Jeremy, often referred to as "The Creature Nature Never Intended", is basically a cat with hedgehog spines. Edward Verres brought him home one day, and he is now his and Tedd Verres' pet. Jeremy likes catnip[1] (to the point of latching onto Justin when he brought him some), is fond of Susan, and if Grace's Jeremy form is any indication, should be pretty powerful himself. Jeremy weighs 30 lbs and is about three feet long.[2]

Jeremy has high intelligence for an animal, as he is able to open locked doors (so as long as they don’t require a key) and was able to locate Susan during Grace’s party,[3] even though her gender had been switched. Jeremy’s bite strength has been shown to be quite strong, capable of opening canned cat food.[4] It should also be noted that Jeremy is very fond of those similar to himself, as is shown when he and Grace (in Jeremy form) are seen playing together with more affection than normal.[5][6] Apparently, despite the multiple forms in the Transformation Gun, his form is the most powerful in combat,[7] making one wonder just what this "cat" is capable of.

Jeremy has very precise idea about what is his spot.[8]

Jeremy is not unique; Raven has been shown to own a similar creature named Max.[9] This is may be an indicator that Jeremy has a species, or perhaps that he is one of a number of similarly modified cats.


After Grace in Jeremy form, Jeremy's favourite human is Susan.[3][10][11] Justin speculated that it's because cats prefer being where they are least wanted, but while pretending to like cats helped once, it didn't last.[12]