"I don't have the right to be mad at you, and I thank you for at least thinking about forgiving me...but we can never go back to what we had."
—Melissa to Justin on EGS Main Story Comic for 2011-06-28

Melissa is Justin's former best friend,[3][4] and believed they would eventually get married until she became the person to whom Justin first revealed his homosexuality after their first and only date. At that time, Melissa was devastated and, needing someone to talk to, told her older sister.[5] However, since Melissa's sister was a notorious gossip at Moperville South, she then passed it on to the rest of the high school.[4] After that, her friendship with Justin dissolved, and she refused to believe Justin was truly gay, convincing herself that it was only a phase.[6] For a long time, she tried to win him back, but her methods and attitude annoyed and angered Justin. After she saved Elliot`s life, Justin was willing to talk to her about their relationship, but Melissa said he would never truly forgive her,[7] and their former relationship could never be restored. According to Noah, she is his girlfriend, although they aren't actually in love so much as "friends with benefits".[8] She is apparently aware of Noah's magic power, as she screamed to get him to fight the Taurcanis Draco.[9][10][11]


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