Magic in EGS universe have flair for drama: it tries to appear much more dramatic that what would be necessary.

Susan's awakening Edit

Best example is certainly Susan's awakening.[1] Sure, it was major angst-induced awakening, despite being caused by something seemingly trivial - namely Susan's disappointment over the fact the Hammers were created to encourage inappropriate comments. But still, as Jerry explained: "there was a significance to her dying it [the hair]. Magic has a flair for the dramatic, and the dye-flow theatrics were an over-the-top emphasis on her hair's "natural" hair color changing to match the dye."

Guardian forms Edit

Other unnecessary dramatic moments seems to be related to the Guardian form spell. In all three cases - when Nanase gets the spell[2], when her magic burnout ended just in the most dramatic moment and she immediately casts it again,[3] and when Ellen copies it[4] - the transformation contains lot of effects.

Anime style martial arts Edit

Anime style martial arts as teached in ASMA Dojo is also build on being overly dramatic, including the use of illusions which are pointless but make the fighters look more awesome (and maybe little crazy).[5] The drama is part of anime style here, but magic's flair for drama is likely the reason WHY Greg's training methods work at all.

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