Justin Tolkiberry was introduced during the Relations, Part 2 storyline as a student at the Anime-Style Martial Arts dojo. He was the third (and final) student to successfully learn ASMA techniques from Sensei Greg before the dojo closed. His best friends are his fellow ASMA students Nanase and Elliot.

Justin is homosexual, and harbors a not-so-secret crush on Elliot. Justin works part time at Salty Crackers Comics and attends Moperville South with Nanase, Ellen and Grace.


Growing up, Justin was best friends with a girl named Melissa. Melissa was enamored with the idea that she and Justin would end up together. Unfortunately, after their first date, he discovered that he was not attracted to her, and soon realized that he was gay. Melissa didn't keep his secret, and Justin was ostracized for it. When he got into a fight outside school with some boys who were mocking him, Elliot bailed him out. Elliot suggested that Justin join the ASMA dojo in order to learn how to defend himself, and Justin agreed (partly to be near Elliot). Elliot introduced him to Nanase, who also attended Moperville South. Nanase would go on to be his new best friend.

El Goonish ShiveEdit

Justin was at the ASMA dojo meditating for "inner peace" when Elliot brought Sarah. Sensei Greg called Elliot away, so Elliot left Sarah with Justin. Justin pointed Nanase out to Sarah as the only student capable of beating Elliot and explained to her Sensei Greg had developed Anime-Style Martial Arts after being dumped by his girlfriend and watching 168 consecutive hours of anime.


Justin went with Nanase to Moperville North when Susan called for help in dealing with the second Goo, but he did not play a significant role in defeating it. After the battle, everyone was trying to decide what they needed to do next. Ellen claimed that her existence was probably the most pressing problem that needed to be dealt with, and Justin seconded her.

When Mr. Verres showed up and suggested they all go to his house to sort things out, Nanase told Justin that the two of them should go in order to "see this through", and Justin agreed. At one point, nearly everyone went downstairs to test Ellen's beam, leaving Susan (stuck under Jeremy) and Justin at the living room couch. Susan resented that Jeremy was sitting on her lap despite the fact that Justin was the one being nice to him. Justin told her that the best way to get Jeremy off her lap was to pretend that she wanted him there. The face she then made was so contrary to her normal demeanor that it scared both Jeremy and Justin out of the room. Finding refuge in the kitchen, Justin noticed a note on the fridge that Mr. Verres had left for Tedd. He, Nanase, and Sarah tried reading the note but—due to Mr. Verres' bad handwriting—they each gave different (and very Freudian) interpretations. By the time Mr. Verres noticed them, Justin was suggesting that it might actually be a map. At the end of the meeting, after it was decided that Ellen would be attending Moperville South with Justin and Nanase, Justin drove Susan and Nanase home.

New And Old FriendsEdit

The day after the Goo attack, Justin was working at Salty Crackers Comics when Duck came in, bought some cards, then joined his friends at the back of the shop. Duck had the habit of declaring anything that he didn't like (that is, almost everything) as "gay", to Justin's frustration. Bored, Justin called Nanase and asked her to come over. She agreed, saying that she'd just been sitting around watching women's volleyball (which Justin found "Innnnteresting"). When one of the middle-schoolers noticed that Nanase had arrived and went to tell the others, Justin told to Nanase that her "fan club" was coming. Nanase, uncomfortable with the attention, started to try asking them to leave, but Justin asked her to instead say that "she had no respect for people with no shopping agenda", which caused them to swamp Justin, trying to buy things. Later, Nanase noted that Justin's job was pretty boring. Justin agreed, but said that the work was easy and he got a discount on everything in the store (particularly, 35% off a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards). One of the middle-schoolers made fun of Justin's choice of card games, so Justin scared him off with a Yu-Gi-Oh—inspired illusion. Nanase was impressed, and asked if he'd been practicing. Justin said that he needed something to do on slow days when nobody was in the store. Justin then sensed Melissa approaching. Nanase said she didn't know Justin had learned to sense things like that, but Justin said he didn't need to when it was Melissa. Justin asked Nanase to cover for him. When Melissa left, Nanase called Justin back out. When he asked if Melissa had recognized Nanase, she told him no while recreating the illusion she had used. Justin expressed his frustration about Melissa, telling Nanase that they had dated once as freshmen. He said that maybe she just didn't like the idea that she'd helped him realize that he was gay, but she should just learn to accept it. Inadvertently, Duck overheard this. When Justin closed the store that evening, Duck came to Justin and apologized for using the word "gay" as an insult earlier, to Justin's surprise.

Night OutEdit

At the start of Night Out, Nanase used her fairy doll form to make plans with Ellen for Friday night; Justin took the opportunity to style her hair while she was "out". Friday afternoon, he was driving Nanase to the Dunkels' house to pick Ellen up. Nanase used her fairy doll spell again to let her know they were on their way, and Justin styled her hair—while driving—again. She kept the new hairstyle until halfway through Sister II (about two weeks). When they picked up Ellen, he said that she looked good—for a girl. He feigned disappointment when she told him that his flattery wouldn't get her to go along with renting a Star Trek movie. The three of them went to a video store to rent some movies, where they ran into Susan. Susan referred to Justin as "boy-toy" and ignored his correction. Ellen invited Susan to join them, which Susan accepted on the condition that they go to her house. Nanase got upset at that, asking what was so great about Susan's place. When Susan described her impressive (for 2003) television setup, Justin told her that "the boy-toy humbly accepts your terms". Later, while they were considering what movies to rent, Justin remarked that he liked that particular store because they separated the even-number Star Trek movies from the odd-numbered ones. Susan surprised him by saying that she was the one who organized it that way. He noted that she must like Star Trek films and lamented that Ellen was opposed to renting one. Susan said it would be stupid to rent one, which confused Justin. She clarified by saying that she already owned the entire set, which Justin thought was "awesome". They later approached Ellen and Nanase, saying that they didn't have recommendations about what movie to rent. When Susan said they could stay overnight, Ellen said it could be an all-girl slumber party—if Justin would let her zap him. Justin told her to "point that hand elsewhere, missy". On the way to Susan's, Justin heard Ellen chuckling to herself and correctly deduced that she was fantasizing about turning him female, though she denied it. Outside Susan's house, Justin commented that he didn't know they made three-story houses in Moperville. Inside, Susan used a megaphone to alert her mother that she had guests over. Justin asked her why a house as big as hers didn't have an intercom. Susan said that they did, but they could only get Mexican radio through it. Susan wondered aloud whether the "lovebirds" (Ellen and Nanase) had found the TV room, causing Justin to ask whether she thought Ellen and Nanase were "into each other". Susan's mother found her and Justin, and accusingly asked her why she'd brought boys over. Susan clarified that Justin was the only boy and that the two female friends she brought were checking out the TV. Susan's mother said she wasn't comfortable with the idea of a boy staying overnight, so Susan told her mother that Justin was gay. When Susan's mother left, Justin asked Susan how she'd known he was gay. She tried to change the subject, telling him that he needed to call his parents to let them know he'd be staying the night. He thought this was a good idea, but again asked how she knew that he was gay, at which point she admitted that she hadn't known. Justin called his dad[7] and told them he'd be staying "at a friend's house". When his father asked who it was, he admitted that it was three girls and—at further questioning—that he wasn't planning on sleeping with any of them. Justin's father must have expressed disappointment, because Justin then told him that most parents would be happy about their sons answering "No" to that last question. When they all met in the kitchen after calling their families, Susan pretended to order pizza (Justin gave her a thumbs up when she asked one with extra cheese and sausage) and tricked Nanase into thinking Susan was getting her quadruple cheese "with as many anchovies as they could manage". Nanase didn't appreciate the joke and started ranting at Ellen and Susan about various things that had been bothering her that evening (Why Susan's hair had turned blonde and why Ellen was spending so much time sleeping during the day. She was interrupted when she turned to chew out Justin and realized that she didn't actually have any complaints about him at the moment. Justin commented that she really needed to be fed. After Susan ordered the food, she came in to the room to find Justin staring at the couch, saying that he'd never seen one so big. Susan agreed that it was a bit excessive, and pulled out a remote that lowered the couch's back. She asked if that was better, but said that he was more troubled that the remote she'd used only had one button. While watching one of the movies, Susan asked Justin if he could do one of the stunts, and he replied that they weren't trained to use horses as projectile weaponry. After the movie was over, Justin asked what they should watch next, but Nanase asked to talk with Susan (about her attraction Ellen) first. When Nanase realized that she was gay, she used her fairy doll spell to appear in the fairy at the Dunkels' house. Susan—unaware of the spell—panicked and went for Justin and Ellen, and in the process told them about Nanase's homosexuality and attraction to Ellen. Justin asked them to not to tell Nanase about Susan's slip up, saying that it was her secret to keep and that she should be allowed to choose whether or not she came out to them.

Painted BlackEdit

Justin (with Nanase and Susan) picked up Ellen after school to hang out some more, but she told them they needed to go to the park where Elliot had been on a date with Sarah. Sarah was waiting by Elliot's car when they got there. She told them that Hedge had taken Elliot and that they needed to go to Tedd's house. Susan commented that they had better be told what was going on once they reached Tedd's house. Justin wondered how Tedd fit into all "this", and what exactly "this" was. Susan speculated that it involved Tedd's "android" girlfriend, Grace. Justin wasn't sure about Grace being an android, but humorously wondered aloud if Tedd could make a guy android for him. When they got there, Sarah brought Grace downstairs and explained what had happened, including that Elliot had transformed into a catboy without using Tedd's transformation belt. Justin wondered how that was possible, and asked if Hedge's chain had caused it. Ellen zapped herself to make a point that Elliot's unassisted transformation might be a side effect of the Diamond. When they had figured out where they might be able to find Elliot, Justin—skeptical that they could rescue Elliot themselves—asked what they were going to do about it. Ellen vehemently disagreed they weren't capable of pulling off a rescue, and she and Grace started arguing about whether Grace would go alone or whether Nanase and Ellen would go with her. Justin was offended that he wasn't being considered for the mission. When Ellen said that he didn't fight well enough, he asked if she wasn't just saying that because he was gay (coming out to Sarah and Tedd). Susan interrupted, telling Justin to think about what he was saying. He was confused for a moment before realizing that Ellen and Nanase—who were going on the mission—were bisexual and homosexual. That settled, he, Susan, Tedd, and Sarah then waited at Tedd's house until the girls returned with Elliot.

Shadows After DarkEdit

Later that night, Justin dreamed about the events that day in the context of The Lord of the Rings.

Before the PartyEdit

Monday morning, Justin asked Nanase how much trouble she was in for not being home in two days. She assured him that her punishment was minimal (she had claimed to be tutoring Tedd in math), so she'd be able to join Justin at the comic shop later that day. Making more small talk, he asked if she'd gotten any books at the bookstore on Sunday. She said she did, but tried to avoid being more specific. Diane came to their table (giving Nanase an opportunity to change the subject) to invite Nanase to sit with her and her group (in order to help lure guys over and convince them to buy things for the four of them). Annoyed, Nanase agreed on the condition that they also let Justin sit with them, knowing that Diane would reject the offer.

Note: The following sections contain information from EGS:NP story arcs which have been classified as canon with the regular story arcs but which are found in the EGS:NP section of the site. In this case these story arcs occur in between the Intro to South and Party Recruiting storylines.

Magic Comic ShopEdit

After school Justin and Nanase went to the comic shop. After a while, Justin startled Nanase by asking her about the book she was reading (a lesbian romance/fantasy). She hid the book behind her back, hurriedly saying that it was a textbook (Math, when he noted that it looked like a novel). Later, Justin lamented that the store was full of middle schoolers, but all of them were loitering rather than buying stuff. Wondering how he could increase sales, he offered to buy Nanase lunch if she worked the register in her fairy doll form. Hours later, Ellen and Justin were playing a card game while Nanase (still in fairy doll form) napped on her real body. After Justin's shift ended, Nanase told him that it was time to buy them dinner. Justin protested that he'd never even agreed to dinner for Nanase. Nanase countered that Ellen had helped and should be fed. Ellen asked him to go with it while hugging him and giving him puppy-dog eyes, prompting Justin to ask her if she realized that she couldn't seduce him.

Not a Date at the MallEdit

Justin decided to take Ellen and Nanase to the mall for dinner. Nanase was annoyed at this, but Justin defended it by saying that he enjoyed the teriyaki chicken. When they were in line, he gave Nanase the money then ran away (allegedly to get tables). While Justin was walking away he bumped into Melissa, who assumed he was there to see her. When he told her that he would not have gone to the mall if he'd knows she was there, Melissa asked if that was because Justin was still in his gay 'phase'. Exclaiming that it wasn't a phase, Justin angrily headed back to Nanase and Ellen. After dinner, they wandered around the shops. After Ellen bought the first volume of the "Lucky Bunny Bounty" show, Ellen commented that Nanase looked like one of the show's characters. Nanase disagreed, but Justin said that she could pull it off if she had one of the outfits.

On Tuesday during ASMA practice, Justin hid behind Elliot when Nanase accidentally destroyed a punching bag. Later Elliot invited them to Grace's birthday party. Nanase asked if it was safe to be transformed by Tedd's gun, arguing that the transformation part of the party was different for Elliot since he could transform into a girl on his own (which was news to Justin and overheard by Sensei Greg) Justin was upset about the party's theme, asking who could expect people to calmly agree to attend a party for someone they barely know and have their genders switched for an evening. He was surprised when Nanase (calmly) asked what time she should be there. When Justin asked why she wanted to go, she pointed out that Grace's entire perception of acceptable social behavior was based on living with Tedd. When Justin asked if that meant he was supposed to blame Tedd, Nanase responded that it was standard procedure. Sensei Greg—who had watched a Ranma 1/2 marathon that weekend—interrupted by dumping water on Elliot, expecting expecting that to change him into a girl. After it didn't work, Sensei Greg told Justin to get some towels and dry Elliot off, which Justin enthusiastically agreed to. Elliot continued trying to convince Justin to come, finally bribing him by saying that he'd let Justin do whatever he wanted with Elliot's hair while they were transformed. Justin accused him of only making that offer because Justin was gay, but Elliot counted that he made the offer because he'd noticed that Justin played with people's hair at every opportunity. Justin relented, but insisted—unconvincingly—that it wasn't for Elliot's hair or to see guy versions of the girls. Thursday evening, Justin and Nanase were role-playing a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover when Susan interrupted, asking if Nanase could help her pick an outfit for Ellen for the party. Afterward Nanase was too distracted to continue role-playing, to Justin's frustration. At Moperville South the next day, Justin and Nanase were discussing the party. Justin was uneasy about the party being for Grace, who they'd met only twice (the Goo fight and Painted Black). Nanase said they needed to get to know her since she was going to be starting school with them the next week. Justin was alarmed at this, but Nanase told him they'd be welcoming her to spend time with them, if for no other reason than the fact that Grace had saved her and Ellen's lives during the Goo fight. Nanase went on to say that Grace would need friends at school, since she'd probably find it weird to have hide her abilities. Justin took the opportunity to point out that Nanase herself could be more discrete, since she had been keeping herself at his eye level by hovering several inches off the floor.

Grace's Birthday PartyEdit

Justin was expecting to be late to the party on account of work, but his boss showed up and let him leave early. Nanase went to talk with Susan about Ellen's outfit and Ellen whispered something to Nanase which made Nanase lose color and rush off. Justin asked what Ellen said to her and Ellen said it was a dirty limerick. Justin tried to make small talk with Tedd. Tedd was obviously uncomfortable, prompting Justin to confront him about whether it was because he was gay. Tedd admitted that he was irrationally uncomfortable, mainly because he was worried that Justin would be attracted to his androgyny. Justin refuted this, arguing that he was attracted to masculinity and androgynous guy was, by definition, not very masculine. Tedd was encouraged by this but noticed that when he asked whether that meant he didn't have to worry about guys being attracted to him, Justin had reassured him by specifying gay guys. Justin was discussing Star Trek with Tedd when Grace and Sarah showed up. Grace said she was playing with Sarah's hair and Justin was surprised that he had that as a common interest with her.

Justin sat at the dining table with the others and watched as Grace opened her presents. When it was time to open Susan's gift she said she and Justin got a gift together and Justin went to his car to get it. He returned bearing a plant. When Grace asked what kind of plant it was, Jeremy ran up, sniffed it and pounced on Susan all before Justin could say it was a catnip plant. Justin explained that Susan had remembered that Grace had a cat form and figured a catnip plant might be a good idea, and he knew where to buy one.

When they were getting ready to be transformed, Justin asked Tedd if they'd still like the same people afterwards. Tedd noted that, due to the way the TF gun affected gender attraction, Justin probably wouldn't be affected. When it came time to finally transform someone, Justin volunteered to go first after glancing at Elliot. In the basement Grace asked if Justin was OK with longer hair to which Justin distractedly consented. After confirming Nanase would be loaning the clothes to him Grace said she should increase the cup size to Justin's slight alarm. Just before Justin triggered his transformation he had a flashback of his life consisting of growing up with Melissa, him outing himself to her, her reaction to it, his secret getting out, his fight with his bullies, Elliot's rescue of him, his meeting of Nanase and his realization that Elliot had an incompatible orientation. After he was transformed he felt very unbalanced. Before they went upstairs, he asked Grace if she thought guys would find him attractive to which Grace replied that his large breasts certainly helped. When they left the basement, everyone gathered around to see the results. Susan noticed that Justin was "walking funny". He blamed it on his center of gravity being thrown off. Tedd said that the gun compensated for that and that he was over-thinking it. While Tedd was explaining this, Justin lost his balance, and Elliot caught him. After confirming that Justin was OK, Elliot commented that girl!Justin was cute to Justin's embarrassment. When Elliot asked who would go next, Tedd suggested that the two of them go. Justin didn't appreciate the idea of Elliot turning into a girl so soon, and suggested that they transform one of the girls first. He was overruled on the grounds that having Elliot and Tedd go next would mean that all of them would be female at the same time, and they could therefore get an all-girl group photo. Sarah then surprised Justin by taking a picture of him, temporarily blinding him, and noted that there would be many pictures taken that night. While Tedd and Elliot went down into the basement, Justin, Sarah, and Grace sat on the couch. Sarah apologized for her camera's flash hurting Justin's eyes, noticed that Justin seemed to be in a bad mood, and asked if he was OK. He said that he was just weirded out and annoyed that his hair was getting in his eyes. Sarah suggested that he style it, but he wasn't sure where to begin with his own hair. Sarah and Grace started helping him style it (and Justin silently resented the fact that Sarah was a type of person he couldn't dislike). They ended up styling his hair similar to Sarah's, since he didn't want to cut his hair in case it affected how his hair would turn out when they changed him back. Grace tried assuring him that it wouldn't be an issue but Justin wasn't convinced, wondering how it was possible since hair style and length was not a part of one's genetic makeup. Grace wasn't sure why it worked, either, and brought everyone's attention to Ellen when she came back from changing. Justin peeked over the couch to see Ellen and saw Nanase run up to her and give her her coat as part of the outfit, Justin expressed surprise that Nanase had picked out Ellen's outfit and called Susan a slacker for not doing picking it out herself to which Susan retorted "Nerd girl".

When Justin heard Elliot come back upstairs, he told himself to ignore the fact that Elliot was a girl and just focus on the long hair he'd get to play with. While Elliot was talking with everyone else, he noticed that Justin was staring at him with a horrified expression. When he started to ask Justin what was wrong, Justin exclaimed that he liked Elliot's hair exactly as it was. Justin then took part in the all female group photo and eventually settled on just brushing Elliot's hair.

Susan got transformed and was questioned about the experience of being male. This led to a argument between her and Nanase about the extent of Susan's increase in strength and Susan challenged Nanase to an arm-wrestling competition which Justin officiated. After Nanase soundly beat Susan, Justin berated Nanase for not going easy on her but Nanase said humoring her would have been an insult which was overheard by Susan who said she could have insulted her a little. After Nanase's transformation was announced, Justin rushed into the room excitedly and was startled by the odd hairstyle the TF gun had given her which he initially thought might have been due to hairspray and which he thought looked like a cockatoo's head feathers. Nanase, enjoying her new height, picked up Justin which startled him. Sarah managed to get a picture just as Justin was pointing out that Nanase was still wearing makeup and said that it would be a tough photo to beat.

Sarah started dragging her heels when it came her turn to transform, first by summoning the Demonic Duck and then by bringing up the time Tedd had turned her into a catgirl. Justin commented to Nanase that they would have to hear the whole story behind Sarah's animosity toward Tedd sometime.

Elliot suggested they go sit on the family room sofa and Justin wondered aloud if all 6 of them could fit on it. Susan, Tedd, and Elliot ran to get a spot on the couch but Justin was distracted by Nanase looking at Ellen and was curious about them so he stayed in the kitchen. Justin thought about sneaking closer to Nanase and Ellen to hear their conversation but didn't want to necessarily intentionally eavesdrop. The Demonic Duck surprised him and almost made him shriek by asking him to get him a beer. Justin said that there wasn't any alcohol in the house (he'd checked). The Duck was shocked at the idea that there was no alcohol at a teenager-hosted no-parental-supervision party, but consoled himself with the thought that there was at least hot girls present. When Justin asked if the Duck was supposed to be attracted to ducks, it rebutted that "shouldn't you be attracted to women?" to which Justin took the point.

While everyone was waiting for Sarah and Grace to come back upstairs, Justin started speculating aloud whether women turned into men were as well-endowed as the men turned into women. Sarah came upstairs before Justin could finish phrasing his question and Tedd expressed relief and gratitude that she was there. When Elliot and Sarah noticed each other, Justin got irritated and broke the silence by pointing out that they still needed pictures of Sarah and Grace, and that Tedd needed to order the food before Nanase started ranting again. When Sarah said she had left the camera in the basement, Justin offered to go get it and restated the importance of Tedd ordering the pizza. Nanase objected that she wasn't that prone to ranting…and lapsed into a rant while Justin started sprinting for the basement. In the basement, Justin started thinking about Elliot when the Demonic Duck surprised him with an illusion of girl!Elliot in a bikini, which started tickling him. The Duck was confused about why Justin was so upset about the trick since he'd just been trying to make Justin laugh, unaware (until just then) that Justin liked Elliot. Justin got the camera, and the Duck apologized for the trick he played. Justin said that it was all right, and commented that, as a duck that likes humans, it must be as alone as Justin was. It disagreed, saying that it "gets all sorts of action". It said that it'd make everything up to Justin before it left, but Justin quickly said it wasn't necessary and hurried up the stairs. When Nanase commented on how long he'd been down there, Justin told her that he thought the Duck had been hitting on him.

Justin started taking pictures of Sarah and Grace by themselves and with their respective boyfriends, but irritatedly interrupted Sarah and Elliot when they started showing too much of an interest in each other. When Jeremy got off Susan Justin noticed that she let out a cry of joy. Justin alerted Tedd when the pizza arrived, joined everyone in the kitchen to discuss the pizza boy's potential reaction to seeing Tedd and joined everyone to eat. After dinner, Justin complimented Ellen on Nanase's male fairy doll created during dinner. Ellen asked Justin if he had ever felt insecure about liking something due to later developments and Justin responded that that could apply to some of the comics he read. Later, when they were singing karaoke, Justin joined the others in giving Susan puppy dog eyes to convince her to sing. When it came time for him to sing, he pulled off a 76. He explained he chose the song strategically to Sarah's outrage. When Ellen said she wanted go last, Justin asked why and Ellen said she was quirky. When Ellen was explaining her second life dreams, and specifically that she experienced them alongside Nioi's duplicate Kaoli, Justin assumed that she meant that Kaoli was Nioi's male duplicate to which Ellen clarified what Kaoli was. When Ellen expressed doubts that her friends would believe her story of experiencing a second life Justin joined with the others in affirming his belief in it by saying "like I'm going to say no when I've got boobs on my chest". A little later, Tedd told Justin that his (Justin's) response was a paraphrase of one of his life mottos which Justin said was "lovely to know". They then sung duets with Justin singing with Susan. After that they had cake and when Sarah asked what they would be doing after cake, Justin suggested "Twister". When everyone stared at him he said he "can't be the only one who's thought of that". When they discussed how they would change back if they just waited out their transformations, Justin said, because of Tedd's explanation, he couldn't stop picturing women morphing into men to which Tedd pointed out that, due to Justin's orientation, he should be thanking him for that image.

Justin went downstairs to the basement to be alone but was surprised when Susan also came down. Seeing that Justin was upset Susan tried to get Justin to talk to her. Susan reassured him that she wouldn't judge him and tried a bit of humor before asking if he wanted her to leave him alone. Justin then revealed his love for Elliot to Susan and explained nature of his being outed and how it involved Melissa and his meeting Elliot and Nanase. He attributed all the good things that happened to him since his being outted to being ultimately due to Elliot's involvement in his life. He explained that as much as he was grateful of Elliot being his friend he was also unhappy that they could not be more than that. He complained that love was illogical. Susan expressed her inability to come up with comforting words and Justin thanked her for listening. He explained that he had accepted his incompatible orientation with Elliot but was still hurt when on occasions like this he was reminded of it citing Elliot saying he was cute as soon as he saw him transformed. Justin pondered if it was better to stay female as it would improve his chances of finding someone and he would be attractive to Elliot but it was not a option he would like taking. Susan told Justin that he was not alone just because he was single and he had friends that cared about him and liked him for who he was. Justin was greatly comforted by Susan's words and hugged her. Still full of emotion, Justin and Susan kissed. Once they did so, it quickly escalated and they were about to do something they would both regret when the light suddenly flashed and turned off, apparently burning out. This startled them and Susan fell off the couch. In the dark, Susan saw that Tedd's computer was on and turned the monitor on for light. Justin apologized for acting on impulse but was stopped by Susan when he mentioned that he though he kissed first. Susan said she thought she had done so instead and the humor of it caused them to laugh diffusing the situation. They then went upstairs and were questioned on what they were doing downstairs to which Susan said she was "logging stuff" and Justin said he was "providing logging material".

Hidden GenesisEdit

The day after the party, Justin worked at the comic shop accompanied by Sarah and Nanase. Sarah said it must be cool working there but Justin responded that half the time it felt like he was just babysitting the elementary school kids who hung out there. Nanase said she was numb and annoyed. When Justin asked her to elaborate, she said she was annoyed at him for supposedly getting everyone to keep their knowledge of her lesbianism away from her and that the numbness involved talking to someone later. Justin tried to talk to Nanase about his experience being outted but Nanase shushed him for referring to homosexuality because of her fear that it would get back to her family. Justin tried again, this time being vague, and explained how he had wanted her to disclose her orientation at her discretion. Justin apologized for the way he handled the situation but Nanase said she didn't think there was a right way to have handle it. Justin then got called away to man the register.

The next day, Justin drove Nanase to school. He noticed that Nanase was twitching and fidgeting. Nanase explained that she was casting spells as frequently as possible in order to get more non-hiding spells. Justin pointed out that she was still hiding things but Nanase had gone fairy doll. When she woke up she had created a doll connected with Susan.

When they got to school, Nanase and Ellen got into a argument about discretion conducted in whispered shouts that only ended when Justin pointed out that they had drawn significant attention to themselves by arguing about discretion. They found many of the students in the cafeteria around them had now begun to stare at them. Nanase used one of her spells to determine that there were now 17 people staring right at them. Justin explained Nanase's spell by which time two of the people lost interest. He then proceeded to resolve their arguments and explained what the people staring at them likely thought happened. Justin compared schedules with Grace and found that her and Ellen's were the same but he shared only lunch and gym with them. He noted that those classes were the best for socializing anyway. When Diane came over to their table she called Justin "Jason" and Justin corrected her. When she had gone, Ellen asked if Diane was the result of Susan using the Dewitchery Diamond which Grace also wondered about but left Nanase and Justin confused. Ellen and Grace pointed out Susan and Diane's uncanny resemblance leading Nanase to ponder it before realizing they were right. Ellen gave her theory of why Nanase didn't notice before but Justin was still not convinced. Grace backed up the claim that they were in fact identical while Ellen text messaged Susan about it. When Justin asked about her reply Ellen told him that she was more concerned about the cost of texting to which Justin pointed out she lived in a mansion which led to Grace and him discussing Batman and costumes. The bell rang which startled and confused Grace but Justin explained it was the first bell.

Sister IIEdit

During lunch, Justin shared the gossip that was going around the school about them and explained why the school's students might think that way about them. Later, in the hall Nanase asked Justin to give her a ride to the mall. Justin agreed saying it would give him an excuse to get some teriyaki chicken and asked if there was a particular reason to which Nanase said she needed to make some changes.

The next day, when Justin heard that Elliot was dealing with power buildups and would need to turn into a girl frequently, he mused that it wasn't funny from his perspective and it was like the universe was plotting against him before hurriedly correcting himself that it was plotting against Elliot.

The next day, when Nanase was talking about her being more open and hiding less things from her parents Justin asked her how her parents took her new look and Nanase revealed it was not as bad as she thought. Nanase said she sometimes wished she could change her height and that she had liked the experience of greater height while male at Grace's party to which Justin quipped that the hair added a few feet. When Nanase described her hair spell, Justin found it awesome. Justin compared getting such a spell to "winning the lottery and getting the check from Hugh Jackman while he sings about how awesome you are". When Ellen's dislike of Nanase's new hairstyle led to a fight between them and Justin asked Nanase why she didn't tell Ellen about her intention to change it to which Nanase said it was none of his business. Justin told her that she should at least tell Ellen the reason for not notifying her before hand even if she didn't tell him but Nanase walked off in a different direction telling him she would see him in class later.

Bringing Silly BackEdit

In New and Old Flames, Justin helps Cheerleadra fighting the fire summon and ends up being interviewed about it by Carol Brown. We find out he was marked, although he himself only realizes it much later.

9001% SeriousEdit

In One Way Road, Nanase met with Justin at the comic shop while he was making notes of who had not picked up their comic books. Justin was confused about Nanase's frustration over Ellen's lack of jealousy towards Nanase's earlier crushes, including Gerald. Duck overheard their conversation, learning that Ellen and Nanase were lesbians in a relationship.[9]

Grace doubted that the feral hog seen by Rhoda in Death Sentence was truly as big as she had claimed. According to Grace, "Rhoda's described Justin as "giant" before...I think everything seems huge to her."[10]


In The End of Spring, Justin conversed with Grace at the MSHS cafeteria shortly before the beginning of summer vacation. He learned that Grace wanted a summer job, so recommended that she apply for a job as a clerk at the comic shop.[11]

Grace's interview was finally shown in Nepotism. Before the interview started, Justin was conversing with George, and expressing annoyance at how George described Justin's girl friends as his "harem". Once Grace entered the building, he calmed down and sarcastically told Grace that her first challenge was not to strangle George. During Grace's interview with Jim Tolkiberry (Justin's uncle and owner of the comic shop), Jim told her that his interview with her would is not a typical job interview, as he had already trusted Justin's judgement when asking her to apply. Jim then went into detail about how he originally hired Justin because Justin's parents wanted him to work with someone sympathetic to him. Despite the fact that Justin felt that he was only hired out of pity, Justin's hard work earned him respect from his uncle, showing that he had the motivation to earn his job despite the circumstances of his hiring. This inspired Grace, who accepted the job and embraced Justin once she was hired.

Justin had a cameo in Hair, when he involuntarily yelled "NOOO!" in horror (in the comic shop) when Sarah cut off Nanase's hair in Tedd's basement.[12]

On the night of June 14th (during Duel of the Discs), Justin and Grace were working together in preparation for the upcoming Magickal Cards tournament. They also were forced to withstand Mr. Tensaided's rants about the superiority of the Olde School format, which were systematically deconstructed and countered by Justin's logic. During the tournament itself, Justin learns that Grace had never seen the Star Wars movies, and Justin tries to convince her of the importance of the franchise. In an attempt to locate the unaltered original copies, Justin learned that they were only available under Tensaided's personal ownership. Tensaided agreed to loan his Laser Disc copies of the original trilogy only if Justin can beat him in a Magickal Cards duel using the Olde School format.

Justin agrees to the duel, which they begun once the tournament is over and the store is closed. Grace spectates, imagining it as a duel between wizards. Justin, using an energy-based deck, is heavily damaged by Tensaided's Literary Dragon and Skreevos, but recovers and wins the duel by activating the special ability of his Stompalope. Tensaided, moved by Justin's courage and Grace's emotional commitment, agrees to hand over his copies of Star Wars. Justin and Grace start marathoning the franchise a few days later.

The DawnEdit

In End of an Era part 1, Justin watches some of Elliot and Susan's review show with the two in Tedd's basement. Justin scrutinized Susan when she accidentally let slip something suggesting she likes him, though changed the subject when she was spooked by his "Fry face". Justin brought up how he was unsure if Susan seriously didn't want any presents for her upcoming birthday, and convinced Susan to accept Elliot's offer of cake by means of puppy dog eyes. Justin also reacted in confusion when Tedd brought up inconsistencies in Nanase's magical burnout while they were talking about cake.[13] Tedd was annoyed by the conversation, though Justin reacted friendly and suggested that they need to hang out more.

On December 26th (in End of an Era part 2), Justin discussed with Susan on instant messaging how her Christmas went. They both felt that their Christmases went smoothly, at which point Justin asked Susan whether she was attracted to Elliot. Susan responded by admitting that she did have an attraction to Elliot based on the fact that she was a heterosexual teenager, but insisted that she would never consider dating him due to her desire not to betray Sarah. When Justin asks what would happen if Sarah and Elliot broke up, Susan takes too long to answer, then claims to be AFK for a moment before reaffirming how it would be a betrayal.[14]

Justin appeared in Identity part 5, walking in on Grace and Elliot while Elliot was transformed into a blonde woman in Tedd's basement. He was a bit disturbed by Elliot's adorable appearance, but quickly changed the subject to the rumors that Elliot was homosexual, which he had heard from Grace. However, Elliot brought up developments which had recently dispelled the rumors, namely how he was tackled and kissed by Catalina.[15] Even if the rumors did persist, Justin told Elliot that he had nothing to be afraid of, since Elliot used to be too aggressive for bullies to even consider approaching him in the present. Justin also brought up how he himself wasn't picked on anymore due to his badassery in New and Old Flames and friendship with Nanase. When Elliot voiced his fury over homophobia, Justin asked him what was wrong, and Elliot voiced how he lost a friend over the topic.

Later Justin chatted with Susan on instant messaging in Identity part 6. Justin voiced his insight into a topic which concerned Susan, namely the fact that she found the awkward moment between Catalina and Elliot to be sexy. Susan had concern over how he knew so much about her feelings, to which he kept replying that he was naturally insightful.[16] He also reassured her that her feelings were natural and followed the chaotic logic of teenage hormones and judgement. Inspired by the conversation, Susan changes her profile picture back to a Star Trek captain, stopped waiting on Tom and started roleplaying a disastrous Pokemon/Star Trek crossover with Justin ... not something Tom, who was observing her being online but was invisible himself, expected.[17]

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Justin first met Elliot when Elliot saved him from a bunch of bullies who were attacking him. Elliot invited Justin to come to the ASMA dojo so he could learn to defend himself. Pretty much since they met, Justin has had a crush on Elliot. However, Elliot is not gay and could not return these feelings, leaving Justin to watch helplessly as Elliot got into a relationship with Nanase, and later Sarah.


Justin met Nanase at the ASMA dojo and they go to the same school. It was Justin who first (jokingly) implied that Nanase was a lesbian, far was before Nanase herself considered the possibility. Nanase often accompanies him at the comic shop and he once got her to unofficially work as a fairy clerk to increase sales.


Justin and Susan have become good friends ever since they met.


Melissa was Justin's girlfriend before he was out of the closet.[18][19] When he came out to her, she betrayed his trust by telling her sister, a notorious gossip.[19] Her sister then told the whole school. This led to Justin being ostracized and terminated his friendship with her. Melissa was still in love with Justin and continued to harass him, it has gotten to such a point the Justin could sense her coming.[20]

Only recently, when Justin finally started to though about forgiving her, she admitted that their relationship and friendship is gone.[21]


Noah has been trying to talk to Justin ever since the Fire guy incident but Justin refused to talk with him since Noah kept bringing up Melissa. Eventually Justin relented and Noah revealed he wanted to ask him questions related to the identification of the summoner. After Noah revealed himself as the Child Left Behind and enabled Justin to carry Elliot to safety, Justin seems to have changed his opinion of Noah as he goes as far as deciding keeping his knowledge of Noah's identity as the CLB a secret.

Luke Edit

Luke and Justin first met at a comic shop, where the former was trying to gather information on magic marks. They were attracted to each other, but initially neither believed the other one is also homosexual. After persuading from Grace and few tests (including showing his abs[22]) Justin concluded Luke is and asked him out.[23] As of now, they are currently dating.


Justin was a member of the ASMA Dojo before it closed. He have the ability to create illusions[24][25] but he didn't reached the level Elliot and Nanase did.[26]

Mark Edit

Justing demonstrated impressive strength (surprising even himself) when fighting the Fire Guy and there was flame around his leg.[27] He naturally assumed his ASMA training finally succeeded, but we found that it actually was because he was given magic mark (in shape resembling small flame)[28] by Pandora Raven. We don't know exactly what the spell is doing, but Grace described it as aura-boosted strength[29] based on her dream knowledge.

Awakening Edit

In Pandoras Box we found out that Justin was awakened by Pandora.[30] It was not specified how recently it happened.


"The boy-toy humbly accepts your terms."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2003-06-13 ("Terms")
"Why would you looking like a girl make you more attractive to me?"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2005-07-03 ("Say It With Me…He’s Just That Androgynous")


  • Justin's last name, Tolkiberry, is a conglomeration of the last names of Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, and J. R. R. Tolkien, Author of The Lord of the Rings.
  • Justin was the first character to interact with the Demonic Duck outside of a distraction capacity.
  • Justin's sideburns first appeared in The End of Spring. Dan had considered also giving him a soul patch, but decided that the sideburns were already enough of a change.[11] Justin appeared without sideburns in End of An era part 1 due to Dan's forgetfulness, but they returned when he was instant messaging Susan in End of an Era part 2.

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