Grace's Birthday Party is the ninth story arc in the main canon of EGS. It opened on May 23rd, 2005 and closed on September 29th, 2006, for a total of 151 comics. This arc takes place at Grace's "transgender"-themed 18th birthday party, and is one of the few times all of the main eight are in the same place at the same time.

Arrivals and Presents

The arc started off with Dr. Germahn attempting to explain that the layout of Tedd's house had changed due to a quantum fluctuation in the vicinity of Tedd's house because someone put a fork in the microwave during a full moon. Lisa told him to just admit that Dan had discovered that the design of Tedd's house was architecturally flawed and had to be changed. Amanda was excited that Lisa was now a lawyer.

At the party, Elliot and Ellen were the first ones to arrive with Grace showing she had antenna again promising she would not have angst. Elliot warned however that Ellen was carrying some angst, even though she denied it. Grace said Tedd was in the kitchen making her a birthday cake and that he couldn't make food that transforms people, yet. When Elliot went to check on Tedd, he found him in female form which Tedd believed made him a better cook because he was hot. After Tedd finished the cake, he invited Ellen and Elliot to come downstairs with him so he could get changed and they could drop off their party clothes. Downstairs, Tedd explained how the transformation booth would work. Ellen suggested that she should just zap everyone with her beam but Elliot pointed out that her beam would not change the girls into guys.

Meanwhile, Magus had entered the room and compelled Ellen to blast her "mother", Elliot. His powers woke up the immortals that were sleeping in the closet. Magus had amplified Ellen's desire to use her beam to the point where she could not resist, but she managed to resist enough to blast Tedd instead of Elliot then fainted. Magus was angry and forced to flee when the immortal honed in on him. The French Immortals tried to talk to him, but Magus split into pieces and fled in every direction.

Back at Tedd's house, Ellen had awoken and Elliot told her that she passed out because she skipped breakfast. When Ellen asked why Tedd was a girl, Elliot said he was Tedd, which Ellen accepted. Tedd asked why Elliot didn't tell the truth and Elliot explained that if he had told the truth Ellen would have been worried, which would have made Grace worried, which would have put a damper on the party.

Later that day, Susan and Sarah arrived while Elliot and Tedd were downstairs promising not to make fun of each other. Sarah told Grace that she has been looking forward to this party all week because it would be an enlightening experience. Grace was relieved that Sarah wasn't mad at her anymore, and Sarah explained that she had just been mad that Elliot had been kidnapped. Grace was glad that she and Sarah were still friends and kissed her, taking the term "kiss and make up" literally, which was what Tedd intended. Downstairs, Susan asked Elliot where Ellen was, when Elliot didn't know Susan turned to leave, which allowed Elliot to see her notebook. Elliot asked why she had one, and Susan explained that she was going to keep a record of her manly thoughts throughout the night, Elliot was a little offended by this and told Susan so.

When Susan went upstairs, she met with Justin and Nanase. Ellen told Nanase that she was looking forward to seeing the outfit she picked out and Nanase dashed out of the room. Nanase showed Susan the outfit she had picked out and Susan was annoyed that Nanase was going to blame the outfit on her. Meanwhile, Tedd was worried that Justin would find him more attractive when has was a woman, but Justin pointed out he was attracted to manliness not Tedd. Nanase tried to figure out how to deal with the clothing issue, but Susan said the whole purpose of Nanase coming was to get closer to Ellen. Nanase was surprised that Susan figured out her plan, but Susan said it was obvious. After they left, Sarah and Grace, who had been hiding in the room, were shocked. Sarah was hysterical about accidentally overhearing the conversation, while Grace was OK with Nanase bringing two outfits. Sarah and Grace agreed not to meddle in the relationship. In order to create a cover story to hide their overhearing, Grace styled Sarah's hair. Sarah went downstairs to find Elliot, and Elliot said he liked the new hairstyle but put it back in its old style and complimented her. Susan seeing them thought it was too corny and showed her disapproval by gagging in front of them.

In the dining room, Sarah let Nanase sit beside Ellen before Grace carefully opened Ellen's present, which was a Harry Potter book.[1] Next she opened Nanase's present, which was the movie "The Secret of NIMH". When it came to opening Susan's present, Susan revealed she and Justin got one together and Justin said it was in his car and went to get it. When he returned it was revealed to be a catnip plant. After calming down Jeremy, Grace opened Elliot and Sarah's gift which was the game "Animal Crossing". After that Tedd revealed his multiple presents for Grace including nuts, chocolate, stuffed animal toys, and an encyclopedia. When Grace saw them all, she was overcome with emotion and kissed Tedd.

Bending Genders

Grace was playing with her new plush toys when Sarah said they should probably start the gender switching now which Grace agreed to. Justin asked Tedd about one's orientation while switched and Tedd explained how it worked and why. He also explained the safety features of the gun and how it related to pregnancy. Tedd explained the setup of the transformations they would undergo and asked who wanted to go first. Justin volunteered and while Grace made adjustments to Justin's female form, Susan asked why V5 made woman bisexual. Tedd explained that the gun simply amplified lust to make the transition easier for guys. Hearing this, Nanase figured out why Susan had blonde hair during Night Out.

After a flashback of his life, Justin pressed the trigger and was transformed. When he came upstairs, he asked Grace if his female form was attractive to which Grace replied that his large breasts certainly helped. When Grace presented Justin to the others, he complained that his balance was off but Tedd said he was overcompensating. Justin fell backwards and into Elliot's arms. Elliot told Justin that he looked cute and Elliot and Tedd decided to go next so they could take an all-girl group photo. Sarah then revealed her camera by taking Justin's picture, startling him.

Ellen decided to change into her outfit which made Nanase freeze with shock from the thought of Ellen's reaction to the outfit. Sarah apologized for startling Justin earlier and Justin told her that he was distracted by his hair getting in his eyes to which Sarah and Grace offered to style it for him. Ellen found her outfit and was astounded at it. Tedd was mad when he and Elliot ended up wearing the same outfit and explained how he got it and why he wanted to be the only one wearing it. Elliot pointed out that two girls in school uniforms was better than one which convinced Tedd to go with it.

Upstairs, Sarah helped Justin style his new hair, and Ellen changed into her new outfit. She was embarrassed by it until Nanase quickly gave her her coat to cover up with revealing to Justin, Grace and Sarah that she picked Ellen's outfit as opposed to Susan. When Elliot came upstairs, Justin prepared himself to focus on his hair but was stunned to see him in a girl's uniform. When Tedd asked about her outfit, Ellen told him Nanase picked it out. Elliot was about to explain the uniforms when he caught Justin staring at him. He started to question him but was interrupted by Justin's declaration of liking his hair. They moved the furniture to get setup to take the all-girl photo and Sarah asked Nanase to stand next to Ellen ostensibly because she had picked the outfit for her and they were planning to have the pairs that picked the outfits for each other stand together. Nanase visibly blushed in the photo.

Susan said she would transform next and told Tedd about her journal. Tedd told her that her thoughts while a guy would be exaggerated for a couple hours because she was not used to changing her gender. Susan took it as Tedd making excuses for his normal gender. Later, when Elliot asked why he told Susan that, Tedd reminded him of his reaction to him with out his glasses when he had his first experience being a girl during Sister to which Elliot reminded him that he requested they never speak of it again.

Just before Susan was transformed, she wrote in her diary of her thoughts which included the admittance that despite her memories telling her it should be otherwise, her male friends were good people and Tedd was a nice person with good qualities despite his openly dirty mind. After she was transformed she wrote of her perceived strength and the feeling she was in a completely different body. She wrote that she would have to put off writing more or Grace would get annoyed at her still being in the booth. Sure enough Grace expressed that opinion.

When Susan got out of the booth, Grace expressed her opinion that the nudity taboo got in the way of things and that she would prefer to get naked immediately and stay that way if she were allowed. This disturbed Susan, presumably because she indeed thought exaggerated male thoughts that were only amplified by Grace's expression of her opinions. Grace then asked Susan to explain the reason behind the nudity taboo and Susan managed to do so in a way that finally got through to Grace, disturbing her to the point that her antennae shot straight up. Grace, having realized the implications of her past words and actions, apologized to Susan who said it had to happen eventually.

Grace announced Susan's arrival upstairs and everyone gathered to look at her. Sarah was stunned and Elliot agreed that Susan did look hot. Tedd questioned him but Elliot pointed out, because of his current gender and clothes, it was pointless to start worrying about his manly image now. Sarah asked Susan about her experience and Susan thought about her being weirded out by her current thoughts. Susan told Sarah about her perceived strength increase and Nanase took that as a given. When Susan tried to express the extent of her perceived strength increase, Nanase dismissed it. This angered Susan so she sought to prove her increased strength by challenging Nanase to an arm wrestle. When they did so Nanase defeated Susan effortlessly.

Nanase asked to transform next and Grace said she just needed to talk to Tedd alone. Tedd took this as a bad sign as she said "need" as opposed to "want". Justin criticized Nanase for defeating Susan so soundly and Nanase she didn't mean to but didn't want to insult her either. Susan overheard this and said she could have insulted her a little. Grace talked to Tedd about what she had just learned from Susan and Tedd said he was not aware of her ignorance because of her telling him that there was nothing sexual about wearing just a trench coat. Grace told him that she had not fully understood what was sexual about it until Tedd told her about flashers. Grace thought about her friends potential opinions of her given this new knowledge and realized that Sarah saw her totally naked at the beginning of Painted Black. This led her to cry out that she had made Sarah think sexy thoughts about her. Tedd asked about the circumstances of that incident and Grace recalled her intentions at the time and decided it was better Tedd didn't know about that and dropped that line of conversation. She said she thought nudity was circumstantial and Tedd reassured her that their friends probably understood that her intentions were not sexual in nature. Tedd expressed what he thought Grace thought of nudity and Grace realized that she agreed with that view of nudity.

Meanwhile, back downstairs, Susan was still angry that Nanase beat her. Sarah tried consoling her but Susan said she was bothered by being bothered over it. Sarah gave her interpretation of what happened and why which Susan begrudgingly agreed with. Sarah then pledged to help Susan get through her emotions as a guy and pointed out her cuteness while being helpful which Susan thought was unfair.

Grace asked Nanase about her preferences for her male form and Nanase asked what Grace would find attractive. Grace started to describe Tedd which Nanase objected to. Grace defended her suggestion pointing out only a clone form would make her look exactly like Tedd. Nanase, intrigued by the notion of clone forms asked if they had the form of Elliot's (and Elllen's) favorite actor in the database. Grace wondered out loud about the request and almost revealed her new found knowledge about her feelings for Ellen before she backtracked and gave and innocent reason for Nanase's request.

Before Nanase was transformed, she got excited about being able to express her emotions to Ellen without her true orientation being suspected. However after a moment's thought about her plan she realized it was not that well thought out. Upstairs, Susan noted that Nanase was taking a while but Sarah said she took even longer. Jeremy came up to sniff Susan and almost didn't recognize her but after sniffing her more he realized it was her and proceeded to curl up in her lap.

Elliot noted almost everyone had been transformed and was excited at the prospect of everyone being transformed. Ellen said he was not a one to get into parties and that he held back more than she did. Elliot disagreed and sought Tedd's support but Tedd had to side with Ellen. Ellen said she was more out going and less restraint then him and insulted Elliot. Elliot got angry and sought to prove Ellen wrong. Tedd tried to get him to take his shirt off but Ellen objected due to their physical similarity while Elliot was female. Just then Grace introduced male Nanase, to which Tedd, Elliot, and Ellen all had different reactions. Justin ran in to see Nanase but was surprised when he noticed Nanase's cockatoo-like hair. Everyone gathered in the hallway except Susan who was stuck under Jeremy. When it was pointed out she could just pick him up and bring him with her, she begrudgingly did so. Susan was surprised at Nanase's male physique and Nanase acted out an impulse to pick up Justin and carry him. When Justin pointed out she still had makeup on, Sarah took a picture of Justin pointing at Nanase's nose while in her arms.

Grace told Sarah that it was her turn to get transformed and Sarah expressed disbelief at this and tried to get out of going. When Elliot asked her if something was wrong, Sarah panickily denied being scared. Realizing she had just revealed that she was scared, Sarah summoned the demonic duck but did not run from the situation. When this was pointed out, Sarah said he distracted her too. When she was asked what she was scared of, Sarah replied that it was the process of being zapped by the TF gun that worried her and asked if anyone else felt the same way. Everyone responded that they didn't feel the same way. Tedd tried to reassure her but Sarah reminded him of the time he turned her into a cat-girl. Nanase brought up the possibility of backing up Sarah's current form. Sarah was uneasy about Tedd having access to a Sarah clone form but when it was pointed out that Sarah herself could use it in the more distant future, Sarah decided to go through with it. Sarah threatened to cause physical harm to Tedd if he used her form for anything with out her permission and Grace said after Sarah finished they were going to order pizza. Sarah commented about the amount of food they would be eating and speculated that calories consumed while transformed didn't count after turning back which Grace confirmed.

Elliot said he would go sit on the sofa and Justin wondered if they would all fit leading them to make for the sofa. Tedd ended up on Elliot and Susan, hampered by Jeremy, came after. Justin was distracted by Nanase looking at Ellen and was curious about them so he stayed in the kitchen. Nanase approached Ellen and asked her what was wrong. Ellen said she was blowing off steam and wanted to be alone to do it. Nanase made a comment that got Ellen to laugh and Ellen said she was coming down from it. Ellen explained that she was annoyed by Sarah due to her making a big deal out of her temporary inconvenient transformation when she, Ellen, had to come to grips with being female for the rest of her life.

Justin thought about sneaking closer to Nanase and Ellen to hear their conversation but didn't want to necessarily intentionally eavesdrop. The demonic duck surprised him and almost made him shriek. The demonic duck then revealed his attraction to human females. When Justin called him out on it the duck pointed out that Justin was gay to which Justin took the point.

Nanase tried to explain Sarah's perspective but Ellen said Sarah shouldn't have expressed her opinion around her. Nanase said any of them could have made that mistake which didn't comfort Ellen. Nanase said that they though of her as a person separate and distinct from Elliot which Ellen wanted to be. Nanase reassured Ellen saying she was there for her but Ellen thought to herself that Nanase wouldn't let her be there for her.

A little earlier, in the basement, Sarah looked for the scanner but Grace was more concerned with Sarah's matchmaking efforts between Ellen and Nanase. Grace recalled Sarah advising against acting to bring Ellen and Nanase together but Sarah defended her actions by saying Ellen needed to be with someone and Nanase was a good match. In explaining this, Sarah realized that Ellen was annoyed at her earlier and not Tedd which led her to want to apologize for it so she ran up the stairs.

Ellen did not want to bring up Nanase's feelings but didn't want to hurt them either so she felt she needed a distraction to get out of the situation. The demonic duck was alerted to this need for a distraction but it was fulfilled by Sarah instead who tripped on the first step after running from the basement. Sarah rushed in and apologized for her insensitivity. She then realized Ellen and Nanase were having a moment and slapped her forehead. Upon being asked why she just did that Sarah tied it in with her apology and continued slapping her head. Ellen stopped her and accepted her apology before telling her to go back downstairs and get transformed so they could order pizza as they were all hungry especially Nanase.

When Sarah got back downstairs, Grace complimented her on being a good mother figure to Ellen and explained her understanding of Ellen's family tree which led to the realization that she could also be considered one of Ellen's "mothers". When Sarah finally got transformed she was disappointed at her male body but was initially attracted to it before she realized she was thinking of her body as a sex object. Sarah had a fantasy of a date with Elliot while gender switched and even that disappointed her.

When she left the booth, Sarah was startled by the sight of Grace's male body which had even larger antennae than normal. Sarah asked about Grace's clothes and she told Sarah about Tedd's cache of clothes. She complained about her own clothes being loose but was unwilling to go back in the booth to fix it. Justin was asking Tedd about how the TF gun had a tendency to create large body features, but was interrupted by male Sarah's arrival upstairs to Tedd's relief.

When Grace appeared everyone stared at her huge antennae. Nanase got hit in the face by one of Grace's antennae and told her she had just washed her face to remove her makeup since Tedd had put some on. Sarah asked Tedd about the makeup and Elliot told her how he changed a couple of times. Sarah turned around to find Elliot behind her. They immediately looked deep into each other's eyes which annoyed Justin. He interrupted their moment be calling attention to the fact that since everybody was transformed they needed to take pictures of male Sarah and Grace and order pizza so Nanase would not go crazy from hunger. Sarah said she forgot the camera in the basement and Justin offered to get it and take pictures for her. Nanase complained that Justin's comment about her going crazy with hunger was unfounded but Justin said she had a tendency to go on wild rants when not fed. Nanase promptly launched into one such rant as Justin escaped downstairs.


When Justin got downstairs, he reflected on his perceptions of Elliot as a girl and as he preferred him to be. The Demonic Duck snuck up on him and produced an illusion of Elliot in a bikini which tickled him before the illusion dissolved away. Justin was enraged at the duck to which the duck responded that he meant it as a joke and hadn't realized how it would really make Justin feel.

Meanwhile, upstairs Grace discussed Tedd's reaction to seeing her as a guy and Sarah was preoccupied with thoughts of Elliot as a girl. Ellen talked to Elliot about Nanase's not opening up to her and Elliot was preoccupied with thoughts of Sarah as a guy.

Justin found Sarah's camera and the Demonic Duck apologized and said he would make it up to him before he left. Tedd finished ordering the food and told them that his father was paying for all of it which when Mr. Verres realized this he let out a loud cry of anguish. Justin arrived upstairs and said he thought the Demonic Duck was hitting on him to which Nanase made a joke. Justin took pictures of Grace, Tedd, Sarah and Elliot and Jeremy finally got off Susan to her delight. Sarah discussed with Grace her feelings toward Elliot while gender swapped and her fear of doing something she would later regret and Grace reassured her that her fear of permanent consequences while transformed were unfounded. Nanase asked Tedd about his outfit and learned of his deal with Susan over the uniforms. The pizza arrived and Tedd answered the door to find the delivery boy was a student of Moperville North. The delivery boy overheard Susan and Nanase arguing over skirts which led to Tedd making up an excuse to explain it and hurrying to complete the delivery to minimize the chance of being recognized. However, due to Nanase's hunger, they had ordered more than what the delivery boy could carry and Tedd had to open the door again to receive the rest of it. When Tedd brought the food into the kitchen he explained why he was angry with Nanase and why he was afraid of being recognized inadvertently revealing his middle name. Sarah recognized the delivery boy as Matt Cohen and pointed out that he was too young to deliver stuff by car legally which led her to theorize blackmailing him into not revealing Tedd's transforming. When Grace and Ellen returned from hiding in the kitchen with plates and napkins, Grace gave Tedd a hug which Tedd initial met warmly before realizing Grace was currently male when she was hugging him and the embarrassment of being hugged by a guy made him draw attention to the plates being brought in. Nanase asked why they were hiding and Ellen said she didn't want to be seen with Elliot while they were both female and Grace said she didn't want to morph away her antennae given the energy needed and their size. When they were eating Susan asked Nanase about her massive intake of food and Nanase explained the magic related reason for it and took the opportunity to create a male fairy doll. When they finished eating, Ellen talked to Justin indirectly about her relationship to Nanase but Justin didn't get the point of the conversation.

In the basement, Susan wrote in her journal about her feelings and how she overestimated the differences she thought she would be experiencing while male. She wrote a sentence about no longer excusing her father's actions and was pondering it when Sarah startled her and interrupted her train of thought to tell her to come upstairs. When Susan came upstairs she discovered that they were going to sing karaoke. Sarah said it was Ellen's idea and it would be fun. Tedd explained that the uryuoms Will and Gill were crazy about it. Grace explained how the system worked and Susan said none of them were good at singing. Grace said Tedd was a good singer based on overhearing him in the shower. Tedd botched his denial of this and Susan was about to ask the relevance of it before realizing he took showers as a girl.

Sarah sang first but the reviews were mixed and she got 58 out of 100 and the message "Excellent Effort" which she commented on. Grace appeared to defend the system but revealed she was reciting the stuff from the machine's manual. They discussed the scoring briefly and Susan said she would not be singing. This incited the rest of the group to give her puppy dog eyes until she conceded. She sang halfheartedly but still managed to get a 42 and "Sing More, Silly". Grace went third and sang enthusiastically to get a 63 and "Full of Spirit". Justin went next and pulled off a 76. He explained he chose the song strategically to Sarah's outrage. One of the French Immortals was revealed to be narrating but said she really wanted to participate. When Nanase went, she got a 49 and "Good Show" and complained that her current gender screwed her up. When they were deciding the order to finish with Ellen said she wanted to go last but evaded the question of why. Tedd volunteered to go and Susan teased him. When he sang he got an 82 which he had mixed reactions to. Elliot went and got a 55 which was the third lowest score and Nanase said she wanted a rematch once female again. Finally it was Ellen's turn and she got Nanase to hold her jacket for her ostensibly because she could get hot in it. She was nervous at first but when she decided to start she closed her eyes to Nanase's surprise. She sang the song perfectly, her Second Life alternate accompanying her in spirit. When she finished, it displayed a 100 and "Flawless Victory" to the rest of the group's silent awe. Nanase thought about Ellen's choice of song and its relevance to their relationship. Susan and Tedd questioned how she just scored 100 since Elliot had no singing skill she could have inherited. Ellen revealed that the whole karaoke setup was intended to broach the subject of her Second Life dreams and the result of them. When she finished explaining it everyone expressed their belief in her story which reassured her. They finished up the karaoke by singing duets and then had cake. They discussed what to do after cake and Grace said they could just hang out while transformed which led to an explanation of how the transformations would wear off.

Hold on Hope

From this point, the plot diverged into several plots occurring simultaneously but separately each involving a couple of the main eight. The storyline opened with a preview of each of those plots and when they began in chronological order. The preview consisted of a panel of Justin contemplating something, Ellen taking Nanase into the next room, Grace getting excited at them, Grace kissing Tedd, Tedd getting embarrassed and running away, Grace following him, and Susan reading her journal and leaving the area and Elliot and Sarah finding themselves alone.

When Elliot and Sarah found themselves alone, they discussed Tedd and Grace's relationship briefly. Both of them felt awkward and simultaneously decided to go in for a kiss but ending up conking their heads together. After asking each other if they were OK they decided to try again. This time Elliot fell off the couch and Sarah suggested they use protection. After Elliot freaked out at the prospect, Sarah specified protective gear. They talked about their attraction to each other while gender switched and Sarah brought up her talk with Grace. They discussed costumes which led to a tickle fight.

Meanwhile, Susan turned toward her journal and thought the karaoke might have given something to write about but all she could think about was a mooing Writer's Block. She opened the journal to recall what was the last thing she wrote about. Upon reading it she experienced a flashback to her reaction to seeing her father cheating with a blonde woman which was to attempt to cut all her hair off with scissors because it was blonde. Her mother had stopped her before she could finish and explained to her that her father didn't hate her but did what he did because he was a man which transferred the hatred of men to Susan.

Susan reflecting on this hurried away to be alone and went to the basement. However, when she got there, she found Justin there moping. Seeing that he was upset at something Susan decided to push her issues to the side and get Justin to talk to her. Susan reassured him that she wouldn't judge him and tried a bit of humor before asking if he wanted her to leave him alone. Justin then revealed his love for Elliot to Susan and explained nature of his being outed and how it involved Melissa and his meeting Elliot and Nanase. He attributed all the good things that happened to him since his being outted to being ultimately due to Elliot's involvement in his life. He explained that as much as he was grateful of Elliot being his friend he was also unhappy that they could not be more than that. He complained that love was illogical and Susan's Logic showed up briefly to bemoan her uselessness there to which Susan thought logic was inappropriate for this situation. Susan expressed her inability to come up with comforting words and Justin thanked her for listening. He explained that he had accepted his incompatible orientation with Elliot but was still hurt when on occasions like this he was reminded of it citing Elliot saying he was cute as soon as he saw him transformed. Justin pondered if it was better to stay female as it would improve his chances of finding someone and he would be attractive to Elliot but it was not a option he would like taking. Susan told Justin that he was not alone just because he was single and he had friends that cared about him and liked him for who he was. Justin was greatly comforted by Susan's words and hugged her. Still full of emotion, Justin and Susan kissed. Once they did so, it quickly escalated and they were about to do something they would both regret when the light suddenly flashed and turned off, apparently burning out. This startled them and Susan fell off the couch. In the dark, Susan saw that Tedd's computer was on and turned the monitor on for light. Justin apologized for acting on impulse but was stopped by Susan when he mentioned that he though he kissed first. Susan said she thought she had done so instead and the humor of it caused them to laugh diffusing the situation. As Susan and Justin went back upstairs, the content of what Susan wrote in her journal about the recent events was revealed. It consisted of the lessons she had learned during the party about people's nature due to her experiences, a reevaluation of her approach toward her father's actions and an expression of a lack of regret of the events of the party given how they turned out. It was then revealed that the light "burning out" was actually an illusion created by the Demonic Duck done as a favor to Justin to make up for his earlier actions toward him and he promptly left to hit the bars.

Meanwhile, before Sarah and Elliot were alone, Sarah complimented Tedd on the cake and expressed surprise at him cooking. Tedd said he was only good at it when he was female and Elliot said that his cooking ability had nothing to do with his gender. Tedd said he had conditioned himself to cook better as a girl and explained how he got that way. When Sarah said that made sense, Elliot responded that most things involving Tedd were nonsensical. Tedd was in the process of replying to this when Grace appeared with a big smile on her face and kissed him. As Elliot and Sarah looked on, Tedd seemed to be enjoying the kiss until he came to the same realization as before when Grace hugged him and pulled himself away from Grace. He nervously made an excuse to leave to go upstairs and ran away, in embarrassment while thinking of the repercussions of his actions.

Grace followed Tedd upstairs and Tedd reflected on the reason for his actions before Grace found him in his room. Tedd tried to continue his excuse for being upstairs but Grace called him out on it and said she was hurt by him trying to hide his feelings from her. Tedd explained his discomfort at Grace being a guy and said it was different for her because she was bisexual. Grace explained she was not bisexual and Tedd realized her sexual orientation was a mixture of heterosexual and uryuom. Grace revealed that she was attracted to Tedd for his mind regardless of his form and wondered why Tedd felt that way since he should be bisexual while female. Grace suddenly realized why Tedd was uncomfortable being attracted to a guy and apologized for ruining the party for him. Tedd tried to reassure her by pointing out the other ways the party was success despite its theme but Grace said that the reason she went with that theme was for him which shocked him. Tedd reflected on what Grace had done for him and responded that it was he who messed up. Tedd was so overcome with emotion that he visibly glowed and tackle-hugged Grace to kiss her. When he finished kissing her he found Grace had morphed back to female. Grace said kissing her male self was a very loving gesture but didn't resolve Tedd's issue with being attracted to men. Tedd then agreed that he would share his feelings with Grace and that he was happy if she was. Grace reciprocated that sentiment and asked if she could zap him with her clone form and explained why. She then called attention to Tedd's being able to glow which came as a surprise to Tedd.

There was a brief intermission of Jeremy enjoying his catnip plant before returning to Ellen and Nanase's actions when all this was going on. Ellen took Nanase aside to talk with her alone. When Grace saw them going she inferred the topic of their discussion and got giddy which is what probably incited her to kiss Tedd.

When Ellen and Nanase were alone Nanase asked what Ellen wanted to talk about and Ellen responded that it involved a personal aspect of the Second Life dreams that she didn't mention before and may never fully tell the others. Nanase agreed to keep it private. Ellen said that there was an alternate of Tedd in her dreams of which she had told Elliot about and described the alternate Tedd. Nanase asked if an alternate of her was there and Ellen said if there was she never met her. Ellen described how the alternate Tedd was obviously attracted to her alternate but her alternate was only attracted to Archie and described Archie. Ellen described her alternate's relationship with Archie and revealed that her alternate and Archie were in a relationship long enough for them to sleep together. Nanase was a little taken aback by this but let her continue. Ellen described how Archie had been pressured into doing it by her alternate and how they had broken up over it but still remained friends. Ellen described how the experience made her feel conflicted about it. Nanase questioned her on this point and Ellen asked Nanase what she would think of female Elliot acting the way she, Ellen had toward guys. Nanase responded that she would think he was overcompensating. Ellen explained how, when she had decided to accept herself as a new person different from Elliot, she wanted to embrace her differences from him. However, Ellen had realized that her attraction to girls was pure in a way her attraction for guys was not and so the experience of being with Archie made her realize that she was not ready for heterosexual relationships. Ellen said she may be bisexual to a certain degree but was effectively just lesbian as far as relationships went. When Nanase expressed her acceptance of that fact, Ellen thanked her for everything she did for her and said she was willing to talk about any issues Nanase wished to discuss. Nanase thanked her but did not take up the offer. Ellen tried again but Nanase said she didn't want to at that time. Ellen, disappointed at Nanase's failure to open up, made an excuse to leave to go to the porch. Nanase called after her that it was cold outside but Ellen did not respond.

Ellen contemplated Nanase's failure to open up as she gazed into the starry sky and Nanase stared at the open door before realizing what she need to do. Meanwhile, upstairs, Tedd decided to come back downstairs but asked Grace about her lack of pants. Grace assured him that she had shorts on. Tedd told Grace that he should apologize to Sarah for calling her a lesbian repeatedly. However, when he was about to, he realized Sarah was effectively with a girl at the moment since Elliot was female so he held off until a "less ironic time". Elliot asked if they were all going to change back now and Grace responded that they could if they wanted to and just needed to ask her or Tedd to work the TF gun. Susan and Justin appeared and notified them about the apparently burnt out light. When Tedd asked what they were doing downstairs, Susan responded that she was logging and Justin said he was providing logging material. Sarah wondered out loud about Ellen and Nanase which made Grace giddy thinking about it. Tedd asked her why she was smiling like that and Susan asked if it was due to her lack of pants. Grace lifted up her shirt to reveal her short shorts and Nanase who just arrived was startled by that sight.

Ellen stood resting her arms against the railing when she heard Nanase come outside. She turned to find her transformed back. Inside Tedd expressed his confusion at Nanase's actions and was gently pushed away from the door to give Ellen and Nanase privacy.

Nanase said she would take up Ellen's offer to talk and that she realized Ellen probably already knew but admitted her lesbianism. Ellen confirmed she knew and Nanase said the way she was acting must have tipped Ellen off but Ellen said she didn't figure it out. Ellen explained how she learned it from Susan and Nanase asked why she didn't tell her. Ellen responded that they wanted it to be her choice since Justin didn't get that choice. Ellen called herself a hypocrite, explained why she had that conversation with her earlier and apologized for doing it that way. Nanase came over to her and held her hand. She said she should have opened up to her and was sorry for not doing so initially. Ellen said it wasn't right to rush her and Nanase responded that she knew why she did. They then shared a passionate kiss.


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