Elliot arrives to the ASMA Dojo and suggests to Nanase and Justin to invite Ellen for a night out.

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NanaseHello Elliot. Is Ellen with you?
ElliotSorry, no. I just can't seem to convince her to come to class with me.
Nanase pouts
JustinI wish she'd come to class. She's going to be starting to go to Moperville South with us really soon, and Nanase and I haven't seen her since that day we thought the Goo. It's going to be pretty awkward seeing her at school at this rate.
ElliotYeah, I know... Well, I may not be able to get her to come here, but what if you three were to do something this Friday? She'd probably be up for that idea, and I'll be out of the house with Sarah, Tedd, and Grace
NanaseThat could work. What are you and the others doing?
ElliotJust going to some movie. Believe it or not, Grace has never been to a movie theater.
ElliotI guess I'll have Ellen call you or Justin if she's interested in doing anything Friday?
NanaseNo need: I'll ask her about it right now.
Nanase begins to glow
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