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Elves are the children of Immortals and Humans. They don't actually have anything to do with traditional elves.[1] Since they are part immortal, they are not allowed to act freely: they are not able to serve in any military, but they are allowed to act in a situation that involves magic or is an immediate threat to themselves or others. They appear to have very long life expectancies, spanning hundreds of years and multiple human generations, but retain a youthful but adult appearance, with pointed ears. This appearance can be disguised via magic, but it is unknown if all elves have the ability to do so. Adrian Raven is the only confirmed elf in canon so far. As Raven has referred to himself as an abomination,[2] it is possible that elves are seen as unnatural in the magic-using community and are persecuted for their heritage.

Children Edit

It is commonly believed elves cannot have children,[3] however this is incorrect.[4] In fact, wizards and people with magic affinities are all descended from elves.

Immortals often lie to their later incarnations about that,[5][6] although not all of them.[7]

However, elves are less likely to become or get someone pregnant than normal humans.[7]


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