"Mmm...So cute...I will call him Tedd-chan"
—Nioi after seeing Tedd

Nioi (匂い?) is a willing servant of Lord Tedd, who came to the main EGS universe during Painted Black to find out if Dr. Sciuridae was alive here. In the process, she gave Ellen the infamous "nose-beep"[2] which started her Second Life, in order to age her soul to an age that would match that of her body. Unknown to Ellen at that time, Nioi had first-hand experience with the Dewitchery Diamond;[3] after some experimentation, Nioi had ended up accidentally creating Kaoli. She calls the Tedd from our dimension Tedd-chan, and saved Grace when Damien blew himself up. She also has said the gang has misconceptions of Lord Tedd.


Given that Nioi's duplicate Kaoli appears in the Second Life universe and there are other animal-like humanoids in that universe that are implied to be seyunolu, it stands to reason that since Kaoli (and by extension Nioi) lacks antennae, she is most likely a roaisol seyunolu. Nioi's ability to use magic to alter her skin color and change her body to look younger are likely independent of her species and do not necessarily imply that she is a different species from the other animal-like humanoids seen in the Second Life universe. It is more likely that Nioi acquired magic from an immortal than the alternate hypothesis that she is a different species altogether and possess magic naturally.



  • Magical Shield Nioi's spherical shield was powerful enough to stop Damien's final attack without incurring damage to herself or Grace.[4]
  • Flight
  • Nose Beep Nioi has the ability to transfer memories and enable person's soul to experience the life of one of their dimensional counterparts in their dreams as a way of aging their soul. She does it by beeping a person's nose.[2]
  • Transformation Nioi can at least change color of her skin and make herself younger.[3]

Magical EquipmentEdit

Nioi appears to specialize in magic items, and has a glass orb capable of acting as a crystal ball[5] to see things remotely within the same dimension and allowing her to travel through dimensions. Note that there are likely some limits to that functionality, considering she resorted to more mundane ways of observing Damien.[6]


  • Her name is Japanese for "scent".
    • Not to be confused with the identically pronounced 臭い, which is Japanese for stench.
  • The symbol on her collar is a stylized letter T

Gallery Edit


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