Tedds encounter with the Whale.

"We prefer to be compared to whales. We like whales."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2013-01-23
"You are not a spellcaster. You are a far more dangerous rarity."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2013-01-28, in reply to Tedd asking whether he could ever get spells of his own.

The Interdimensional Whale is of a magical species of huge, floating algae eaters that, instead of algae, eat abundances in ambient magic. Whales exist in a different plane of existence and because of this, they do not seem to interact with their physical environment in any way.[1][2][3]

None of the characters in El Goonish Shive, save for Tedd, seem to be know about the existence of whales whatsoever. Tedd is the only one able to sense them, but generally doesn't have enough magical energy stored within him to actually see them. He was only able to see one when he used his Gauntlet.[4]

Whales can only communicate through thought, though their mind and that of whoever they are communicating with must be synchronized.

Tedd's first encounterEdit

The first page of There Be Whales Here was seen from the perspective of a Whale.[2] This was the first time it was shown that Tedd felt like he was being watched. Throughout There Be Whales Here Pt 2, Tedd gets more suspicious, even though he was sure he wouldn't be able to notice anything that could get past his father's protections.[3]

In There Be Whales Here Pt 3, Tedd finally uses his Gauntlet to boost his magical energy, making him able to see the Whale that has been waiting in his room. The Whale makes a mental connection with Tedd and tells him about its species and the nature of ambient magic. It mentions that the magic watch only works in Moperville area due to there being more ambient magic there.[5] It then warns Tedd about an unknown upcoming danger and tells him that he is "a far more dangerous rarity" [6] before breaking the connection.

Edward doesn't believe Edit

When Tedd talked about whales with his father, he verified the ambient magic level and that watches don't work anywhere else, but he considered the possibility of whales gibberish.[7]

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Whale with cop hat.

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