Moperville North

Moperville North as seen during the Introductions storyline

Moperville North is a school that half the main cast attend; the other being Moperville South. It has been subject to two separate goo[1][2] attacks and has a principal who believes in the power of murals over fire safety,[3] wanted to create an army of goo-based hall monitors,[4] and bought school uniforms in an effort to stop "multiple cases of gang violence attributed to gang symbols"[5] (actually just one sissy slap fight over a Star Trek t-shirt between Tedd and Susan).[6]

It seems to be pretty big school.[5]

The team nickname is the Frenzied Turkeys [7]

Faculty and staffEdit



  • Moperville North appears to be modeled on a high school in the city of Naperville, Illinois called Naperville North. Other than the their names being similar, Naperville North has an entrance that is strikingly similar to that depicted as an entrance to Moperville North and Dan revealed in-comic that it was traced using an image of his old school (to see the comparison between the two see the talk page of the Moperville article). If this is true, Moperville South is likely modeled on Naperville's other high school, Naperville Central, and by extension Moperville on Naperville itself. See the trivia section of the Moperville article for more info.


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