"Have I mentioned I'm part space alien?"
—Grace to Jerry

Grace Sciuridae is a shapeshifting, human/Uryuom/squirrel/Lespuko hybrid who was created through genetic engineering to kill the prophesied creature who would be known as Damien. She originally came to Tedd seeking temporary protection for herself and a way to deal with her "brothers" (of which Vladia is the only genetic sibling), but remained in hiding from her old family with her new friends. In the Painted Black arc, she was forced to go back to her brothers and fight Damien, who killed himself at the end of their battle when he realized that he wasn't the god he'd thought himself to be. She has been in a relationship with Tedd since the Relations chapter of the original El Goonish Shive introductory story arc.

Because she spent most of her childhood either in a lab or held prisoner by Damien, she can be very naive. For instance, she used to have no idea why people can have problems with nudity, but a conversation with the (then male) Susan at the party educated her on this point. She also only recently found out about World War II and the atrocities that occurred during it. Grace had a disturbing childhood, being held captive by Damien and witnessing him committing many heinous acts, including murder. As a result, she was haunted by nightmares for a long time. After she killed Damien, she was for a time afraid of her own powers and refused to change shape, but her brothers managed to convince her otherwise: at which time she also managed to overcome the nightmares.


Early life[]

Grace was designed by Project Lycanthrope from a Uryuom, a Lespuko, a squirrel, and a naturally strong human male[10] as a weapon to kill a coming prophesied master of fire, but Dr. Sciuridae replaced the human DNA with that of his deceased daughter so he could be with her again.[11] It was he that named her Grace and gave her her hair band, the latter of which aroused suspicion and caused him to be transferred away.[12] Later, when Grace was around 13, Damien attacked the company and she cowered in fear as he slaughtered the scientists[13] and Grace's Uryuom father.[12] Damien called that place the Nest, but they didn't remain there: they left and moved around a lot.[14]


After reading about the first goo incident in the newspaper,[15] Grace chose to run away from Damien to see if Tedd could help her. After she escaped in her full squirrel form, she had nothing but her hair band, and had to steal a trench coat.[16]

When she first saw Tedd,[17] she asked him to let her in; when she mentioned she wasn't wearing anything beneath her coat, Tedd quickly let her in. After she was welcomed into the home, she was quickly discovered by Tedd’s father, Edward Verres, who was angry that Tedd let a strange girl into the house until he recognized her as Shade Tail.[18] After that, he allowed her to stay in order to protect her and told Tedd not to tell anyone but Elliot and Sarah that she was there.[19] When Tedd asked Grace why she was there, she was thankful that he called her Grace, and asked her to get to know her as Grace before they dealt with her past as Shade Tail.[20] While watching boring TV, Grace suggested they do something normal, Tedd pointed out that people sleeping together was normal, but Grace countered with the fact that that only applies when they are in a relationship, instead of taking offense and hammering Tedd (as Sarah or Susan would have done).[21]

The next day, Grace met Elliot, who initially assumed she was a either a robot or that she had been kidnapped, since normally no girl he knew of would hang out with Tedd of her own volition.[22] Then Grace became enamored with the video game Black and White.[23] After playing for a while, Tedd had to literally drag her away so Sarah could look her over before the two could go buy clothes for her. After seeing that Grace had had to resort to wearing Tedd's clothes, Sarah realized she really needed to take Grace along to the mall to get the clothes, so she gave her a disguise to avoid being recognized by her brothers.[24]

At the mall, Grace was more interested in video games than clothes,[25] and was willing to spend the clothing money on them and just play them at Tedd's house naked if it came down to it.[26] When Grace finally got to picking out clothes, she had difficulty finding clothes small and stretchy enough to cover her 160-pound body, since she had to consider shape shifting.[27]

After they finished shopping, Sarah and Grace exited out the wrong side of the mall,[28] and had to cut through a unlit alleyway,[29] where they were attacked by a mugger. Sarah tried to just give him her purse,[30] but Grace managed to stop him by shapeshifting into her half-squirrel form and using her telekinesis to take away his knife (at which point he ran away, yelling "Repent!"). The strain of the telekinesis was too great for Grace, and, to the shock and annoyance of Sarah, she collapsed.[31]

Once Grace was brought home, Sarah and Eliot assumed the shape shifting was Tedd’s fault,[32][33] but his father set the record straight by explaining to Tedd, Elliot, and Sarah part of Grace and her brothers' history.[34] When Grace woke up, she was greeted by Sarah[35] and was worried that she had scared everyone away, but Sarah explained to her that they went to find more information.[36] When Grace asked why Sarah wasn't afraid of her monster form, Sarah told her that she wasn't a monster and that she sort of knew what it was like.[37] Grace asked her to elaborate, but they were distracted by the men coming back.[38]

When everyone was together, Grace was forced by Elliot to explain why she sought out Tedd. Grace explained that her brothers were very dangerous and had no choice in the matter as they were created and trained to be the way they were. Grace wanted to find a way to change them and herself into forms that were not dangerous.[39] When Elliot asked why she was almost naked when she meet Tedd, she explained that in order to escape, she had had to turn into her full squirrel form, and that meant she could not take any clothing with her except her hairband. After Elliot apologized and left, Grace held Tedd back with her tail so he wouldn't leave her by herself.[16]


Grace welcomed Tedd home with a squirrel girl tackle glomp,[40] explaining that she had remained in her squirrel girl form since she was still a little worried she might faint, and Tedd told her that he liked her in her squirrel form; Grace then confirmed that she really liked Tedd.[41] When she changed back, Grace asked how Tedd's day had been. Once he mentioned that Elliot was acting weird, knew the Sarah liked him, and was taking her to the martial arts class, Grace realized that Elliot was "going to break [Sarah's] heart".[42]


Later Tedd and Grace began experimenting on a way to stop her brothers if they were to attack. Grace suggested they use the Tedd’s TF gun to change her brothers into less threatening forms.[43] In order to test the theory, Grace insisted that Tedd blast her with the TF gun. When Tedd proved reluctant, she pressed the trigger and blasted herself, turning herself into a catgirl, which did not please Tedd.[44] Grace was pleased with her new form, but Tedd said he was worried that their plan had worked and Grace wouldn't be able to change back. When Grace first tried to change back, she found that she couldn't,[45] and asked Tedd to change her back. Tedd refused, and explained that Grace's powers had changed and she could still change into her original form if she focused hard enough.[46] Grace tried this,[47] and discovered she could switch to any of her forms at will.[48]

This meant that all their plan would do was give her brothers another dangerous form to use in combat. Tedd was about to give up, but Grace asked him to blast her with the best form he had for combat; that way, she could fight if it came down to it; the form in question turned out to be the Jeremy form.[49] Grace wanted to know what other forms Tedd had, and checked the TF gun's programmed forms. She was confused by the gun's having both male and female forms, and Tedd claimed he "[had] no idea how those got there".[50] When Grace was blasted with the Jeremy form,[51] Jeremy jumped up on her.[52]

After changing back, Grace insisted on changing her shirt right away, not caring that the camera was still recording and that people who viewed the recording would see her topless.[53] For the rest of the night, Grace and Tedd indulged in catnip.[54] After that, Sarah came over,[55] and they showed her a video of what they had been doing. Grace stopped Tedd from fast-forwarding past Grace's being topless and when Sarah asked why it was necessary for them to include it, Grace insisted that it was important to the plot.[56]

That night, Grace was plagued by terrible nightmares and woke up screaming. Tedd ran over to comfort her, forgetting his glasses,[57] and ended up sleeping in the same bed with her all night at Grace's insistence.[58] While Grace had Tedd in bed with her, she took the opportunity to have Tedd explain about his glasses[59] and how he met Elliot.[60] After sleeping together, they narrowly avoided getting caught by Mr. Verres.[61]


After Tedd was turned into a girl while testing the TF Gun, Grace was interrupted while playing on the computer by a female Tedd strip dancing on the computer screen.[62]

When Elliot was transformed, Grace researched the means to make Elliot male again.[63] When Elliot came over to hear her plan, Grace was wearing Tedd's glasses, which were set to the X-ray feature.[64] When Elliot was annoyed, either with Grace's use of the glasses or his attraction to Tedd without the glasses, he pulled them off her and put them on Tedd. Unknown to him, they were still on the X-ray function, and Tedd was forced to see then-female Elliot naked, which made him blush.[65] Grace's plan was for Tedd and Elliot to go to a low priority government building to use the Dewitchery Diamond to undo the V5 effects while Grace stayed behind.[66]

While she waited for their return, she got very bored and decided to change into her squirrel form just for the fun of it; it was at this time that she discovered that her shapeshifting now affected her mass;[67] upon using a scale Grace found out that her squirrel form was 80 pounds, her human form was her normal 120 pounds, her cat-girl form was 137 pounds, and her Jeremy form was 200 pounds.[68] (Note that this was explained much later[69]). As a result of her shapechanging, Sensei Greg (who was guarding her on Elliot's request[70]) entered the house as he thought she was in danger because he sensed her power.[71] Grace was initially scared and hid in her full squirrel form while Jeremy attacked Greg.[72] After Greg deflected Jeremy, Grace turned into her half-squirrel form to defend him,[73] but Greg explained he sensed great power and was just there to protect her. Grace didn't understand why Greg sensed power in her (or why he told her to put a shirt on).[74] Greg tried to explain why people should wear clothes.[75]

After Greg fixed the door and camped out in front of the television, Grace went downstairs to use the computer, only to meet Beta Tedd,[76] who popped up on the screen intending to warn Tedd of Lord Tedd.[77] Before Beta Tedd gave his warning, Beta Ellen, who was dating Beta Tedd, appeared beside Beta Tedd.[78] Upon learning of their relationship, Grace fell out of her chair laughing as Beta Tedd had just said that he didn't know Elliot's alternate.[79]

The next day, Grace was waiting for Tedd to get back home[80] when she fell asleep and had another nightmare.[81] After being awoken by Greg, she told him she tried to design a video game, but an image on the computer frightened her.[82] When Greg told her he didn't find it frightening, Grace saw that he was not looking at the same picture and discovered a message from Tedd.[83] The message told her about Ellen and asked her to pass the message to Sarah before morning. After saying 'crud' multiple times in multiple ways and apologizing for 'swearing like a sailor' when in fact she hadn't cursed at all, Grace convinced Greg to take her to Moperville North so she could talk to Sarah and stop Ellen.[84]

After getting to the school, Grace literally ran into Sarah, who knocked her down while fleeing from the Omega Goo. Grace told her that Ellen was not Elliot, which disturbed Sarah.[85] She then explained to Sarah what had happened to Elliot and Tedd and that Ellen was not going to die in a month, but they could not figure out how to safely reach Ellen to tell her as Ellen was busy fighting the goo.[86] When Susan asked how to destroy the goo Grace explained that it had been sent from another dimension to hunt down Tedd and that it was actually a demon nucleus the size of a marble that was using the goo as armor.[87]

After Nanase and Ellen were restrained by the goo, Grace used her telekinesis to stop its final attack.[88] Grace could not decide which form to assume to avoid collapsing from using her telekinesis against the goo,[89] and accidentally transformed into a legion form that incorporated all her known forms at the time, which was powerful enough to stop the goo's attempt to kill Nanase and Ellen.[90] The goo recognized Grace as an alternate of General Shade Tail and retreated to transform into something capable of defeating her.[91] Before the goo could transform it was destroyed by Ellen.

Once the goo had been defeated, Elliot and Tedd turned up, and Grace was so overcome with joy that she tackled Tedd in her legion form.[92] When Elliot explained that they hitchhiked with Hedge, and that he was in town looking for her,[93][94] Grace was a little scared by the prospect.[93] Mr. Verres then turned up[95] and told Grace to put on a shirt, even though she said she didn't mind not having one.[96] After she did so, Grace tried to convince Mr. Verres not to lock up Ellen. Mr. Verres told her to button her shirt and that he wasn't going to lock up Ellen.[97] Grace was then worried that she forgot to feed Jeremy and didn't button up her shirt as it had a zipper instead of buttons.[98] Grace and Tedd went to get towels, and when they got back, they had switched shirts, which didn't make Mr. Verres happy.[99]

The group went to the Verres's house.[100] While waiting for Ellen to shower, Grace told everyone about the scary image of Lord Tedd on the computer screen.[101] After seeing the image, Mr. Verres noticed a second person, who turned out to look a lot like Grace but was clearly male. When Mr. Verres said that "Grace didn't die in that dimension",[102] Grace became frozen in shock.[103] After she recovered and went upstairs to meet with everyone, Mr. Verres told everyone that Tedd owned a machine that could test beams, eliminating the need to test on people. When Tedd denied this, Grace said it was right next to the washing machine.[104] After Ellen had turned Tedd into a girl in retaliation for Tedd's use of human test subjects, Tedd expected Grace to dump him but she became excited and wanted to style his hair later.[105] After everyone left, Tedd started to take off his clothes because they were too tight, and Grace insisted that she take off her clothes, too.[106]

Lady Mysterious[]

A few days later, Grace went out for a walk in the newly created clone form that she had dubbed 'Claire', after remembering to bring a coat due to the nippy weather.[107] She first stopped at a candy store and decided to walk in calmly and just get 'the essentials'. However, when she got in she got so excited she ended up buying a large bag of candy and three lollipops.[108]

Her next stop was the Dunkel residence. When Ellen answered the door,[109] she was reluctant to let Claire in, but did when Claire insisted. After getting inside, Grace explained that she couldn't show Ellen her true form until she got inside in case someone else found out who she was and returned to her human form.[110] She explained that Tedd had invented a form that would allow anyone hit by it to look exactly the same regardless of who the beam was fired at.[111] After she finished explaining the clone forms, Grace told Ellen that she had come over to invite Ellen to play.[112] The two then played some video games.[113]

When Grace realized Tedd would be home soon, Ellen came up with a plan to surprise Tedd by having Ellen zap herself into Grace's Claire form.[114] When Tedd arrived they had him guess which of them was the real Grace but he quickly deduced who was who.[115] The three then had a photo shoot.[116]

Night Out[]

Later, using the clone form technology, Grace and Tedd switched forms before Sarah and Elliot arrived and took them to the movies.[117] When Elliot and Sarah rang the doorbell, Grace wasn't worried about being in Tedd's form, so she convinced Tedd to let them in.[118] When they went downstairs, Grace blasted Tedd with the Claire form.[117] When Tedd tried to convince her that they should be in their own forms, Grace pointed out that since Tedd was now in the Claire form, he would get to indulge in the fun of being a girl in public without anyone knowing it, thus proving that she knew Tedd better than he himself did.[119] Grace gave Tedd a new outfit that Ellen got her at "the promiscuous maiden" shop and told him to remember to act like her.[120]

While they were driving to the movie theater, Grace asked what movie they would be seeing, unknown to her Tedd was the one who picked the movie. Since Grace was in Tedd's form she had to pretend that she was so overcome by Grace's cuteness that she forgot what the movie was (which prompted a realization by Tedd that she really did know him well: that was exactly what Tedd would have said).[121]

When the gang arrived at the movie theatre, Grace had to go to the washroom. Tedd told her to change back while using the washroom in Uryuomoco, and while Grace said she didn't see why, she agreed to do it.[122] Only afterwards Tedd realized that he hadn't taught Grace Uryuomoco so it's interesting she understand. While in the washroom, Grace met Tony. First, she confused him by admitting that she was with her boyfriend,[123] then she freaked him out because she was in Tedd's form with its feminine appearance un-hidden by glasses, which unnerved Tony.[124] After leaving the washroom, Grace told Tedd about meeting Tony and his obvious attraction to Tedd's form, which shocked Tedd.[125]

While watching the movie, Grace naively wondered where they had found a dragon to star in the movie.[126] While Sarah and Tedd were in the ladies' room, Grace asked Elliot where they got the dragon for the movie, which Elliot thought was funny and cute[127] as Sarah had told him that Grace and Tedd were in each other's forms.[125] When Grace got home, Grace asked Tedd if he enjoyed going out as Claire and Tedd answered that it was Grace who made it enjoyable. Grace was confused by Tedd saying that it was corny to say so.[128]

Tam Eh Tedd[]

The morning after the double date at the movie, Mr. Verres found Grace suffering from insomnia. She asked him why he let her stay at his house.[129] He said "let sleeping dogs sleep", which confused Grace. He told her about an informant from whom he had learnt about her and her brothers and to whom he promised he would take of her, but not to reveal the informant's identity.[130]

When Tedd woke up, he found Grace had snuck into his bed after her talk with Mr. Verres.[131] When Tedd told Elliot about Grace's behavior he was skeptical that Tedd didn't notice until he woke up, until Elliot himself found Grace had cozied up to him and had been sleeping there throughout his entire conversation with Tedd.[132] Just then the doorbell rang, and since Grace couldn't be seen in her half squirrel form, Tedd had Elliot carry her to the basement while he answered the door.[133] Grace woke up by the time Elliot had reached the basement. She stated her preference to stay in the basement in her half squirrel form because it felt more natural to her.[134]

When Tedd came downstairs, he spotted Grace trying out legion forms. When she assumed a Tedd/Grace form, Tedd was rendered almost speechless.[135] After suggesting that Tedd give William and Gillian's human forms big fluffy tails, she looked at pictures of them and was reminded of Mr. Guyur, who had taught her Uryuomoco.[136] When Tedd and Grace came upstairs, Tedd introduced Grace as Claire and they told her to leave as they would be naked. Grace offered to also be naked, but Will said that would only be more awkward.[137] When Grace came back upstairs, she complained about their opposition to casual nudity. Elliot tried to reason with her, but forgot her lack of knowledge of the nudity taboo. In anger, she took her shirt off.[138]

Mr. Verres came downstairs and learned from Grace that Will and Gill were there. He told them to tell Tedd he wouldn't be back for a while and told Grace not to worry but to stay indoors and away from windows.[139] In Tedd's room, Grace told Tedd about what his father said, and Tedd said it couldn't be that bad or else he wouldn't have left her alone; therefore, there was nothing outside the ordinary to worry about.[140]

After William and Gillian left they noted that Grace was shapeshifted in a way that suggested that she is a seyunolu.[141]

Meanwhile Sarah searched an obituary website for the name Grace[142] and found a girl named Grace Sciuridae who looked like Grace.[143]

Painted Black[]

Grace thought about when Damien killed everyone at Project Lycanthrope[13] and worried that people would get hurt if he turned up. Tedd came to check if she was OK, and she pounced on him.[144]

When Elliot was captured by Hedge and Sarah barged into her room demanding an answer,[145] she found Grace to be naked and writing a letter explaining that she was leaving so she wouldn't put anyone at risk.[146] When Sarah asked why she was naked, thinking graphic adult thoughts, Grace explained that she wanted to return the clothes she was given.[147] After Sarah told everyone what happened she asked Grace where the Nest is. Grace didn't remember at first[148] but eventually said that it was the place where she was born.[14] Grace wanted to go alone to trade herself for Elliot as she thought Damien invincible.[149][150] When Ellen insisted on following her[151] Grace said that she could save Elliot with stealth and Damien would only hit her if she was caught.[152] When Tedd insisted that she bring Ellen and Nanase along on the rescue mission to The Nest[153] she conceded.

On the way, Grace explained about each of her brothers' powers and weaknesses, and said that she was fireproof.[154] When they arrived in the area where The Nest was, Grace used squirrels to lead herself and Nanase's fairy doll to the underground base.[155] Shortly after entering, they found Vlad[156] and Grace tried to run,[157] but she was quickly caught by Vlad.[158] She persuaded Vlad to release her and tried to run away but was knocked out and captured by Damien.[159]

When she woke up, she was tied to a chair in front of Damien[160] alongside a man whom she recognized as the first scientist to call her Grace.[161] When Damien told her they were going to wait for her friends, Grace said she didn't have friends, Damien pointed out Grace was wearing a Uryuom worker's uniform and that she must have got it from someone she knew.[162] Damien forced Dr. Sciuridae to tell Grace the full extent of her past. Dr. Sciuridae told her that she was aging at a slightly slower rate, and that she would be turning 18 next Saturday.[2] After that, she found out that she was specifically designed to kill Damien.[163] Dr. Sciuridae then told Grace that she was created from DNA from a human, a squirrel, a Uryuom, and a Lespuko, making her a Tulougol Seyunolu[164] and that he replaced the human donor's blood with his daughter's[11] and that Mr Guyur was her uryuom father.[165] The revelation that she had failed at her purpose to oppose Damien weighed heavily on Grace's conscience as she, once again, remembered that she cowered when she could have stopped Damien.[166]

Later, she was forced to watch her friends fight her brothers.[167] When Elliot, Ellen, and Nanase were victorious,[168] Damien announced that he had to deal with them personally and would kill them. After all the revelations, this was all Grace could take, and her Lespuko side was fully awakened when she broke out of the chair and tackled Damien through a window.[169]

She dominated the resulting battle due to her flameproof fur, Lespuko claws (which slowed Damien's healing), rage and Damien's lack of skill,[170] and once Damien realized he was losing, he retreated to the air,[171] only for Grace to give chase and thus found that she could use her telekinesis to fly.[172] When Grace was about to strike again, she looked down at her claws and remembered what it looked like when Damien came to her with bloodstained hands.[173] Grace begged Damien to stop since she didn't want to kill him,[174] but he attempted to take Grace out in a suicidal attack,[175] which was thwarted when Nioi appeared and shielded her.[176]

When Grace got back on the ground, she saw Dr. Sciuridae was injured and Nioi explained that it was caused by shrapnel from her chair.[177] After Commander Jaguar's team came to get everyone home, Dr. Sciuridae said goodbye and Grace turned into her full human form, referring to Dr. Sciuridae as "grandpa" and telling him to keep in touch.[178] Grace told Hedge that she now hid her antennae because she wanted to be as human as possible.[179] After Vladia appeared, Grace explained that Ellen used her beam to change her.[180] When Jaguar told Grace's brothers that they would be taken away for psychological evaluation, Grace said she was never tested, but then remembered various incidents when Mr. Verres tested her without her knowing that that was what he was doing.[181] Before they left, Grace gave her siblings a big hug, much to Vladia's annoyance.[182] When she got home, Tedd rushed out to hug Grace with tears in his eyes.[183] Mr. Verres chastised Grace for her recklessness and praised her for her defeat of Damien.[184] Grace fell asleep with Tedd on the couch[185]

Sleepy Time and Red Alert[]

That night Grace dreamt of herself in her in her half-squirrel form without clothes on sitting on a hill. As she was thinking, the sky darkened and she turned around to face the horned skull which had frightened her in dreams before. This time, she stared it down and it crumbled to dust.[186] Then, amongst clouds, she confronted a creature with horns like the skull, likely a Lespuko, which growled at her. She, however, hugged it[187] and its expression changed to one of saddened calm, its horns morphing away. It disappeared (or maybe merged with her, considering she changed), and Grace looked sadly at the empty landscape of her dream.[188]

The next day Grace bonded with Nanase over learning new things about themselves, even though Nanase didn't tell Grace that she had realized that she is gay.[189]

Before The Party[]

Damien’s death deeply affected Grace; she did not enjoy the memories of her use of her Lespuko from and considered herself unworthy of transforming and using the power. While lost in these thoughts she was tackle hugged by Ellen.[190] Shortly afterwords, Mr. Verres came into the room and told her that if everything went well, she would be able to go to Moperville South High School with Ellen.[191] Mr. Verres suggested that since Grace’s 18th birthday was that Saturday she should have a party.[192] Ellen told Grace her party's festivities should match the occasion and Grace decided that her party would consist of her close friends switching their genders[193] and wear clothes provided by each other.[194]

As Damien’s death weighed heavily on Grace, and she decided to reject her shapeshifting abilities and remain fully human.[195][196] On the morning of Grace's birthday Hedge, Vladia (formerly Vlad) and Guineas called her by video conference to congratulate her.[197] Grace hugged Mr. Verres for setting it up.[198] When she asked Guineas why he wasn't in his human form and he answered that it made women scared but Grace and Vladia explained that the women were attracted to him.[199] Grace asked Vladia why was still in a female form and Vladia explained that she didn't want to risk permanently becoming monstrous again.[200] Vladia asked Grace why she was in a human form and Grace explained why she had sworn off her powers.[201] Vladia and Dr. Sciuridae rebuked her for feeling such guilt over a total monster like Damien,[202][203] which convinced Grace to transform into her squirrel form again.[203]

Grace's Birthday Party[]

When Elliot and Ellen arrived at Grace's birthday party Grace declared that she was feeling better and that she gave a no-angst guarantee.[204] When Sarah arrived she said that she had looked forward to the party and missed Grace,[205] which made Grace relieved since she had worried that Sarah might hate her. Grace kissed Sarah since Tedd had said that they should kiss and make up.[206] Sarah and Grace overheard Susan and Nanase talking about Nanase providing Ellen's clothes for the party instead of Susan and Nanase's feelings for Ellen.[207] Grace didn't understand the significance of Nanase being attracted to a woman until Sarah told her. Grace wanted to play Cupid but Sarah said that they could make things worse.[208] Sarah said that they needed a cover story to hide the fact that they overheard the conversation so Grace styled Sarah's hair.[209]

Then the guests handed over their presents to Grace:[210] the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone from Ellen, the movie The Secret of Nimh from Nanase,[211] a catnip plant from Susan and Justin,[212] and the video game Animal Crossing from Sarah and Elliot.[213] Tedd had several presents because he was unsure if they were good enough: nuts, a book about the animals of North America, chocolate and plushies of Grace's brothers.[214]

Grace helped some of the party guests transform:[215] Justin,[216] Susan,[217] Nanase[218] and Sarah[219] After Justin had transformed he asked Grace if Elliot would find him attractive but Grace said that she only knew that large breasts might help.[220] When Nanase was about to transform Grace mentioned clone forms and Nanase asked for Jason D. Poit's form. Grace almost let slip that she understood why Nanase wanted to look like Ellen's favorite actor.[218]

After Susan had transformed Grace complained to her about the nudity taboo[217] and asked her why nudity is considered offensive. Susan answered that nudity is associated with there being a reason for it. When Grace understood what Susan meant she was disgusted.[221] She demanded to speak with Tedd alone[222] to ask why Tedd hadn't told her that nudity is associated with sex. Tedd answered that she thought Grace already knew that since she said when they first met that it wasn't for sexual reasons that she wore only a trenchcoat. Grace explained that she had misunderstood what Hedge had told her about flashers. Grace realized what Sarah thought when she saw her naked when she was going to return her clothes to leave.[223]

When Sarah was about to transform Grace pointed out that Sarah had played Cupid for Nanase and Ellen.[224] After Sarah came back after running away to apologize to Ellen, Grace said that Sarah was being a good mother to Ellen and talked about who could be considered Ellen's parents, concluding that she could be considered a mother herself.[225] Grace accidentally made Sarah's male form too short, making her clothes baggy. Grace transformed into a male form at the same time as Sarah.[226] Her male form had large antennae.[227]

Grace noted that Tedd seemed nervous when she saw Grace's male form. Susan said that it was because Tedd was seeing her girlfriend in a male form but Grace dismissed that explanation because Tedd likes gender transformations.[228] Sarah talked to Grace about her attraction to Elliot and Grace reassured her that it's a normal effect of gender transformations.[229] After the pizza delivery Grace hugged Tedd, who at first enjoyed it but then became embarrassed.[230]

Grace set up the karaoke challenge[231] to give Ellen an opportunity to tell the others about her second life dreams.[232] Grace mentioned that Tedd would sing in the shower, which embarrassed Tedd as it revealed that she showered in a female form.[233] When Grace sang she made a middling performance.[234]

Later during the party Grace kissed female Tedd while in a male form.[235] This greatly discomforted Tedd and he ran away.[236] When she went to him, they had a talk about it and Grace explained that her sexual preferences were part heterosexual human and part Uryuom; therefore, she was not attracted to people in the same way as ordinary humans were. Rather, her sexual preference was based on concepts and mental connections, meaning she is attracted primarily to Tedd, no matter what form or gender he was.[237] Grace realized that Tedd was afraid of being attracted to her when she was in a male form because he felt that it would prove the bullies right, again proving that Grace knew Tedd better than Tedd knew herself. Grace declared that she ruined the party for Tedd and but Tedd didn't hold it against her since he should have talked to Grace about his feelings before and it was a good party anyway but Grace explained that she chose the theme of the party for Tedd.[238] When Tedd learned that, he was overcome with love and kissed Grace.[239] Grace changed back to normal because she realized that Tedd couldn't overcome his issues that fast. Grace asked Tedd to change into a clone form of her to hug because she had sometimes wanted to hug herself.[240]

When Nanase, who had changed back to normal, went outside to talk to Ellen, Grace nudged a confused Tedd away from the porch to give them privacy.[241]

The New Students, Squirrel In The Classroom and Sister II[]

With Damien gone and her brothers no longer chasing her, Grace was finally able to go to school.[242][9] Before their first lesson Grace and her friends met Diane[243] Ellen and Grace saw that Diane looked like Susan, which Nanase and Justin hadn't realized.[244]

In order to explain her lack of social awareness, Grace told people that she had been raised by an elderly lady and was sheltered most of her life.[245] She was at first quite nervous about meeting many new people and embarrassed about not understanding how to function in a school;[246] once it was explained to her, however, she did well at the math lesson.[247]

And then she went to history class.[248] Once she had read about World War 2, she was so overcome by emotion[249] (due to the scope of the bloodshed and her immediate realization that Damien shared some characteristics with Adolf Hitler[250]) that she ran into the bathroom[251] where she cried with Rhoda[252] and met Diane.[253] Once she had calmed down, she was taken into the principal's office by Professor Raven, and almost put into a remedial class[254] until she proved she could learn. Raven at first accused her of lying about not knowing history before[255] but then Raven noticed something about her, likely her magical abilities.[256] The principal and Raven decided that Grace would have a history tutor[257] and appointed Rhoda.[258]

Her closeness with Ellen during school hours led students to speculate that Ellen was a lesbian trying to trick the naive Grace.[259] When she learned that Nanase had a spell to summon a duplicate of herself Grace became very happy for her as she had always wanted to be able to hug herself.[260] After Ellen asked Nanase to change her hairstyle back to a ponytail, which made Nanase angry, Grace smacked Ellen's head.[261]

During Abraham's attack, Grace was stuck in the classroom[262] and then incapacitated by the sleep bomb;[263] her inability to help her friends left her with guilt over not being able to help save Ellen from Abraham and the realization that had she done so, Nanase wouldn't have experienced a magic burnout.[264] That guilt may have made her determined not to let someone have a chance to harm her friends on her watch and led to her being more on edge than usual.[265]


After the Moperville earthquake, Grace went with Susan and Sarah to investigate the disappearance of The Hammers.[266] Grace asked Susan and Sarah why the hammers were important to them and Sarah answered that it was the only magic she could do. When Sarah summoned the Demonic Duck, Grace pointed out that it's magic that Sarah could still do.[267] When Susan mentioned how far away the hammer artifact was, Grace asked Tedd about the earthquake and concluded that it couldn't have knocked over the artifact.[268] Then Grace succeeded in eating an entire pancake breakfast challenge meal that won her a spot on the wall of fame.[269]

The girls went to a hotel room and argued about who would have to share a bed until Grace pointed out she could just sleep on a pillow in squirrel form.[270] After Susan told Sarah and Grace about her trip to France, Grace asked what weapons she could currently summon. Susan summoned the objects in turn until she came to the fairy doll Nanase made for her, which came alive.[271] When Susan called Nanase and discovered the truth about the fairy doll Grace expressed joy that Susan would put her emotions on display like that.[272]

When the girls arrived at the cave of the hammer, Grace was delayed by tripping on a water bottle.[273] Upon seeing Jerry, she assumed an Omega form in preparation for battle, but calmed down when Jerry said he did not want to fight.[265] When Jerry was unable to give Sarah magic, Grace told her that Tedd could give her magic-like technology to make up for it.[274] Jerry was surprised that Grace was so close to Mr. Verres and Mr. Raven and by the weirdness surrounding herself and her friends.[275] Just before they left Grace accepted Jerry's offer to take the (now-inactive) artifact.[276]

New And Old Flames[]

When Greg closed his dojo and offered private lessons for Grace, Ellen said that she should accept the offer to learn to fight without harming her enemies but Grace said that she would tear her enemies to shreds if she had to fight but preferred peaceful solutions.[277] Justin tried to argue that enemies could be misguided or coerced and that she wouldn't want to be a killer but his references to Batman, Green Lantern and Star Wars confused Grace.[278] When Justin managed to tell her what he meant in a way that Grace understood she said that it made sense.[279]

After the first fire summon attacked the comic store, Grace watched the news at Tedd's house.[280][281] When mild mannered Elliot arrived, she wanted to hug and comfort him.[282] When Tedd told Elliot he had to find a female form that Elliot liked, Grace suggested he pick one he can lust after.[283] When Justin arrived Grace explained what the fire summon was.[284] When Justin and Edward discussed how to cover up the truth about the fire summon incident, Grace noted that it felt weird to root for covering up the truth.[285]

Later Grace wondered how they would stop the summoner if the sleep spell didn't work.[286] Grace was sad because she was stuck between her mathematical calculation showing that some people are better off dead and the feelings in her heart that told her that killing is wrong. Since she needed to protect innocent people from bad people, Grace decided to take Greg up on his offer to train her in martial arts.[287]

Right before the second attack of the fire summons Grace went with Elliot to the martial arts dojo so Greg could train her.[288] When Eric ran out of the dojo ranting about Dex and a fire summon, Grace and Elliot changed into their combat forms before entering.[289] Dex then summoned more fire summons, one of which grabbed Grace from behind[290] and held her until she managed to slip out of the fire summon's hold using her full squirrel form.[291] She stayed at the dojo and fought alongside Greg. When she realized she had to knock out Dex,[292] Greg stopped her because Dex was surrounded by a shield of fire and seemingly possessed.[293] As Grace is fireproof but didn't know how to safely knock him out, Greg quickly trained her to use the sleeper hold.[294] After Grace knocked Dex out,[295][296] Grace met Noah.[297] When Noah asked if Dex was wearing jewelry Grace found his pendant.[298] When Dex woke up Grace introduced herself as Shade Tail, which surprised Noah.[299] Later, she got him to give her the pendant that Dex was wearing.[300]

One Way Road[]

For some time after Tedd became aware of magic and started to deeply study it,[301] he neglected Grace. Every time Grace tried to talk to Tedd, he went on about his discoveries in magic, and while she found that interesting, she needed a break. Fearing that if she talked to Tedd about it she would discourage him, Grace went to Ellen for advice. Ellen told her she should take Tedd out on a date away from the basement and mad science. Grace decided to go on a dinner and bowling double date with Ellen and Nanase.[302] After getting home from school Grace called out to Tedd, and when he did not respond she went down to the basement to talk with him. Tedd tried to show her his work but Grace interrupted him to tell him about double date with Nanase and Ellen. Tedd reluctantly agreed to the date.[303]

At the start of the date, Grace waited upstairs rather than sitting downstairs with Tedd, so that the date could start as they were leaving the house.[304] When Ellen and Nanase arrived at the door, Grace gave Ellen a hug hello, much to the embarrassment of Nanase. When Tedd started to talk to Nanase about the possibility of having a lengthy discussion about hair and magic, Grace frowned at him until he remembered to postpone the conversation until after the double date was over.[305] While driving to the date, Grace asked if she would need to use her transformation powers to increase her muscle mass so she could lift the bowling balls, but was informed that different balls had different weights.[306]

At the restaurant, Grace was surprised by the pictures hanging on the wall and was startled when Gary tried to answer.[307] When Nanase mentioned that Gerald is a jerk she once dated Grace asked Nanase why she dated a jerk.[308] Then she talked about her training with Greg.[309] When they arrived at the bowling alley, Grace left with Nanase to check the arcade games.[310] When they noticed Ellen and Tedd talking, they decided to check on the wait time.[311] Then Grace hugged Ellen and Tedd and told them the wait would be half an hour.[312] When Gerald came by to annoy the group,[311] Tedd talked him down and Grace backed Tedd up, posturing herself threateningly.[313] After Gerald left, Grace hugged Tedd and told him he needed to be more of an assertive badass rather than a aggressive badass.[314]

Death Sentence[]

Grace heard about the boar attack on Rhoda and Catalina on TV[315] and was sad that the boar would be killed by hunters and that it could kill some hunters and hunting dogs.[316] After Grace overheard Mr. Verres arguing with Adrian Raven about whether they should save the boar, she deciding to side with Raven and save the boar.[317]

Next day Grace left Raven a note revealing that she knew he was an elf.[318] After Adrian found the note he dragged Grace into his classroom and demanded that she explain herself.[319] After she explained how she found out and what she was, Adrian told her to come to his house and tell no one.[320] When Ellen asked her what they were talking about Grace was conflicted[321] but did tell her.[322]

Once she arrived, Adrian told her the he was willing to consider the possibility of her helping him. Grace showed Adrian her antenna which Adrian said only proved she was a part-Uryuom Seyunolu but not necessarily a furry Seyunolu. Grace showed him her squirrel form[323] but Adrian was confused and wasn't sure Grace was part squirrel. So Grace went behind the couch and turned into her full squirrel form.[8] Adrian was then convinced she was part squirrel but said that her form didn't prove she could handle dealing with a giant boar. Grace transformed back to answer but forgot to go behind the couch again and accidentally let Adrian see her naked in her normal form. Grace apologized and Adrian hid his eyes.[324] Grace then turned into her omega form.[325] She got startled by a hissing noise but regained her composure after seeing that it was a cat with hedgehog spines, just like Jeremy.[326] Grace talked to the hedgehog cat, who Raven said was called Max,[327] proving to Raven that she could talk to and calm an upset animal.[328]

After she convinced Raven to let her help him, he asked why she wanted to save the boar[328] and Grace told him that she didn't like that no one was considering options other then killing the boar. Grace also asked why Raven wanted to save the boar.[329] When she told Raven that she was Tedd's girlfriend, he almost didn't let her come with him,[330] but she convinced him to let her help when she agreed to obey his orders while there.[331] Raven also told Grace to inform Tedd of their plans.[332] When she told Tedd he said that they should be more honest with each other in the future in order to have less reason for worrying in the long term.[333]

The next day, Grace went to Raven's house[334] and Raven cast a disguise spell on her that made her look similar to himself (and also similar to Susan).[335] When they arrived at the park, Grace learned Raven was 'tasting' his way to the boar using his ears.[336] When the boar appeared, Grace tried to talk to it,[337] but it charged when it learned of their intentions (because it enjoyed being big and didn't want to be 'fixed'),[338] and Raven was forced to shoot it.[339] Grace was sad that she couldn't save it and argued with Raven whether they should have tried.[340][341][342] Raven took her out for ice cream.[342]


Before the end of the school year Grace told Justin that she wanted to look for a summer job because she wanted to pay Edward for letting her live at his house. Justin suggested applying for a job at Salty Crackers Comics.[343]

Grace went to the comic shop for the job interview[344] and Jim Tolkiberry, proprietor of the shop and Justin's uncle, said that he would hire Grace unless she turned down the job because Justin vouched for her and Jim trusted his judgment.[345] Jim told Grace that he hired Justin out of pity when he was having a hard time and Justin was determined to prove himself worthy of the job. He told Grace to turn down the job if she wouldn't take it seriously.[346] Grace declared with unneccessary melodrama that she would do the best job she could.[347]

While Grace was working at the comic book shop with Justin she told him that she hadn't watched Star Wars.[348] Justin declared that she had to watch the original editions of Star Wars but the original editions were hard to find.[349] Mr. Tensaided told them that he had copies of the original editions and challenged Justin for a Magickal Gatherings duel to let them borrow the movies.[350] Grace was present for the duel and imagined it as a real wizard duel.[351] When Justin was losing the game, Grace declared that it didn't matter as she would enjoy any edition of Star Wars since she would watch the movies with Justin. Tensaided found that speech beautiful.[352] After Justin had won the game Tensaided said that he was impressed by Grace's roleplaying,[353] including one time when she cried out when Justin took a bad hit.[354]

When Sarah was going to help Tedd with some experiments she said that she wanted Grace for support instead of Elliot.[355] Before the experiment Grace explained to Sarah why she was in her human form most of the time.[356] When Sarah turned into a catgirl Grace was concerned about her alternating between worry and joy and Sarah reassured her that she was fine.[357] When Grace asked Sarah why she wanted Grace with her instead of Elliot,[358] Sarah told her that she didn't want to call Elliot because she was annoyed by his passiveness. Grace suggested that Sarah should tell Elliot about her complaints[359] and compared what Sarah wanted Elliot to be to Ellen.[360]

End Of An Era, Family Tree and Identity[]

Before Christmas Grace sparred with Ellen at Greg's new dojo[361] to train her telekinetic shield.[362] She told Ellen that her flight uses telekinesis and that the shield only works while standing still.[363]

For Christmas eve Grace invited Elliot, Ellen and Sarah to watch Christmas movies with her and Tedd.[364] She considered Die Hard a Christmas movie[365] and explained that she can enjoy it because the violence isn't real.[366]

When Grace learned about the attack on Rhea's new year's eve party she and Elliot went to the place before Edward.[367] Not-Tengu crashed near her when he was defeated.[368] Charlotte asked Grace how strong she was and Grace showed that she could make herself more muscular.[369] When Agent Wolf expressed surprise that Nanase and Ellen could survive a fight against Not-Tengu,[370] Grace said that he was being rude and Wolf explained that only Noriko Verres was powerful enough.[371]

When Grace watched the video where Elliot and Sarah announced their breakup she was disturbed by the thought of couples breaking up and hugged Tedd and Sarah.[372]

Grace learned from Rhoda about the rumor that Elliot is gay. When Grace heard that Catalina had kissed Elliot and claimed to be in a relationship with him to discredit the rumor, Grace became angry on Rhoda's behalf.[373] When Elliot and Justin talked about the time Justin was bullied for being gay. Grace asked why people would hate gays.[374] When that discussion made Elliot angry, Tedd told Grace to hug him to calm him and Grace did so.[375]


Around that time Sarah suggested to Grace that they design an "MV5" form, a sexy male form.[376][377] Grace invited Ellen[378] partly because she wanted Sarah and Ellen to spend time together as Ellen had said that she missed Sarah.[379][380] When Ellen arrived Grace noticed that she was making it more awkward by wearing a sexy dress.[381][382]

When they talked about designing the form Sarah said that it should be manly, which made Grace somewhat angry about the suggestion that Tedd isn't sexy.[383] Sarah conceded that Tedd is cute and Ellen explained that MV5 should be manly as it is supposed to be a male counterpart to FV5. Grace teased Sarah about finding Tedd cute.[384]

When she realized that Sarah and Ellen couldn't come up with any specifics about the design of the form without a visual reference, Grace offered to show forms with her shapeshifting.[385] Grace undressed to show her transformations, which embarrased Sarah and Ellen,[386][387] and Ellen persuaded her put on a pair of sweatpants.[388][389] After she left the room to put on the pants Grace stayed outside to let Sarah and Ellen talk alone[390] until Ellen called her on it.[391]

After Grace changed into a male form[392] she said that she is confused by the double standard on shirtlessness.[393] Then she made herself taller[394] and more muscular.[395] When Sarah mentioned her own hairstyle Grace changed into Sarah's (female) form,[396] which embarrassed Sarah and Ellen.[397] Sarah declared that she wanted to be more comfortable with nudity[398] and Grace talked to her about irrational feelings.[399] Then Grace continued demonstrating male forms.[400][401] After they finished designing MV5 Grace came up with the idea of designing a series of feminine male forms.[402]

Squirrel Prophet[]

The Emissary of Magic visited Grace's dream[403] at least three times[404] while she was dreaming about having forgotten to wear clothes at school[405] to warn her that magic might change to avoid becoming widely used.[406] Grace didn't recall anything important from the dream when she woke up.[407]

When Ellen told her about Elliot dating Ashley, Grace thought it seemed too soon.[408] When Grace met Rhoda and Justin she had a strange feeling about their backs.[409][410][411]

That day Grace went to Salty Crackers Comics with Tedd and Sarah[412] for a Magickal Gatherings tournament.[413] She was wondering what she was feeling about Justin's and Rhoda's backs when Luke arrived at the shop.[414] When Luke saw Grace's aura[415] he was scared and fled from the shop.[416] When Luke came back[417] Grace asked him if her cheerfulness scared him.[418] After Justin read the rules for the tournament Grace told him that she couldn't do that since she was too shy about public speaking.[419]

When Tedd told her that Larry had been hitting on him Grace said that many men behave like that.[420][421] When Tedd told her that Sam had suggested keeping the name "Tess" in mind Grace explained that Sam was referring to Tedd possibly being transgender, which Tedd hadn't heard about.[422] Grace also said that Tedd was genderfluid, which made Tedd happy that there is a name for it.[423] When Tedd asked how Grace knew about transgender people, Grace didn't tell him that she learned it because she once stared at Sam since she was puzzled that someone who was apparently a woman had a beard.[424]

Grace and Sarah noticed that Justin and Luke were attracted to each other, which made Grace and Sarah happy for them.[425] After telling Justin about change blindness and demonstrating it by making her breasts bigger without Justin noticing,[426] Grace asked Justin about Luke and Justin thought Luke was attracted to her.[427] Grace told Justin that Luke was attracted to him but Justin thought that a ridiculous suggestion as most people are supposed to be straight.[428] Grace asked Justin about Luke's opinion about "slave Leia" in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, which convinced Justin that Luke is likely gay.[429]

When Dex visited the comic book shop Grace noticed the same thing about Dex's chest as she had previously noticed about Rhoda's and Justin's backs[430] and recalled her dream about an immortal bestowing magic marks on Dex, Justin, Rhoda and Catalina.[431][432] Then she remembered that the same immortal who once appeared on the news (Pandora) was the one who marked the people according to the dream.[433]

When Grace saw that Tedd's hair color had changed back to normal, Tedd explained that the hair color enchantment had been replaced by a new enchantment that made her female. Grace concluded that a magic mark was responsible[434] and told Tedd about her dream.[435] They went to the back room of the shop to look for a magic mark.[436] Grace found a mark on Tedd's scalp.[437] After Tedd confirmed that she could cast a spell making her more girly[438] she told Grace to leave while she changed back to her male form.[439] After Tedd told her and Sarah about her magic intuition, Grace suggested that Tedd is a wizard.[440]

When Tedd saw Luke using his magic prowess detection spell[441] Sarah and Grace said that he isn't neccessarily an enemy since they wanted Justin and Luke to date.[442]

Grace sent a paper airplane to Justin[443] with a message about Tedd sensing Luke's magic.[444] When Justin told her that he was planning to talk to Justin alone[445] Grace doubted if it was a good idea.[446][447] She threw paper airplanes at Tedd and Sarah[448] to tell them that Justin was going to talk to Luke.[449] When Justin told Tedd, Grace and Sarah to leave the shop they went to a nearby fast food place.[450] Once outside Grace realized that she hadn't asked Justin about his magic mark.[451]

At the fast food place Grace talked about telling Edward what they had learned but Tedd said that they shouldn't tell him anything, at least not before talking to Rhoda and Catalina about magic, and especially not about Tedd's magic mark.[452] Grace asked why but Tedd refused to tell her.[453] When Justin joined them Grace and Sarah were tickling Tedd to make him smile.[454] When Justin told them that he didn't have a magic mark Grace concluded that her dreams were just dreams.[455]

Sister 3[]

Pandora, who had overheard Grace and her friends talking about her dreams,[456] entered her dream to find out who had told her about the magic marks.[457][458] Pandora indeed met the emissary of magic[459] but Grace probably didn't overhear their conversation.

When Sarah sent a text message to Elliot about an urgent matter (her new spell),[460] Grace replied.[461] Grace and Tedd went over to Sarah's house and Sarah told them what Box (Pandora) had told her.[462] After Sarah showed her spell to Tedd, Tedd said that he thought Pandora lied about magic change but Grace told them that she had heard about it from the emissary of magic.[463] When they talked about Grace's dreams Tedd pointed out that Justin didn't have a magic mark, contrary to what the dreams claimed, but Grace suggested that Justin had awakened.[464]

Grace asked Edward if aberrations can be redeemed.[465]

When Elliot was angry about internet comments Grace pointed out Elliot's reaction the first time he saw Tedd in a female form[466] and suggested that some of the commenters were ignorant rather than malicious.[467]

When Ellen, Elliot and Ashley went missing because Magus and Sirleck possessed them and went to use the Dewitchery Diamond, Grace participated in the search party. She flew without regard for secrecy while looking for them.[468]

The night after the magic change Grace found that her transformation changed her clothes.[469]

The Secret of Sam[]

When Sarah told Grace about her date with Sam[470] she mentioned that Sam waved goodbye instead of hugging or kissing.[471] Grace briefly felt guilt about not telling Sarah why Sam wouldn't hug her but decided that she shouldn't out Sam as trans.[472]

Instead she decided to smile at Sam to make him feel safer but then she worried that he might misunderstand her.[473] When Luke mentioned the time she left the shop to search for Ellen, Elliot and Ashley,[474] Grace felt uncomfortable about Luke knowing too much about her secrets and realized that Sam might feel the same about her.[475] When Sarah arrived at the comic book shop she told Grace that Sam wouldn't be there.[476] Grace was tempted to give Sam access to magic technology for transforming but decided that it was a bad idea.[477]

When Grace and Ellen were at the mall Ellen told Grace that she shouldn't feel guilt about not being there to stop during the vampire attack[478] and that her real power is her kindness.[479] While they were hugging Grace saw Sam fleeing from her.[480]

Grace wondered why Sam was avoiding her and decided to get his phone number from the shop[481] but when she was about to get his number she decided that she shouldn't abuse her position at the shop.[482] Then Sam entered the shop and Grace noticed that he was transformed.[483][484]

Grace asked Sam if he had a magic mark[484] because she was worried that he might be indebted to Voltaire.[485] Sam confirmed that he had a mark and told her that he had a note from Pandora about the mark.[486] Grace told Sam what had happened to Pandora.[487] Then Grace tried to leave but Sam said that he didn't hold a grudge against her[488] and wanted to talk to her about being trans.[489] Sam said that he didn't want to come out to Sarah.[490] He also said that he was unsure if he wanted to date her and Grace said that he should talk to Sarah about his feelings.[491]

Smoke overheard them mentioning transformation and asked Sam to show it[492] Grace showed Smoke her own omega form instead.[493][494] Then Grace realized that Smoke was a wizard who wanted to learn her transformation as Smoke left.[495] Grace told Sam that she had to report the encounter with Smoke to people who were sort of a magic police.[496] She told him that it would go well if he came out to Sarah but couldn't tell him most of her reasons for thinking so.[497]

At night Grace realized that she liked transforming to protect people and that she hates hiding what she is.[498]


Elliot and Tedd decided to throw a party for Ashley to get to know Elliot's friends including Grace.[499]

Sarah told Grace that it felt weird that Elliot was taking initiative for his new girlfriend and mentioned her relationship with Sam.[500] Tedd asked if she had told Sarah about her encounter with Smoke so Grace told them how she had found out that Sam has a magic mark and how Smoke approached them without revealing Sam's name. She said that she hates keeping secrets[501] and Sarah complimented her about keeping Sam's secret. This caused Grace to hug her so that they fell off the couch.[502]

Grace was tempted to tell Rhoda that she is part alien and inviting her, Catalina, Diane and Lucy to the party[503] but decided that she shouldn't because she might be mistaken about Rhoda having magic, because the government would have Rhoda's and Catalina's magic on file, because her other friends hadn't consented to revealing their secrets, because Arthur might take away Tedd's lab and especially because of Rhoda's potential hostile reactions to learning that Grace is part alien.[504]

On the day of the party Grace worried about what Ashley would be like[505] until she remembered that Ashley was said to be "goody-two-shoes". Then she was annoyed that Edward had told her to keep uryuoms secret until later.[506] When Sarah arrived Grace was worried about her relationship with Sam but Sarah said that their date was good.[507]

Nanase told Grace that she was baffled that Ashley wouldn't ask her any questions and Grace suggested that Ashley was used to secrecy from stories.[508] Nanase showed Grace her fairy clothing exchange spell and Grace questioned why Nanase changed into a skimpy outfit.[509]

When Ashley asked a question about mysterious hair and eye colors Grace needed Nanase to explain what they are since she hadn't learned it at school.[510] During a discussion about martial arts Grace told Ashley that she has transformation powers. Ashley asked her if she can transform into a bird,[511] which led to the two of them finding their shared love of the movie The Sword in The Stone.[512] Grace told Ashley that she is an alien-alien-human-squirrel hybrid and offered to show her transformation into a squirrel.[513] After Grace showed Ashley her squirrel form[514] Grace mentioned that she thought she would shrink out of her clothes,[515] which made Ashley impressed that she isn't bothered by nudity.[516] Ashley let slip that she fantsized about embarrassing situations and Grace reassured her that it makes sense.[517][518]

When Tedd told the group that Susan wanted to invite Diane to the party Grace realized that Diane probably recognized her when she saw her three-tailed form, which made her very enthusiastic about having another person to share her secrets with.[519] After she learned that Tedd was anxious about being seen in a female form by Diane, Grace declared that she should have realized it and that she needed to study psychology.[520]

When Tedd and Grace were waiting for Diane and Susan to arrive Grace asked Tedd how she felt about being seen in a female form.[521] After Diane and Susan arrived Tedd hoped that Diane thought she is always a girl and Grace declared that she supported her and offered to invent an ex-boyfriend to explain why she had mentioned a boyfriend.[522]

When Grace went back to the guests she asked Susan and Diane how they are related since she missed Susan saying that she wasn't ready to tell them.[523] When Elliot hugged Tedd to show his support when Tedd showed the guests her new glasses, Grace was so happy that she jumped on the spot.[524] When Tedd said that her father had told her not to move the mirror door until they had burly men at hand, Grace said that she could have been a burly man to move it.[525]

After Ashley was shrunk Grace, who realized that she was scared because she was surrounded by larger people, shrunk to the same size, told Elliot, Tedd and Sarah to stay away and led Ashley to the sofa to get away from larger people.[526] On the sofa Grace shrank further to make Ashley feel better[527] and then grew a tail because Ashley likes transformations.[528] Then Grace felt tired and hungry.[529]

When Elliot and Sarah joined them after shrinking, Sarah was surprised by how small Grace was and mentioned change blindness. Ashley asked about change blindness and Grace made her breasts larged to demonstrate how she often played with change blindness. Then her clothes grew back to their normal size.[530] Grace realized that this was stacked-enchantment-clothing-failure due to using human magic to transform her clothes and that this also made her tired and hungry. When she was thinking of that, she jumped out of her too-large clothes, which made everyone else embarrassed except Tedd, who was also busy thinking about Grace's magic.[531] Grace tested the drumstick wand by growing herself large.[532] Then she tested the undo spell of the wand, which failed, and concluded that she is still not enchanted by transformation magic.[533] Then she offered to tell Diane and Ashley her full history but realized that she was too tired and hungry and changed back to her normal size.[534]

After Grace had put on her clothes again she saw Diane and Ashley talking and said "I love seeing friendship bloom!" (Ashley was actually annoyed with Diane at the time but she hid it well). Then Grace said that she wanted pizza.[535] She was so hungry that she wanted to eat a large pizza on her own. Ashley suggested drinking a glass of water to be less hungry while ordering pizza.[536] When Tedd and Elliot stammered awkwardly while talking about designing a form for Elliot, Grace wanted them to hug.[537] Grace overheard Sarah saying "So what if my boyfriend isn't male all the time" to Elliot[538] and suspected that Sam had told Sarah that he is transgender.[539]

When the doorbell rang for the pizza delivery and Justin said that he didn't want to answer the door,[540] Grace hurried to the door.[541] The delivery girl, Jay, recognized Grace from school but said that she looked different and Grace realized that her breasts were still enlarged.[542] When Grace and Diane came back with the pizza Grace, Diane and Justin talked about the pizza delivery girl, whom Grace hadn't recognized even though Grace likes her hair. Diane asked if Grace has a cover story for her breast size as Jay is a gossip[543] but Grace wasn't concerned.[544]

While the group was watching The Sword in The Stone Grace hugged Ashley.[545] When Ashley and Tedd switched places so that Tedd no longer sat with Elliot on a beanbag, Grace thought about making Tedd and Elliot comfortable with cuddling each other.[546] While Tedd and Diane were discussing Tedd's magic research, Grace joined Sarah in encouraging Tedd to tell Diane about her long-term goal of giving magic to everyone[547] and she was shocked when Diane disapproved of that idea.[548]

Then Nanase talked about how isolating secrecy is to people who have magic.[549] After Ashley talked about how she was drifting away from Liz for that reason and Elliot recommended her to tell Liz about magic, Grace suggested telling Rhoda and Catalina.[550] She pointed out that her dreams with the emissary claim that Rhoda and Catalina have magic.[551] After Susan and Justin talked about their plans for confirming that Rhoda and Catalina have magic Grace was happy about the prospect of telling them her secrets, including her uryuom heritage, and realized how little she knew about uryuoms.[552]

Then the mirror door transformed Grace along with most of the group. She was transformed into Tedd,[553] complete with blurry eyesight.[554] She wrote name tags for everyone to keep track of who was who. Tedd suggested that Grace get Tedd's spare glasses which were upstairs so when Ashley, Elliot and Sarah went upstairs to look at themselves in a non-magical mirror,[555] Grace followed them.[556]

Sarah and Grace stayed outside the room with the mirror to give Elliot and Ashley privacy. Grace talked about her and Sarah kissing while they looked like Tedd and Elliot and said that she wanted to make Tedd and Elliot more comfortable with cuddling.[557] Then Grace asked Sarah how she felt about looking like a busty femme Elliot and was shocked by Sarah fantasizing about causing car crashes by being in an enhanced form in public and Sarah assured her that she was joking. Sarah also mentions that she is dating Sam[558] and Grace asked her about her relationship. Before Sarah answered, Grace asked her to give her second to imagined them looking like themselves. She imagined Sarah wearing a princess costume.[559] Sarah answered that she asked Sam to kiss her to see how he felt about it and he decided that he wanted to date her.[560] Then she thought that Sarah would not have a problem with Sam being trans and recalled Sarah's accepting reaction to seeing Grace's furry form for the first time, which caused her to visualize Sarah as an angel.[561]

After Tedd invented a spell for undoing transformations by the mirror door and sent the others upstairs to transform back to normal,[562] Tedd screamed in surprise[563] and Elliot and Grace were the first to go back to the basement to check if something was wrong[564][565] and Tedd told them that she had seen that her mother was badly scarred.[566] When Diane told the group that Adrian Raven is her father and Susan told them that she is a distant descendant of him, Grace told them about her and Raven's attempt to save the boar.[567] When Susan mentioned that she had met the new Jerry,[568] Grace asked what he was like.[569] Then Grace mentioned that Raven had told her that he can't have children when she asked him when his disguise of her as his relative looked like Susan.[570] When Susan mentioned that she killed another vampire when she met Diane, Grace said that she understood Susan feeling bad about it.[571]

Then Grace suggested that the group shrink to eat cake.[572] However, after they had shrunk they realized that the tables were to high to eat while shrunk[573] so they decided to eat the cake at normal size.[574] Later during the part Grace asked Tedd how he felt and Tedd answered that he was now more willing to forgive his mother.[575]


After magic changed again, Tedd, Elliot and Grace talked about how Elliot's Cheerleadra spell had changed.[576] Then Elliot brought up that he was going to meet Andrea and Tara and Grace suggested talking to Edward about it.[577]

The following night, while Grace was dreaming about ancient Rome, the emissary of magic visited her dream again.[578] He told her that she would remember his message perfectly on the first attempt.[579] He told her that magic had failed to communicate to the seers what would happen when magic changed.[580] He explained that magic had stopped assisting with complicated spells[581] and what that meant for the Cheerleadra spell.[582] He also told her that spells can trade attributes, like Elliot can do by shrinking to make Cheerleadra better in other respects.[583] He used size magic as an example and Grace asked if Rhoda has size magic but he couldn't confirm it.[584] Grace asked if Elliot could use other trades and the emissary said that it would be a bad idea and refused to say more.[585] Then Grace asked why she had become able to transform her clothes with her and the emissary answered that uryuoms used to be restricted from magic. He also mentioned that uryuoms are not from space but before he could say more Grace woke up.[586] Grace put a note about the new information on the refrigerator, which Edward saw the next morning.[587]


At an unknown time a unicorn pulled Grace, along with Susan, Jay, Rhoda and Catalina into a magical shared dream in order to look for royalty.[588][589] Grace's dream magic modified the dream.[590] The dream was a parody of the video game series Fable and Grace was cast as the hero of ranged weapons,[591] an evil character that she hates.[592][593] In her memories of the backstory a temple tried to stay with them to prevent an evil seer from using her blood in a wish-granting ritual and they imposed rules that she hated, including making her wear a shirt.[594] After she ran away she embraced evil[595] since she thought everyone was terrible.[596]

The seer sent Susan, the protagonist hero, to recruit her.[597] When Susan arrived at the place where Grace was,[598] Grace tried to shoot her[599] since she assumed her to be there for the bounty on Grace.[600] She told Susan that she had two squirrels fighting in her sould and that she let the evil one dominate.[595] Susan said she was being self-destructive[601] and the internal conflict caused Grace to split into two squirrels.[602] The squirrels fought[603] and the good squirrel won, after which Grace reappeared.[604] She apologized to Susan and told her about her issues with people trying to control her.[605][594]

Then the seer appeared nearby[606][607] to carry out the wish ritual.[608] When Susan was about to fight the seer[609] the unicorn showed up[610] and told them what he was doing with the dream.[588] Then he saw that Rhoda is royalty[589] and tried to ask her who she is in the waking world.[611] To stop him Jay woke herself up,[612][613] which ended the shared dream.[614] When Grace woke up she remembered the dream and wrote about the unicorn in her dream journal.[590]



Grace and Tedd have been dating since the start of the Relations storyline. Grace fell in love with him the first time they met and went to great lengths to keep him happy. Since her sexuality is a combination of heterosexuality and Uryuom (through concepts and mental connections),[237] she is attracted to Tedd regardless of whatever form he takes. Tedd has sometimes noted that Grace knows him better than he knows himself.[615][238]

Note: Grace's sexual orientation was described as "Teddsexual" in short several times.[616][151][237]

Tedd once began to focus more on his work with magic than his relationship with Grace. After going to Ellen for help, Grace decided that she and Tedd would go on a double date with Ellen and Nanase.

Practically Married[]

Note that Dan mentioned Tedd and Grace being practically married in 2014 when commenting Tedd reading Edward's "Rorschach" note[617] and later mentioned it's easy for him to forget they're not already married.[618] Characters might see it similarly: Pandora mentioned they are practically married[619] and Justin even asked if they eloped when Grace didn't confirmed it fast enough.[427]


Grace first met Sarah when Sarah came to Tedd's house to help Grace get some clothes.[620] When they came back after shopping for clothes Grace was surprised and impressed that Sarah didn't see her as a monster because she changed into her half-squirrel form to intimidate and disarm the mugger.[621] Since then Grace thinks very highly of Sarah.[622][623][624]


Grace and Ellen have been "playing"[112] every weekend since Grace obtained her Claire form. In turn, they have become best friends and later ended up going to the same school. As a result of Grace's hugs, the students at their school assume that Ellen is a lesbian trying to trick Grace into doing risque things, so Grace is holding back on the physical contact.[259]


Grace first met Susan at Moperville North during the second goo incident. Grace next met Susan at Tedd's house during the Painted Black arc, where she revealed her backstory. They next met during Grace's birthday party, where Susan managed to successfully explain the reasoning behind the nudity taboo (to which Grace then had the sudden realization of the implications of this, and exclaimed quite forcefully her aversion to the subject).[221] Grace spent a significant amount of time with Susan during the Hammerchlorians, arc in which they got to know each other more thoroughly.


Grace first met Elliot when he came over to Tedd's house and assumed she was a robot or had been kidnapped. After she got back from shopping with Sarah, Elliot demanded to know why Grace had a squirrel form, since he could sense she was powerful.

Grace has used Elliot as a pillow when she sleeps (Tedd is the only other character who has been used this way). She was also one of the people who went to save Elliot from Damien. Grace considers Elliot to be cute and beefy.

Grace wants Elliot and Tedd to hug[625][626][627] or even kiss, or at least she would like to kiss someone while looking like Elliot and Tedd.[628][629]


Grace first met Nanase when Grace saved her from the Omega Goo. During the events of Painted Black, Nanase and Grace were the first ones to enter the Nest. They go to Moperville South High School together.


Before she invited him to her birthday party, Grace had only met Justin during the second goo fight and while preparing for the rescue of Elliot during Painted Black. Grace and Justin go to Moperville South High School together.

Mr. Verres[]

Grace considers Mr. Verres to be like a father to her. When it was pointed out that she is his son's girlfriend, Grace said they're a strange family.


Grace is protective of Jeremy and does not let Tedd use the TF gun on him. While in her Jeremy form, Grace acts motherly towards Jeremy and tells him not to pick fights.


Greg offered to teach Grace how to fight with her unique abilities, pointing out that if she did not learn how to subdue people without hurting them, the only option she would have would be to seriously injure her opponent.[630] Grace was initially reluctant, but later came to the realization that she needed to learn how to take down people who did not possess superpowers without killing them.[287] Since then Grace trains martial arts with Greg.[363]


Grace goes to the same school as Noah; they are in the same gym class, along with Ellen. After the attack on the ASMA Dojo, Noah discovered that Grace is Shade Tail, and therefore the one who defeated Damien.


Mr. Raven is Grace's history teacher. On her first history class, she was shocked to learn of World War II: Raven didn't believe that she had never heard of it before[631] and recommended placing her in remedial course.[632] He only changed his opinion after noticing who Grace was and that Ellen was awakened.[256]

Grace came to Mr. Raven offering her help in capturing the boar, revealing who she was and that she knew he was an elf. When she came to his house, she proved she could shapeshift and convinced him to let her help him. In order to protect her, he shot and killed the boar. To cheer her up afterward, he took her out for ice cream.



Grace is very good at math[633] and has great short-term memory.[634] This is not just random: it's a normal trait for Uryuom and Tulougol Seyunolu related to transformations.

Martial Arts[]

Grace has been taught to use the sleeper hold by Greg,[635] and can use it while in battle to knock out opponents without hurting them. She is currently training under Greg, but we haven't seen any details of this training so far except her training to use her telekinesis as shield.[362]


Grace first used her telekinesis to disarm a mugger that was threatening her and Sarah.[31] The resulting stress caused her to faint and Sarah was forced to carry her home. The next time Grace used it was to stop the Omega goo from killing Nanase and Ellen:[88] this time, she managed to stay conscious. Her flight is also telekinesis: it's apparently easier for her to levitate herself than other things.[363] She likely needs her antennae out for this ability.

Remote sense[]

Grace can sense stuff in way similar to remote touch. This seem to be related to her telekinesis (something like touching them with telekinesis without actually seeing them). This sense is not fast enough to allow her dodging stuff thrown at her from back ... but it allows her to recognize almost for sure that the number on top of d20 dice is 20 (It's easier with d6).[636] She needs her antennae out for this ability.

Comparing figures and reading body languages[]

A similar sense, also only available with her antennae out, this helps Grace with sizes and positions of both other people and herself, which helps if she wants to look exactly like someone else using mini-morphs.[637] This is something she prefers not to do in crowds, however ... she previously mentioned "it's kinda nice to be able to turn those extra senses off".[356]


Grace is extremely powerful and at least some of her forms are fire resistant,[635] specifically her fur is.[154] She was designed to kill Damien, but she is a pacifist, terrified of abusing her strength, and only uses her offensive capacity when her friends are in mortal peril.

Originally, transforming made her dizzy[638] and her weight did not change.[31][639] When she was transformed by the TF Gun for the first time,[44] her transformation was corrected:[69] she can transform without getting dizzy and her weight changes with form.[68] Because of her being part Lespuko, she not only gains new form from TF gun (as all Uryuom and greater chimeras do), she can mix and match forms. She gained the ability to morph away her antennae with the Claire clone form.

Grace's power level greatly fluctuates depending on her form. She is possibly the most powerful mortal character in the comic - or at least was at the time of her fight with Damien.

Grace's abilities changed again with Magic change: Now she is able to transform clothes when transforming,[640] even when transforming to squirrel form.[641] She needs to specifically focus on not changing them if she doesn't want that.[642]


  • Birth forms
  1. Grace[18]
  2. Squirrel (Shade Tail)[31]
  3. Squirrel (non-anthropomorphic)[643]
  4. Omega (Squirrel + Lespuko (angry))[644]
  5. Omega (Squirrel + Lespuko (calm))[645]
  • Given forms
  1. Cat[44]
  2. Jeremy[51]
  3. Claire (clone form)[107]
  4. Gillian Anderson (clone form)[111]
  5. Tedd (clone form)[118]
  6. Fox[646]
  7. Tedd (female)[647]
  8. Birthday Party (male)[226]
  • Legion forms
  1. SCJ (Squirrel + Cat + Jeremy)[90]
  2. Claire + Squirrel[135]
  3. TG (Tedd + Grace)[135]
  4. Grace + Squirrel[136]
  5. Full Human (Normal - antennae)[178]


Like all part-animal seyunolu, Grace has the ability to communicate with animals. So far she has been seen speaking to squirrels,[155] Jeremy,[648] Max,[327] and the boar. She needs her antennae out for this ability.


  • General Shade Tail (Alpha Universe) - General Shade Tail is Lord Tedd's right-hand man, and may even be the driving force behind Lord Tedd's apparent corruption. He was created in exactly the same way Grace was except with the blood of a strong human male instead of a recently deceased girl.
  • Grace (Oblivious Wand Waving‏‎) - Grace is the same as she normally is, though has a different boyfriend - Sarah. Also, she doesn't care about hiding her antennae, and it seems that being in her Half-Squirrel form is normal in the Oblivious Universe.
  • Grace (Goonmanji) - Grace in this reality was the same, but now inhabits Elliot's body.


"You sound awfully annoyed for a guy with a furry fetish and a half-cat girlfriend."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-05-09
"Ugh! What is so wrong with my body that everyone is so obsessed with covering it up?!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-07-19
"A lespuko? OK, great, that makes four parents, and I don't even know what one of them is!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2004-03-10
EGS Main Story Comic for 2005-10-24
"And I'm happy if you are! INFINITE HAPPINESS LOOP!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2006-08-14
"DIE BY THE SHELLS OF YOUR FALLEN COMRADES, YOU @#$! TURTLES! - I'm actually okay with turtles, but these ones kidnap princesses. That's just wrong."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2010-05-07
"Ellen, if anyone is really bad enough that we have to fight...I'll tear them to shreds. But ideally we'd, ya know, talk it over peacefully or something."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2010-09-06
EGS Main Story Comic for 2011-08-05


  • She really likes toast[118] and coffee.[649]
  • Grace was originally going to be a token female friend of Sarah's.[650]
  • Grace has a stuffed animal that appears in the main storyline, despite technically being a gift from EGS author Dan. It is a squirrel.[651]
  • She recently received, from Tedd, guinea pig, bat, and hedgehog plush dolls as birthday presents (each one representing one of her siblings), along with a massive pile of other gifts he purchased before finding a better one.[214]
  • While a pacifist by nature, Grace can get very... agitated... while playing video games.[652][653]
  • Grace was born in her half squirrel form, but remains human most of the time because she lives among them.[203]
  • Grace's Claire form is a third level form.[141] It is not known what this means (or which other forms share this), except that humans can't have third level forms.
  • Grace has invented a sadness measurement using the Futurama episode "Jurassic Bark" as a baseline.[287]
  • Creator Dan Shive has unabashedly established Grace as one of his favorite characters (if not his favorite character period), and in an early sketchbook actually wrote an apology letter to her for all of the terrible things that happened in her backstory.[654]
  • Grace's ethnicity was described as "mixed. Very, very mixed".[655]
  • Grace has no visible body hair[656] - which is possibly a shared trait with Uryuoms and other chimeras.
  • Grace is sometimes used as a high baseline point of comparison for good traits:
    • Tedd says Sarah is one of nicest persons he know and notes he knows Grace.[657]
    • Justin says Susan is one of kindest and most selfless people he know and notes he knows Grace.[658]
  • Neither she nor Justin would consider the option to watch a pirated version of Star Wars instead of Tensaided's laserdisk ones ... in canon.[659]

Picture gallery[]

Grace's Artistic evolution[]

Grace's Forms[]


Innate (accessible since birth)[]
Acquired from TF Gun[]



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