Mr. Verres introduces himself and, after Sensei Greg has left to hold a class, starts asking questions.

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Mr. VerresHello, Mr. Mulder... I mean, hello son. Looks like you've got a lot of explaining to do...
TeddUm, yeah... Maybe just a little...
Mr. VerresAnd for God's sake, boy, give Grace your shirt so she won't be indecent when she turns back to normal.
GraceActually, I don't mind--
Mr. VerresJust wear the shirt and turn back to normal, Grace.
Mr. VerresFor those among you who don't know me, I am Mr. Verres, Tedd's father, and an employee for the government. A clean up crew will be here shortly to take care of this mess; we shall relocate to my residence and get this whole situation sorted out there.
Sensei GregExcuse me, Mr. Verres? I'm Greg, Elliot's martial arts instructor? I have a class I have to teach in an hour or so, and I was wondering if I could just go now? I won't tell anybody about anything I saw here, if that's what you're concerned about.
Mr. VerresS-sure! Go ahead!
Mr. Verres(thinking) Holy cow! He's huge!!!
Mr. VerresHo-kay then... Um, I know you used that diamond, and I see what appears to be a cat and a girl Elliot... So which one of you is the duplicate?
Sensei Greg(thinking) Wait until my class hears about this!
Elliot...we don't know.
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