Grace the Goddess is the second story arc in EGS:NP. It opened on
Goddess Grace

Grace as a Goddess

March 8th, 2004, and closed on March 26th, 2004, for a total of 9 comics. It was the third of the story arcs that have become canon having been mentioned in a commentary of a story comic namely EGS Main Story Comic for 2011-09-08.

Summary Edit

Grace was up late playing Black & White when Tedd warned her about the effect it can have on dreams. When Grace fell asleep, she began to dream that she was a goddess in the game. When the villagers asked why they should worship her, she first said the she used healing and defense miracles, then she said her Creature was well trained, but what sold them was that she didn't throw people for fun. When a villager asked her for a fish, she turned him into a fisherman. Later, she was playing with the god's keyboard and accidentally skipped twelve years. While Grace was stuck immobile in the time skip, Tedd appeared as a rival god. When Grace approached him, she used her hugging and puppy-dog-eyes abilities to convert him to her side. Once they regrouped, Grace noticed that the female population had increased. Tedd said it was due to a patch he made to allow transgender rampages. In order to repopulate the village, Grace appointed T.C. as a breeder named "the playah", which didn't go over well with the female villagers. Grace finally woke up and comforted Tedd after he had a nightmare involving a Jurassic Park/Star Wars crossover where Jar Jar Binks clones replaced the velociraptors.