Non-Gratuitous Nudity is the sixth story arc in EGS:NP. It opened on June 1th, 2004, and closed on June 19th, 2004, for a total of 6 comics.


Susan while shopping in a local bookstore came across Sarah looking at a book full of nude figures. Sarah explained that one needed to learn to draw figures without clothes before one could draw figures with clothing. However, the books she found did not have proper figures for her art, unless she started including yoga in her comics.

As Sarah talked about her desire to learn to draw better, Susan checked her watch then jokingly suggested that Sarah buy adult magazines, since they were less expensive and only slightly less dignified. Sarah thought it was a great idea. Susan then changed the subject by asking why Sarah needed realistic figures anyway, since her art style is stylized. Sarah admitted that she's starting a new comic book with realistic figures titled "The Wizard Sarah". Once Susan heard this, she suggested that Sarah simply get a small poseable mannequin and a full length mirror so she could just pose herself. Susan then suggested Tedd should never hear about it and Sarah said that was a given.

When Sarah and Susan walked by Elliot and Tedd, the latter were eating ice cream cones and Sarah was carrying a long mirror. When Elliot wondered aloud why Sarah would need such a large mirror, Tedd suggested she was going to pose naked in front of it (which since it was true was probably an example of his "Tedd-senses"). Elliot asked him why he would say such a ridiculous thing.