"If he can't find more of us. He'll breed more. That's the only reason he cares about my sister."
—Hedge talking about Damien

Hedge is a seyunolu containing DNA from a human and a hedgehog. He was first seen in the Sister arc, but was mentioned by Mr. Verres during the El Goonish Shive arc. He seems to be the most mature and moral of his siblings. He, Guineas, and Vladia are currently in a government facility undergoing rehabilitation in preparation for rejoining society.


Hedge was created during Project Lycanthrope as a 25%-75% mixture of hedgehog and human DNA, respectively, and became a follower of Damien after the slaughter of the Project Lycanthrope scientists, though it appears he did this somewhat reluctantly, as he appeared uncomfortable with Damien's actions and plans.

Hedge was responsible for tracking down Grace after she escaped (and met Tedd). He ran into Elliot (in cat form) and Tedd as they tried to get back to Moperville from the Dewitchery Diamond's holding facility, and Elliot's cat form convinced Hedge that Elliot was a lab creation like his siblings. This is what caused Hedge to capture Elliot at the beginning of Painted Black when he couldn't find Grace.



Trained as an assassin, Hedge is physically strong and incredibly adept at using a metal chain with a clamp on one end to disarm and incapacitate targets. Also, being part hedgehog makes him quite fast (presumably as a joke, in reference to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise).[1]


Being a seyunolu, he has several forms he can transform between. Currently, only his hybrid and human forms have been seen, though it is assumed he has a pure hedgehog form as well.


Like all part-animal seyunolu, Hedge has the ability to communicate with animals.[2]



  • Dan stated that the decision to make Hedge a hedgehog was simply because he thinks hedgehogs are cool animals, further supported by the character Jeremy, who is basically a cat with hedgehog spikes down its back.[3]
  • A running gag in both canon and filler is Hedge's odd relationship with owls.
  • He also is a "master" of anti-climactic moments; meaning whenever he does something climactic, something, usually an owl, will appear and ruin it.[4]


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