Magic Analysis Wand

A Magic Analysis wand is a device for measuring magic potential. Edward Verres used it to check if Ellen and Elliot awakened[1] after the incident with Bloodgrem in Evil Monkey story line. The wand is loud, but works at a distance and doesn't work like a thermometer (especially not a non-oral one) as Ellen feared.

Measuring Ellen and Elliot Edit

Magic Analysis Wand2

The wand not only confirmed Ellen's and Elliot awakening, but also provided some detailed information about their energy buildups, which Edward used to tell how much magic they need to use up periodically.[2] Namely, that Ellen should shoot two blasts every morning, while Elliot should transform once every six hours and sleep transformed.

Measuring Grace Edit

The wand doesn't work correctly on Uryuoms and greater chimeras like Grace. Edward didn't actually try it on Grace, but mentioned that it would give a false positive for Grace having awakened.[3]

Measuring Tedd Edit

Tedd was scared by the sound which the wand made.[1] As mentioned in the Hair story line, his fear was a conditioned response from hearing it frequently as a baby while Edward and Noriko[4] tried to figure out why he measures as having zero magic potential.[5]

He was actually frightened enough of the loud and scary wand that his fear of it increased his, already abnormally high, spell resistance when he heard it. It was a big enough increase that it caused him to succeed, though unintentionally, in resisting its detection of magic potential to give it a false negative every time it was used on him.[6]

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