Grace's Birthday Party is the ninth story arc in the main canon of EGS. It opened on May 23rd, 2005 and closed on September 29th, 2006, for a total of 151 comics. This arc takes place at Grace's "transgender"-themed 18th birthday party, and is one of the few times all of the main eight are in the same place at the same time.

Arrivals and Presents

The arc started off with Dr.Germahn attempting to explain that the layout of Tedd's house had changed due to a quantum fluctuation in the vicinity of Tedd's house because someone put a fork in the microwave during a full moon. Lisa told him to just admit the Daniel Elliot Shive had discovered that the design of Tedd's house was architecturally flawed and had to be changed. Amanda was excited that Lisa was now a lawyer.

At the party, Elliot and Ellen were the first ones to arrive with Grace showing she had antenna again promising she would not have angst. Elliot warned however that Ellen was carrying some angst, even though she denied it. Grace said Tedd was in the kitchen making her a birthday cake and that he couldn't make food that transforms people, yet. When Elliot went to check on Tedd, he found him in female form which Tedd believed made him a better cook because he was hot. After Tedd finished the cake, he invited Ellen and Elliot to come downstairs with him so he could get changed and they could drop off their party clothes. Downstairs, Tedd explained how the transformation booth would work. Ellen suggested that she should just zap everyone with her beam but Elliot pointed out that her beam would not change the girls into guys.

Meanwhile, Magus had entered the room and compelled Ellen to blast her mother. His powers awakened the immortals that were sleeping in the closet. Magus has amplified Ellen desire to use her beam to the point were she could not resist, but she managed to resist enough to blast Tedd instead of Elliot then fainted. Magus was angry and forced to flee when the immortal honed in on him. The French Immortals tried to talk to him, but Magus split into pieces and fled in every direction.

Back at Tedd's house, Ellen had awoken and Elliot told her that she passed out because she skipped breakfast. When Ellen asked why Tedd was a girl, Elliot said he was Tedd, which Ellen accepted. Tedd asked why Elliot didn't tell the truth and Elliot explained that if he had told the truth Ellen would have been worried, which would have made Grace worried, which would have put a damper on the party.

Later that day Susan and Sarah arrived while Elliot and Tedd were downstairs promising not to make fun of each other. Sarah tells Grace thats shes been looking forward to this party all week because it would be an enlightening experience. Grace was relieved that Sarah wasn't made at her anymore, and Sarah explained that she had just been mad the Elliot had been kidnapped. Grace was glad that she and Sarah were still friends and kissed her, taking the term "kiss and make up" literally, which was what Tedd intended. Downstairs Susan was asking Elliot were Ellen was, when Elliot didn't know Susan turned to leave, which allowed Elliot to see her notebook. Elliot asked why she had one, and Susan explained that she was going to keep a record of her manly thoughts throughout the night, Elliot was quire offended by this and told Susan so.

Bending Genders


Hold on Hope

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