Nanase uses her Fairy Doll spell in order to contact Ellen. Elliot and Justin are confused.

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ElliotNanase? Nanase! Dammit, what the hell is she doing?
Nanase has her eyes closed and is glowing brightly
JustinI dunno, but I guess it has something to do with talking to Ellen?
The camera closes up on Nanase's face
We switch scenes to a close up of a darker version of Nanase's face, now with her eyes open
Nanase is a small fairy with large wings and a tail. She is floating next to a nightstand lamp.
Nanase(thinking) I hope I'm in the right house...
Back in the dojo
ElliotDo you wanna be the one who makes the wise-crack about them inventing phones when she snaps out of this, or should I?
JustinYou may have the honors. In the meantime, I'll be braiding her hair.
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