Elliot tells his parents about his transformation.

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  • The Dunkel household

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ElliotUh, Dad? I need to borrow some money for clothes...
Mr. DunkelSon, does this have anything to do with the fact that you've apparently been turned into a girl?
ElliotYes sir.
Mr. DunkelI see... How long are you stuck like this?
ElliotMight be a month sir.
Mr. DunkelHmm...
Mr. DunkelWell, I'll give you some money. But in the future I expect you to be more careful when playing with that friend of yours; something's not quite right with that boy.
Mrs. DunkelOh look at you! You're simply adorable!!!
ElliotOw!! Don't do that, Mom
Mrs. Dunkel(off screen) I'll get the camera!
ElliotNo Ma! Don't get the camera!!!
Mr. DunkelHoney, stop encouraging him.
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