Justin is bored at work and invites Nanase to come hang out before mocking her for watching women's volleyball.

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  • "Innnnteresting"


Justin9... 10... 11... 12... 13... 14...
Justin15 spider webs. Man, those suckers have been busy...
Justin(Writing into his "log") Justin's Log, star date: Saturday, 2 PM.
Justin(Justin's Log) The day has been a slow one. I opened the store at 11 AM, and thus far have made the store a gross profit of four dollars. Beyond that, I've organized 1/4 of my card collection, watched some videos on the store TV, and just finished counting the spider webs. There are at least a dozen junior high school kids playing cards at the other side of the store, but only one has actually bought anything.
Justin(Justin's Log) As opposed to losing my mind as a result of maddening boredom, I have decided to attempt to improve my situation by trying to get a a friend of mine to come keep me company.
NanaseHello, moshi-moshi, guten tag, etc...
Nanase...Yeah, OK, I'll be there in a few. I was just sitting around watching women's volleyball anyway.
JustinWomen's volleyball, eh?
Nanase(Over the phone) Um, Yeah...
Justin(Over the phone) Innnnteresting...
NanaseI am so slapping you once I get there.
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