Nanase continues to distract the Goo.

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SusanI don't care if it is proving to be effective. This tactic is just embarrassing...
GraceOh no! Poor Green!
SusanThat was an illusion, you dolt. The only real one just turned yellow.
Nanase's blue illusory duplicateWhy don't you learn some manners you big slime stinky meanie thing...!!!
EllenI'm warning you Nanase... Just stay out of this!
Nanase(Yellow) And I'm warning you to shut up and listen before I shut you up!
Nanase's blue illusory duplicateAw... I lose already?
Poof (in blue)
GooFirst Green, then Blue, and after that...
Poof (in red)
GooYou do not surprise me this time.
Nanase's red illusory duplicateWhy you dirty little @#%! Are you calling me predictable?! I outa tear off your $#l@ and feed it to a rabid mongrel!
Nanase's red illusory duplicateYou think you're so !@#!^@% tough?! You’re @!%)#% nothing! You look and smell like !#%@ and I'll wipe you off my shoes just as if you were !#%@!!!
SusanUm "Claire"? ...What are you doing?
GraceHiding. That ok?
Sensei Greg(thinking) I wonder if I should inform her of the fact that she's potentially the most powerful one here...
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