The Lucky Bunny Bounty Show was first mentioned by Sensei Greg, who imagined Nanase as Unusagi and Elliot as Travis when they were about to end their fight with Sarah and Justin were watching.[1] Sensei Greg later watches it while guarding Grace. It appears to be an anime action comedy about a jinxed bounty hunter named Travis who works alongside a bunny goddess of luck named Unusagi. It is one of Sensei Greg's favorite shows and he is openly sad that it was cancelled.

Show Characters Edit

Travis Edit

"I'm sorry! I thought this bathhouse was unisex!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-11-14

Travis is a bounty hunter who travels the universe searching for fame and fortune. To increase his luck, he sought out Unusagi, with mixed amounts of success. He was apparently cursed with extreme bad luck and thus needs Unusagi with him to achieve anything.[2]

Unusagi Edit

"Luck isn't necessarily good luck, Travis san! And watch the hands!!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-07-22

Unusagi is a bunny goddess of luck. She is said to bring luck, which is why Travis hangs out with her. Unfortunately, luck doesn't necessarily mean good luck.

Her name pretty much means "luck bunny" in Japanese. As frightening as it may seem, that wouldn't even be an unlikely name for a character in an anime...

EGS Characters reactions Edit

Dex and Greg Edit

Dex and Greg bonded over their mutual enjoyment of the show.[3]

Ellen, Elliot and Nanase Edit

Ellen spent her allowance on a volume of The Lucky Bunny Bounty Show.[4]. She then watched it with Elliot (who commented that her allowance did not die in vain),[5] and later watched it with Nanase.[6]. It is also possible that she dressed Nanase's fairy like the bunny, but it may be non-canon.[7]


"Okay here's where we change things..." Sensei Greg (April 21, 2002)[1]

"Are you sure this bath house isn't unisex...?" Travis (November 14, 2002)[8]


  • Nanase and Elliot resemble the main characters.
  • It was cancelled after 22 episodes.
  • Tedd owns the DVD.[9]


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