Meddling Teenagers

Meddling Teenagers is a name under which Ellen and Nanase have solved various mysteries. It is not actually known if the name itself is used in-universe, but they certainly became known for being this (see also Trivia below). They were referred as "meddlers" by Diane[1] and as "teen girl detectives" by Elijah.[2] They did not find anything really "spooky" (paranormal) while using this name; the first case with actual paranormal danger was also the time they "upgraded" to Charlotte's Angels.

Solved Cases Edit

Their first case was the "Mystery of the mall jewelry thief"[3], which included the "Mall Goblin"[4] who almost certainly wasn't a real goblin. The case was actually an insurance scam.[5]

It is not known how many cases they have solved - even most of those we know of are just passing references. Those include the "Mystery of the Weregoat" (who was not a weregoat, but a man),[5] which was only mentioned because Ellen stopped having energy buildups when she spend several days out of town due to it,[6] chasing the prized lockpicking gorilla, saving some LARP village and finally "The Haunted Locker Room", an attempt to prey on players' superstition with fake ghosts,[5] where they saved a mascot (probably of said player team, which consisted of college students).[7]

Trivia Edit

The name is a reference to certain meddling kids and their dog. There are other similar elements, like the common occurrence of masked individuals.

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