"You know what would cheer you up? We get in our pajamas, grab some ice cream, maybe have a pillow fight, then share the same bed for sleeping!"
—To Amanda on EGS:NP Comic for 2004-09-10 ("Respect - Part VIII")

Lisa is Amanda's roommate and friend and Dr. Germahn's (or possible the lab's) attorney. She is cheerful, friendly, and bouncing-off-the-walls reckless, with a real talent for messing with people. As a lesbian, she is very much attracted to Amanda, who remained completely oblivious for some time despite Lisa's fairly overt manipulations.

In Newspaper stories Edit

Lisa first appeared in NP story Respect (not confirmed canon) as a law student and Amanda's roommate.[3] Lisa was obviously attracted to Amanda and often suggested a slumber party and sharing a bed. Amanda apparently had no idea why, but at least twice played along.

In Q&A Edit

Lisa often helps Amanda with Q&A: She was in Q&A #3, Q&A #4 (also with Chika), Q&A #5 and Q&A #6.

She first appeared in this role in the one-strip almost-Q&A before Grace's Birthday Party, where she introduced herself as Dr. Germahn's attorney.[2] Based on Amanda's reaction, she likely just finished school and get employed by Dr. Germahn or by Germahn Labs,[1][4] so she ended up as Amanda's coworker.[5]

She continued to tease Amanda, for example in Q&A 3 showing the photos from the "negotiations" for more screen time in previous guest comics.[6] Later Amanda mentioned that Lisa act as her buffer in bar, labeling "she's mine" as "crazy stories".[7]

When asked to help find Amanda "alluring but appropriate" clothes, she helped for real instead of picking some showgirl outfit as Chika feared.[8]

In Q&A 6, Amanda mentions Lisa asking out some girl extra.[9] Lisa tried to reminds "the running gag", making apparent that Amanda for some time only pretended she is not aware of Lisa liking girls. This, however, doesn't answer the question how long is she aware of it.

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