Guineas is a seyunolu containing DNA from a human and a guinea pig. He was first seen in the Painted Black arc, but was mentioned by Mr. Verres during the El Goonish Shive arc. Due to the painful nature of his transformation, Guineas prefers to spend most of his time in his hybrid form and his human appearance is seen in only three strips. He is currently in a government facility alongside his siblings, Vladia and Hedge.

He was described by Mr. Verres as slow-witted, but he managed to notice an important clue that Damien missed while interviewing Elliot.

History Edit

Guineas was created during Project Lycanthrope as a literal guinea pig, with a 50/50 distribution of guinea pig and human DNA. He became a follower of Damien after the slaughter of the Project Lycanthrope scientists.  He is present when Damien interrogates Elliot, and notices that Elliot knew his name without having been introduced, which he tells Hedge about. Other than that, he affects the plot very little, only appearing to thumb wrestle Ellen during the fight between Elliot's group and Guineas' fellow chimera. After Damien was defeated, Commander Jaguar told Guineas that he needed to assume human form, which he did reluctantly after prodding from Vladia. In contrast to his hybrid form, his human form was regarded as being handsome by Ellen and a female soldier.

He appears alongside Vladia and Hedge to wish Grace a happy birthday in the Before the Party arc and is surprised when Grace and Vladia inform him that the women in the facility find his human form attractive.

Abilities Edit

Guineas (hybrid)

Guineas in hybrid form.

Guineas (human)

Guineas in human form.

Guineas' only ability seems to be transforming.


Like all part-animal seyunolu, Guineas has the ability to communicate with animals.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • Dan stated that the decision to make Guineas a guinea pig was made by request of a friend of his who herself owned a guinea pig.
  • The decision to make Guineas' Human form attractive was meant to be funny.


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