Mr. Tensaided is Susan's boss at the Video Rental Store where she works. He is fond of teasing his employees when they come for their paycheck. He also enjoys pretending his customers and employees are in a tabletop role-playing game. As noted by Susan, Mr. Tensaided's geekiness is so great that he surpasses Greg, Tedd, and Justin in nerd behavior.[2]

He is fan of Cheerleadra, only hired Elliot because Susan mentioned he's connected to her,[3] got Elliot phone number as a emergency line to contact Cheerleadra,[4] and later found that Elliot is Cheerleadra.[5]

On one occasion, he thanked Ellen and Nanase for saving the village.[6] It's not clear what it was about, but based on clothing, it might have been during some sort of LARP event or Renaissance Faire.

He's roughly the same height as Susan (5'9").[1]

Magickal Gatherings Edit

Mr. Tensaided likes Olde School format of Magickal Gatherings and challenged Justin to Olde School play in Duel of the Discs. He was winning, but Justin managed to beat him in end. He was impressed by Grace roleplaying the duel as actual duel of two wizards.[7]

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"Here is your check, and you've gained 50 experience. Get 200 more, and you'll be a level 3 clerk!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2003-06-12

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