Nanase explains her fairy doll spell to Ellen.

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  • Elliot and Ellen's bedroom


Ellen is holding fairy Nanase in her hand
NanaseWell, Ellen, you'd probably like to hear an explanation for this...
EllenIt's not too hard to figure out. Now, just how hard should I slap Tedd over him turning you into a fairy?
NanaseNo, no! Tedd had nothing to do with this!
Nanase"I'm not actually transformed. I'm using a spell that makes it so a fairy version of myself takes physical form near a person I want to communicate with, only with a small margin of error, which explains why I didn't appear right by you. My real body is back at the Anime Martial Arts school. If anything happens to this body, I'll feel it, but I won't actually be hurt. No matter how the spell ends, either by choice, or by something bad enough happening to the fairy avatar, I'll simply awaken in my real body. In the mean time, I'm unaware of anything that happens with my real body."
EllenWow, Nanase... Something pretty serious must be going on if you're contacting me in such a way that leaves your body so vulnerable!
NanaseUm, well...
NanaseActually, I was just kinda wondering if you'd like to do stuff with me and Justin on Friday...
EllenYou're aware that they have a lovely invention known as the "telephone" now, right?
NanaseWhere's the fun in that?
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