Justin talks about Nirvana while Nanase is stretching.

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  • Magical Gatherings


The Anime-Style Martial Arts dojo
NanaseWhat's up, Justin?
JustinEh, I was just thinking about Nirvana...
NanaseSince when are you into grunge music from the early nineties?
JustinNot that Nirvana! Nirvana as in the state of perfect bliss, free of desire and self.
JustinI'm sure I'm not the first to point this out, but how can one reach a state free of desire when the state itself is something that I desire? Doesn't that make it a sort of... Um...
JustinNanase? Are you listening to me?
Nanase is stretching her leg behind her head
NanaseOf course I am! I am just doing some stretches before class.
JustinYou are freakishly flexible
JustinAnyway, I dunno... Do you think I am overthinking this whole "desire to have no desire" thing?
NanaseI think before you concern yourself with that final step, you should try to free yourself of some lesser desires, such as your desire for rare Magical Gatherings cards.
JustinBut... The Gluttonous Hamster card is a ten / ten thwacker for only three newts!
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