur thanks to his mutation, they were able to make three assassins, one with 50% human and 50% animal DNA (Guineas), one with 75% human and 25% animal DNA (Hedge), and one with DNA from a variety of animals, human DNA, and uryuom DNA (Vlad).[2] However, the project was flawed because the scientists were unable to speed up the development of the assassins; instead, their aging was apparently slowed. Later on, when the scientists heard of the creation of Damien, they secretly created a fourth assassin in order to combat him. This assassin would be created from a strong human donor, an animal to make him appear to be just another assassin, an uryuom, and a lespuko; this creation would have the name Shade Tail. However Dr. Sciuridae switched the human DNA with that of his daughter, resulting in Grace. Dr. Sciuridae was transferred as a result, but went to Mr. Verres to help her. Later on Damien arrived and killed all the scientists in order to take over and capture Grace and her brothers.

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