Magic Comic Shop is the fourth story arc in EGS:NP. It opened on April 13th, 2004, and closed on May 1st, 2004, for a total of 9 comics. It is the only NP story arc to have a follow up story arc namely Not a Date at the Mall (not including TF Busters and its continuation). It is one of the story arcs that have become canon having been mentioned in a story comic namely EGS Main Story Comic for 2004-12-06 ("See Part II Of EGS:NPs ‘Magic Comic Shop’ To Learn More About Nanase’s Book").


The arc started by introducing Nanase and Justin and stated they were going to the comic book shop so Justin could work and Nanase could loiter. When Justin saw that Nanase was reading a book, he tried to figure what it was about. Nanase quickly hid it and claimed it was a textbook. Justin complained about the lack of buying customers in the store and came up with the idea to use Nanase's fairy doll form to increase sales. Seeing her like that, one of the kids in the store decided to buy a pack of cards, paid in quarters, then once that sale was done bought another one. Once Ellen walked in, Nanase quickly flew up to her and told her that Justin agreed to buy her dinner if she used the spell to increase sales. When Justin protested that he had agreed to lunch, Nanase said she had upped the agreement. After a few hours, Nanase, still in her fairy doll body, went to sleep on her real body, while Ellen and Justin played card games. After Justin closed shop, Nanase told him to buy both her and Ellen dinner. When he tried to worm his way out of it, Ellen gave him a hug. Justin said she couldn't seduce him and Ellen said she just liked giving hugs.

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