MV5 is the twenty fifth story arc in EGS:NP. It started with EGS:NP Comic for 2015-09-21 and ended with EGS:NP Comic for 2016-03-18. It's labeled as canon. It features Sarah, Grace and Ellen creating an MV5 form - equivalent to FV5. And Susan not wanting to be part of that.

It also features lot of nudity kept PG13 with help of Angelic Tweeting Bird[1] and some important talk between Sarah and Ellen.

Also, Susan "appears" as model in "imagined" frames and have an intermission explaining the double standards for shirtless men and women.[2]

Note that between Sarah complaining about people thinking of her as a sister, implying it's after her and Elliot broke up, which happened just after Christmas, and Tedd still having longer hair, implying it happened before the tournament where he was marked, there is just about two weeks window where this could've happened.

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