Guardian form is a spell or category of spells. Most of what we know about it is based on Nanase's angel spell. The appearance likely isn't always same, but some abilities, the limited time and burning out after use and being only useful in defense apparently are.

Nanase's Angel form Edit


Nanase's guardian form

Nanase got her angel form due to her acts of passion and self-sacrifice against Abraham in the Sister II arc as a new spell.[1] Through it, Nanase manifests with an angel-like appearance, with large feathered wings and tail-like appendages that can deflect blows,[2] and with her whole body seemingly glowing white.[3] It is apparently very powerful, but since the only person she has used it against solo is an utterly incompetent mage it is unknown what the full extent of this form's power is. It got her burned out of magic for nine months, but she was already just one doll from burning out before she cast it. The second time she used it her magic was gone for one day.

On Tumblr, Dan mentioned Nanase's Guardian form is stronger than Cheerleadra, and even if not, the extra instincts would help her get advantage.[4]

When burned out, Nanase's hair changes from red to black.

Ellen's Angel form Edit

Ellen got her angel form by using copy beam on Nanase.[5] It is not known if her copy beam can copy spells like guardian form or if she actually got it as a new spell (she DOES look as Nanase when in angel form, but she actually started looking as Nanase first and THEN changed to angel form). It also gave her some sort of psychic connection to Nanase, so they can talk telepathically.

She describes some abilities of angel forms:[6] they can fly in formation, and choose whether to use their own energy or the ambient energy to fuel the spell, but they can't tell HOW they are doing it.

When burned out, Ellen's hair changes from brown to blonde. She comments that her magic apparently trolls with her.[7]

Angel Abilities Edit

  • Flying
  • Flying in formation
  • Highlighting
  • Combat instincts
  • Choosing what energy to use
  • Appendages strong enough to deflect swords

Indirect knowledge Edit

Charlotte apparently knows something about guardian forms in general.[8] Her main and/or first source is Not-Tengu[9][10] but the way she talks suggest she found other sources as well.

Not-Tengu himself may know more than he told to Charlotte.[11]

Divine in Nature Edit

Some people believe that guardian forms are divine in nature.[12] Nanase stated[13] that while it can be explained otherwise, it's a spell that requires sacrifice, can be only used to defend, makes her look like angel and she got it immediately after asking god for help.[14] Ellen also asked God for permission to use the form, although most priests would hardly acknowledged that as prayer.[15]

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