"Nein! The school budget is to be spent on murals!!! Murals I say!!!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-02-08 ("I Wonder How Long Ago That Was...")

Principal Verrückt is the principal of Moperville North High School. He's a bumbling and obnoxious character with skewed priorities and perspectives.

He's devoted a large chunk of the school's budget to murals as he believes they are the only thing keeping his students from going over the edge,[1] and that the school would collapse into pure anarchy if the students didn't have those painted eyes gazing down at them.

It's thanks to his obsession with murals that Moperville North has never fixed its broken sprinklers nor installed a fire alarm system (he refers to fire alarms as "fantastic technology" and a "ludicrous luxary [sic]"). It's later revealed that a single one of these murals costs as much as several thousand uniforms.

Towards the beginning of Sister he calls Tedd to his office to talk about the Goo that Tedd brought to life in the previous arc.[2] Rather than wanting to chastise Tedd, Verrückt is instead interested in Tedd creating for him an army of "Goo based hall monitors".

Later in one of the few instances of Verrückt being helpful, the gender-bent Elliot explains his situation to Verrückt and gets the principal to agree to get the teachers to support Elliot's cover story so that Elliot can continue attending school while gender-bent and still receive credit for the work.[3]

As one of her attempts to be evil, Ellen tells him the "rug" he wears makes him look like Hitler. Instead of punishing her, he thanks he for good advice - he was aware his look is scary but no one told him why.[4]

Towards the end of Shadows after Dark he goes over all the chaotic things that had been happening lately and thinks "[t]here...there was a time...a time when I thought the majesty of the murals was enough to keep students on the right path, but I just don't know anymore...". He then notices a slap-fight between Tedd and Susan.[5]

He subsequently learns that this slap-fight was caused by Tedd noticing Susan's Star Trek shirt and making fun of Star Trek. This gives him the idea to institute mandatory uniforms.

The uniforms are gender-specific and are unpopular from the moment they are announced and Susan in particular considers them to be sexist. It's because of these uniforms that he acts as an antagonist towards Susan during Hidden Genesis and Sister 2.

Despite Susan making her reasons for hating the uniforms very clear from the outset, he later acts and talks to Susan as though she is rebelling just for the sake of rebelling. He is one of the few characters that doesn't call Susan by her middle name and instead calls her by her first name "Tiffany" or first and last name "Tiffany Pompoms". He apparently mistakes Susan's middle name as her 'street name'.


  • His last name is German for "insane"

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