Lucy is one of the girls in Diane's gang and appeared to be very critical of Rhoda. She goes to school at Moperville South. She first appeared in the EGS Main Story Comic for 2004-12-08 ("Mooching Tease Pimp").

She seems to be into fantasy,[1] and Xena in particular.[2] Given that Xena is played by Lucy Lawless, it might be surmised that Lucy is named after her. However, Dan claims her name having a Xena connection is a coincidence.[3] Instead, Dan has confirmed on the EGS sub-reddit that Lucy is named after Lucille Ball of I Love Lucy and subsequent sitcoms.[4][5]

She had a crush on Diane for a long time[6] and, after learning of the rumors about them, this was actually the reason she kept going on double dates; she wanted to be going out with her.[7]

At 5'10", she's the tallest female in the comic.

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