"I will destroy the world as it is now known and replace it with another."
—Pandora talking to her son

Pandora Chaos Raven,[6] also going by Box,[7][8] is a shapeshifting Immortal who has commonly taken the form of a small girl, dark cloud or adult woman. She is first seen in the Hidden Genesis arc in her "girl" form, and later in a monstrous "cloud" form, though much later she is seen taking an "adult" form. She seems to have links to Magus and some sort of unknown goal which involves helping Magus escape from the spiritual plane. She is evidently the mother of Adrian Raven.[9]

Pandora was reset for breaking immortal law after saving her son from being shot at.[10][11] She used the opportunity the reset gave her to destroy a lot of aberrations[12] ... which revealed a lot of immortals to humans, triggering a Seer meeting to determine the next change in Magic.[13]



When she was young Pandora, who named herself for the myth of Pandora's box, would make mortals perform silly tasks in exchange for secrets. When she was about 150 years old she grew bored.[7] Then she met the adventurer Blaike Raven, who declined her information about the treasure he was seeking (there was no treasure, only a dangerous monster)[14] because he wanted to find out the hard way, which Pandora could relate to. They became adventuring companions and lovers. They had a son, Adrian.[15] Then Blaike was killed by a werewolf[16] (probably the spawn of the Dewitchery Diamond[17]) while he was trying to protect a group of travelers.[18] In order to stay with Adrian and keep her memories of Blaike, Pandora did not reset when she grew old.[19]

Manipulating MagusEdit


Chaos in her child form.

Pandora appears in the beginning of the Hidden Genesis arc, speaking to Edward Verres, Agent Wolf and Agent Cranium about the nature of a dimensional occurrence that had been caused by the arrival of Magus. She described Magus as an egg that had fallen from his nest,[20] which she had caught and hidden in a new nest. She went on to say that Magus would grow to become a hawk while the agents were mice, but encouraged the agents to become hawks themselves for the sake of her entertainment. She then disappeared, leaving the agents confused.[21] The purpose of this warning may have been to manipulate the agents into trying to stop Magus from getting a body in order to make his situation more entertaining, and if it was and if Helena and Demetrius were the friends that Edward enlisted to investigate the warning,[22] it succeeded as Helena and Demetrius often chased Magus away from Elliot.[23][24]

Pandora gave Magus a convoluted plan for escaping the spiritual plane by getting a body: She gave him the powers to amplify emotions and sabotage technology,[25] which he used to make Tedd transform Elliot with the transformation gun[26] and destroy the transformation gun so that they couldn't transform him back.[27] Then Magus made Grace come up with a plan to use the Dewitchery Diamond, as she, Tedd and Elliot didn't know what it actually does.[28] When Elliot used the Diamond, his female duplicate Ellen was created[29] (Pandora coerced Sirleck into bribing the PTTAOLUTASF guard,[30] for an unknown purpose). Then Magus would make Ellen use her transformation beam on Elliot,[31][32] which would allow Magus to possess Elliot.[33] Then Magus would use the Dewitchery Diamond to get a body of his own, destroying the Diamond in the process.[34][35]

Before Abraham arrived at Moperville she appeared to Magus to mock him for his failure to successfully escape the spiritual plane[36] and advice him to follow Ellen.[37] She chastised Magus for referring to her as "Chaos": and told him to be more creative, refusing to give her real name, which she later revealed to be Pandora. She revealed her shape-shifting ability after Magus had left, changing from a dark cloud of random shapes and beings to the small girl form seen earlier.[38]

Pandora is next seen in Sister II when Abraham (who had woken from his statue form when Elliot used the Dewitchery Diamond[39][40]) arrived at Moperville South High School to kill Ellen and she appeared to prevent Magus from leaving and ordering him to follow Ellen and protect her.[41] After Adrian Raven was defeated in combat by Abraham,[42] Pandora is shown watching over Adrian and she restored his illusion, telling him she would take care of the situation and referring to herself as his mother.[9] Then she assumed the form of Fox, Nanase's summon, to wake Nanase up to protect Ellen.[43][44]

After Abraham was defeated by Nanase and rendered unconscious by Edward Verres, Pandora urged Magus to amplify Edward's anger so that he would lose his self control and kill Abraham, which was one of her true purposes for letting Abraham attack the school and making Magus follow Ellen[45] (her reasons for making Edward kill Abraham were later revealed to be revenge on Abraham for making the Dewitchery Diamond ; also possibly on Edward for ending his friendship with Adrian[17], although it was more that she forgot about the friendship and about Tedd at that point[46]). Pandora threatened to abandon Magus if he would not cooperate, but Magus refused regardless. Pandora, enraged, attacked him,[47] told him her full name, and then left him isolated on the spiritual plane.[6]

Later, Pandora met with her son in the form of Agent Wolf in his hospital room. Once Raven saw through the disguise,[48] Adrian yelled at his mother for allowing Abraham to attack the school while Pandora berated her son for fighting with Abraham as another purpose of allowing the attack was to teach him that he was wrong to care about other people.[2] After Adrian insisted he wanted to make a difference, Pandora said she would destroy the world as we know it and replace it with one in which Raven can do as he pleases without restraint.[49] She later revealed her child form to a news camera crew while they were interviewing Rhoda in front of Moperville South. She called attention to herself by appearing out of nowhere, floating, and laughing, before disappearing in a blast of light and disruptive radiation.[50]

It is possible that she is behind Magus' situation, and that it has to do with Adrian somehow, given how she tried to force Magus to influence Abraham's death and her statement to Adrian that she would destroy the world for him.

Revealing magicEdit

Pandora gave magic marks to people,[51][52] including Justin, Rhoda, Catalina[53] and Luke,[54] without them being aware: she may have explained what she was doing while hidden on the spiritual plane so they couldn't really hear her,[54] which is probably a loophole of some immortal rule. It was assumed Dex was one of them, although after the reveal that it was Voltaire who did the "bring the apocalypse" thing with Dex[55] this may or may not really be true. The fact that she gave magic marks without knowledge or consent is terrifying to Noah.[56] She also dammed the flow of magic to empower all magic users in Moperville.[57][58]

Just before Halloween Pandora went to the mall to find people to mark.[59] She assumed the cover story of being a psychology student to ask people what they would like to transform into for one day[60] in order to remind them of their yearnings for such spells.[61] Before she started asking questions she gave good Tom a spell to sense puppies in danger.[62] Many of the people she asked would get sex-related spells that were useless to her purpose.[63] She encountered Rich and Larry,[64] who could get spells to turn into attractive women but their homophobia turned Pandora off from marking them.[65] Then she saw Ashley and Liz.[66] She sensed that Ashley's personality was contradictory in terms of spell potential as she has fantasies about transforming other people but wouldn't since goodness is a central part of her.[67] When Pandora asked Liz what she wanted to transform into, Liz said that she wouldn't want to transform for just one day and then lose it and Pandora sensed that she could give her a spell.[68]

Then Pandora saw Catalina and Rhoda[69] and was annoyed that Catalina had a name-based affinity[70] but marked her anyway.[71] Pandora stayed to observe Catalina.[72] Catalina's spell soon activated, turning her into a catgirl.[73] Catalina and Rhoda fled into a dressing room to avoid being noticed.[74] Pandora saw Rhoda (whom Pandora had already marked with a size-change spell in order to save her from a wild boar[75]) shrink Catalina with her clothes and make herself taller using new spells, which surprised Pandora as it proved that Rhoda had awakened.[76] After their attemts to hide Catalina failed,[77] Rhoda and Catalina were chased by Kitty[78] and Pandora marked Kitty[79] depite her name-based affinity.[80] After Rhoda and Catalina managed to hide and transform back to normal, Pandora conjured a spellbook for Rhoda with a note about Rhoda's awakening and Catalina's magic mark.[81][75][82] When Kitty met her friend Felix, Pandora decided to mark Felix to as Felix is a trans woman.[83]

Pandora watched from the spiritual plane during a Magickal Gatherings tournament.[84][85][54] She gave Tedd a magic mark for sex changing to be nice and was surprised when he cast it during the tournament (it seems that not only clairvoyance of immortals get closer to omniscience when they abandon empathy, it gets worse when they focus on empathy[46]) and decided to be nice more often in order to be surprised.[86] She marked Sarah,[87] giving her a simulated time stop spell.[88] She awakened Justin, possibly in order to confuse him and Luke when they were looking for magic marks.[89] When Grace, Tedd, Sarah and Justin talked about what they had learned that day, Pandora overheard them mention that Grace had learned about the magic marks from her dreams and decided to investigate her dreams to find out who told her.[90]

The next night Pandora visited Sarah[91] to talk about her new spell.[92] Pandora told Sarah how the spell works,[93][94][95] warned her that the government might force her to work for them if Edward learned about her spell,[96][97][98] told her that she has a magic affinity for that spell[99] and told her to use the spell often to become able to cast it without ambient energy or awaken.[100][101]

Last days before resetEdit

The next night Pandora visited Grace's dreams.[102][103] The emissary of Magic shielded her from the dream and agressively commanded her to leave.[104] He told her that he is an emissary of magic. Pandora said that he couldn't force her to leave.[105] As she couldn't attack first, the emissary suggested that they should talk. Pandora reassured him that she saw Grace as family[106] as she is "practically married" to Pandora's "grand godson".[107]

The emissary told Pandora that magic was on the verge of changing because too many people knew about it.[108] Pandora recalled a memory from her previous self of the previous change. Pandora declared that she would fix it.[109] Pandora changed into her child form[52] and threw a childish tantrum about the magic change. Then she said that she would ask someone else to fix the energy problem.[110] The emissary asked her why she wanted to make magic available to everyone[111] and Pandora said that she did it for her son.[112] Then the emissary told her that an immortal had manipulated a griffin into attacking Cheerleadra (Pandora knew that Cheerleadra is Tedd's friend Elliot) and Pandora resolved to tear that immortal to shreds.[113]

That morning Pandora visited Sarah[114] to tell her about the threat of magic change[115] and instruct her to consume the excess energy to make it safe to remove the dam.[58] Pandora vowed to help Sarah awaken.[116] When Sarah asked for her name, Pandora answered "Box".[8]

That evening Pandora visited Adrian[117] to ask him to remove the dam on magic. Adrian said that he didn't approve of what she did supposedly for him[118] and accused her of almost killing Noah[119] (he thought she was responsible for the attack at the dojo[120]). Pandora, who didn't know what he was referring to,[17] blamed Noah for putting himself in danger, which caused Adrian to think that she deliberately did it to punish Noah for fighting for selfless reasons. Adrian said that she should help people but Pandora said that she had filled her lifetime quota of helping the world by helping kill all werewolves. Adrian said that his father would hate what she had become.[16] After she left,[121] Pandora contemplated their fight and her actions. Then she thought about Tedd[17] and decided to find out what purpose magic had for his powers.[122][123]

The next day Pandora sought out Heka in Egypt[124][125] to ask him about the purpose for someone with powers like Tedd.[126] Heka told Pandora about seers[127] and revealed that seers, wizards and people with magic affinities are descended from immortals.[127][128]

As Pandora realized that Susan is Adrian's descendant,[129][128] she aggressively asked the young immortal Zeus why he was watching Susan in her sleep a later night.[130]

The next time Pandora visited Sarah,[131] Sarah asked her what was wrong and Pandora said that her son would hate her[132] because she had passed on a lie from a previous incarnation and failed to see the evidence that it is false.[133] Sarah comforted Pandora,[134] who called her a good friend when she left.[135]

Later that night Pandora visited Tedd.[136] She told him that she gave his magic mark, that she is Box (she also told him that her name is Pandora)[137] and that he is a seer.[138][139] When Tedd was disappointed that his magic technology only works because he is a seer,[139] Pandora talked about his power[140] until she realized that she was starting to sound evil.[141] Then Pandora told Tedd that her son, Adrian, is Tedd's godfather since he used to be friends with Tedd's parents,[142] that Adrian was expected to teach Tedd magic since Tedd was expected to be a wizard and that Tedd's mother, Noriko, is a powerful wizard descended from a line of monster hunters.[143] Tedd asked why the magic analysis wand showed him to be magically impaired and Pandora answered that he resisted the wand. When Tedd deduced that his parents were disappointed,[144] Pandora said that they wanted him to be able to defend himself and ranted about how hard it is to be a parent.[145] Then she made a stick for Tedd to turn into a magic wand[146] and instructed him to make it a wand of his mark spell.[147] Then Pandora instructed Tedd to test the wand and put an FV5 spell in it.[148] Tedd was impressed by Pandora's reaction to Tedd using sex-change spells and happy to call her godmother.[149] Then Pandora told Tedd to go to bed.[150]

When Tedd left to go to bed,[151] Pandora had an internal debate about her previous actions[46] and the mental instability that caused them. She decided to do a modified reset that passed on emotional attachments.[152][153]

The same night Pandora bestowed a magic mark on Sarah's boyfriend Sam, who is transgender, and gave him a note about the mark.[154]

The next day, when vampires were rampaging in the mall, Pandora warned Adrian about the vampires and told him that he had to protect Diane and Susan.[155] When one of the vampires was about to shoot Adrian,[10] Pandora killed him and the other remaining vampires.[156] Before Pandora was reset for breaking immortal law, she told Adrian, Susan and Diane that Susan is Adrian's descendant and Diane is his daughter.[128] Pandora used the connection to the other immortals that the reset gave her to kill most of the vampires in the world,[12] which caused the will of magic to consult the seers on what kind of change to make.[157][13]

Age Edit

Due to immortals getting more powerful with age and going crazy after two centuries,[158] their age (i.e. how long it has been since their last reset) is very important.

The first indirect information about Pandora's age was that Adrian Raven wanted to fight for centuries, and in the commentary Dan's note that he has apparently known his mother, Pandora (AKA Chaos), for hundreds of years.[2]

Later, Pandora herself says she's hundreds of years old,[1] and when Sarah directly asks her age, she says she answers such questions with "299" for few centuries now.[3] While she could have meant it as a joke or started saying it before actually reaching 299, more probably it really means she was more than 599 years old (assuming "a few" is at least 3).

For an upper limit, we have even less to go on ... if she was more than 2000 years old, she might have said she's "thousands" of years old instead - but she may not have wanted to admit it, possibly even to herself. Or, she might have lost count.


Pandora's abilities have been shown to include shape-shifting,[38] and returning her son's illusion.[9] She also appears to be able to teleport, but it could be just her going quickly through the spiritual plane.

Marking people Edit

It is known that Pandora gave magic marks to the following people (or at least considered doing so):

Not only is this a vast majority of all known marked people in the comic (only one mark was given by someone else - the one Susan got), it's also very unusual and dangerous[56] that she marked people without their knowledge or consent. As stated above, it's possible that she used some type of loophole by giving the necessary information to people while on the spiritual plane,[54] so they couldn't actually hear her, similarly how Voltaire was using a loophole with "empowering and guiding" Dex.[164]

We also still seem to have two marks unaccounted for.[165]


Chaos shifting

A part of Pandora' cloud form.

  • Pandora's cloud form is said to be constantly shifting and changing, with parts splitting and combining randomly while still giving the appearance of a regular pattern of movement. Dan Shive has claimed that Pandora in her cloud form would be one of the hardest things he could think of to animate.[166]
  • She had not reset in a very long time, which would explain some of her insanity.
  • A Challenge Rating of 5 probably is selling Pandora's physical form short.[167]

Gallery Edit


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