Patreon Sep 2014 is the subsection for sketchbook fillers from September 2014. It again consists mostly of images for the Patreon backers, and there are also two "milestone" images with topics chosen by Dan. This time, someone did take the two-panel before-after option.

Also, this section features two images posted on the same day.

It starts with EGS Sketchbook Comic for 2014-09-03 ("Requested by Anonymous - Captain Tightpants Susan") and ends with EGS Sketchbook Comic for 2014-09-30, number 2 of 2 ("Requested by Yakaru - Tedd, Grace, Sarah, Nanase, and Rhoda as Lady Planeswalkers of Moperville, Lady Planeswalkers a group that is for girls (and others) who want to game without the "issues" that have been shown a couple of times in the plot.").

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