The other half of Earth, or the other side of the Main Universe, is a world which is technically part of the Main Universe, but is in practice separate.

Every universe has at least two sides, as explained by Andrea.[1]

The other side of the Main Universe has never featured in comic directly (on-panel), but we have some information about it from its two known residents, griffins Andrea and Tara.

The magic energy clog Edit

Magic flows between the sides of the universe at several places, one of them having been (in) Moperville. Something happened[2] which stopped the flow, which was detectable as an energy clog[3] on the other side and as a excess of magic energy[4] on the Moperville side.

For a long time, the flow was merely slower, but recently it reached the point where locals were not sure if any was getting through. While not dangerous globally, it inconveniences those who formerly made use of that particular energy influx, and may be indicative of a bigger problem. Therefore, Andrea came to the Moperville side of the universe to investigate how it looked from there. She didn't really have any luck with it - she didn't find anything new, only confirming what she already knew from her side, and she got lost.

The blood of queens Edit

Both Tara and Andrea, upon seeing Nanase, assumed her to be royalty.[5][6] On their side, the royal bloodlines of humans have the strongest magic of all the humans.

Vampires Edit

The griffins talked openly about vampires and vampire hunters.

"Vampire" may refer to a specific class of aberration (including the French Aberration but not Sirleck, for example), however it is also possible that they call all aberrations vampires.

"Vampire hunter" probably refers to people who can use the type of summoning talent possessed by Susan and probably Diane.

Ancients Edit

Ancients are either the equivalent of Immortals on their side, or possibly Immortals themselves who can cross between the halves of the universe.

Whilst they appear to be largely, if not exactly, the same class of being, the agreement by which they are bound is not the same:[7] the most important rule on the Moperville side is that immortals can only "empower and guide" humans,[8][9] whereas the most fundamental rule on the other side appears to be a prohibition on lying,[10] leading to a tendency for ancients to speak in riddles.

Magic is in open Edit

The existence of griffins and royalty having the strongest magic was strong indicia that magic is perfectly fine being in the open on their half of the world. This was confirmed by Dan: "The Griffin’s half has magic way, way, WAY out in the open. Their magic is less hipster and more honey badger."[11]

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