"Nothing will even happen until you push the buttion."
—Tedd to Sarah[1]


The watches[2] that Tedd uses in his experiments with magic and mad science. They are supposed to be toy "gadget watches" for prizes at arcades[3] and he buys them in bulk.

They function in the same way wands do. In the words of Tedd, "[T]hat watch is like a wand.  It doesn't need much [magic energy to work]."[4] In effect, Tedd "programs"[5] the watch to perform a spell (using glove), and the user may then use the watch to cast the spell at will.

Currently, watches can only cast enchantment spells, and only on the person wearing them.

Also, they actually only work in a high-magic area around Moperville - spell catalysts that small require lot of energy to use[6] so without ambient energy normal people wouldn't have enough magic to use them.

Known SpellsEdit

Tedd said that he can put any of the TF gun forms and more into a watch.[7] We already know two important differences between the TF gun and watches: the TF gun can't change clothes, and watches don't work on Grace.

It seems that Tedd still considers using the TF gun simpler than making a watch with a given form, which is currently the only reason we can't put every form we have seen Tedd in as something available in watches.

Spells shown in canonEdit

This is a list of the spells we have currently seen a watch perform:

  • Lengthen Hair[8]
  • Shorten Hair[9]
  • Clone Forms
    • Grace[10][11] (six different versions are mentioned[12], but only one is actually shown)
    • Tedd[13][14] (actually Tedd in several variants)
    • Sarah
    • Humanoid cat alias catgirl form[15]
    • Susan[16] (six variants in three different heights, although only two are actually shown)[17][18]
  • Dynamic height change[19]
    • This spell can change the height of the user, including clothes, in any way the user imagines (within general size change limit of Tedd's technology, meaning that the total volume cannot change more than a factor 2, or 79.39% to 125.99% in size change[20]). The problem is that the imagination must be extremely specific, and the effect is slightly different on clothes, which often results in wardrobe malfunction.[21] As shown on Nanase. There is, however, safety limit preventing the clothes becoming dangerously tight and/or tear.[22]

Promised/Mentioned SpellsEdit

This is a list of spells Tedd has mentioned he can (or has) put in a watch, but which we haven't actually seen used.

  • Fixed height change
    • Not directly shown, but they were compared to the dynamic ones.[23] They can change the height of the user by one or two inches in either direction.
  • Four breasts[24][25]
  • Half size, double size, hair color, hair style, any male or female variant, various...things made larger or smaller, four breasts, cat, dog, bunny, squirrel, cow, Jeremy, heavier, thinner, muscular, race, age, libido, bisexuality, webbed toes, webbed hands ...[26]
  • Clothing morphs[27] ... we sort of saw this, as multiple other watches (including the size ones or the Grace one) transform clothes, but we never saw presumably existing watches which change JUST clothes. Closest we got was probably change-to-girl-and-longer-hair[28] or non-canon Scooby Doo reference[29].

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