Playing With Dolls is the sixteenth story arc in EGS:NP. It opened on August 1st, 2014 and ended on January 19th, 2015. Posted on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. It is part of canon and happens sometime after the Squirrel Prophet - Final Battle,[1] in fact the very next day.[2]

The story starts with Susan realizing that she doesn't like when Nase, who looks like Nanase, watches her taking a shower. Because Nanase has her magic back, Susan realizes that with Tedd's help, Nanase can create for her another doll that looks like her.

The story mentions Tedd's progress with Magic Watches, mainly height-changing ones,[3] and mentions that whole main cast used Tedd's scanner to "save" copies of their forms, just like Sarah did back on Grace's Birthday party.[4]

It also shows Tedd's basement as place of great temptation:[5] before getting to her own doll, Susan gets a doll with Tedd's face, and afterwards another "updated" Nanase doll and a Grace one (so she has 5 total now), while Nanase accepted watches with Grace's form,[6][7] and it seems that both Nanase and Susan will be leaving with some height-changing watches as well.

And on the end, after mentioning that Susan is not reading her spellbook,[8] we get some details about her fairy doll spell[9] and hint she can now summon multiple fairy dolls at once.[10]

Nanase learns something new about her spell as well: she can choose to have a different outfits (other than the basic unitard that all previous dolls have had) for new dolls when creating them.[11]

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