Duck buys a pack of cards from Justin and has a conversation with Bill wherein they both use "gay" in the pejorative sense.

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DuckOne pack of Magical Gatherings cards.
JustinThat'll be four dollars.
DuckA whole four bucks?! That is so gay...
Justin...Enjoy your cards, kid.
DuckAlright! A Malcontent Hyper Minotaur! Now I have two of those!
BillWhat're you, gay? That card's restricted now! You can only have one in your deck!
DuckWhat?! But that's so totally gay! Why?
Justin is visibly annoyed, but silent
Bill(Off-screen) Those gay heads of tournaments said it was being abused by too many players.
Duck(Off-screen) That is by far the most gay thing I've ever heard.
BillOK, you have two of that card, but you can only use one. Therefore, you oughta trade me that one you just got!
DuckOK, I'll trade you it for your Cleavage Angel!
BillI can't trade that! That card's the closest thing I might ever have to a girlfriend!
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