"I sense a disturbance in the goo..."

Elliot Daniel Dunkel is Tedd's best friend and has been one of the main characters of El Goonish Shive since its inception.

Elliot is one of the more "normal" and reserved of the main characters, but is nevertheless one of the strongest of the human characters, owing to his membership in the Anime Style Martial Arts Dojo (ASMA Dojo). Because of this and the incident with the Dewitchery Diamond, which caused the creation of Elliot's female duplicate Ellen, Elliot has "awakened" and is thus developing more advanced magic abilities, though they are currently related mostly to his having been in a Female variant #5 form when he touched the diamond, rather than being related to his own personality.

For a long time Elliot was Sarah's boyfriend, until he realized that he loved her 'like a sister'.[7] He is a crushee of Justin. He has realized he has feelings for Susan, but doesn't want to lose her friendship, so he has not acted on them. Recently, he and Ashley went on a date.


El Goonish Shive

One day (Friday, January 25), Elliot and Tedd were making a goo in science class, and Tedd accidentally brought it to life. Elliot and Tedd were forced to capture it before they could go home. After they split up, Elliot found the goo had mutated and grown to deadly size. Elliot decided to fight it with a "pointy" fork, but that proved to be ineffective. After that, Elliot managed to distract it by saying a Dragon Quest warrior was behind it, and ran away. After an attempt to dissolve it using the fire sprinklers failed, Elliot lit it on fire with a cigarette lighter.

The next day (a Saturday), Sarah called Elliot to ask him to the movies, but Elliot, unaware that she had wanted it to be a date, invited Tedd too. At the movie theater, Sarah and Tedd argued about what movie to watch while Elliot hid under his coat. When Elliot went to buy the tickets, the clerk gave him a discount because he thought Elliot was with two girls. After the movie was over, Elliot dropped off Tedd and went home.

The following day (Sunday), Tedd called Elliot and told him to come over. There he met Grace for the first time, and wondered whether she was a robot Tedd had built or if she had been kidnapped. Tedd wanted Elliot to convince Sarah to take Grace shopping for clothes, to which Sarah consented. When Sarah brought Grace home, she was in half-squirrel form, which prompted Elliot to ask Tedd what he had done to her. After Mr. Verres explained some of Grace's history, Elliot was unfriendly toward Grace until she explained why she had come to the Verres' house, and why she had been practically naked at the time. Sarah didn't like the tone Elliot used when he asked about Grace's nakedness, so she hit him with a Hammer. Appeased by Grace's explanation, he apologized for his behavior and left.

Sarah followed him out, afraid that he was upset over being Hammered. He expressed his concern over how close she and Grace had come to being mugged earlier, and invited her to visit his class at the ASMA Dojo the following day, after school. The next day (Monday), Elliot was nervous about Sarah visiting the dojo, since he knew that she liked him and that she would inevitably find out that he was dating one of the other martial arts students, Nanase. Consequently, he spent the entire school day avoiding her, but he did pick her up at the arranged time.

At the dojo, Elliot introduced Sarah and Justin to each other before Sensei Greg called Elliot away to ask whether he had managed to "go super-saiyan". Noticing that Elliot had brought a friend, Greg suggested that Elliot spar with Nanase in a demonstration match. Elliot had planned to introduce Nanase and Sarah before the match started, but his meeting with Greg took longer than he had anticipated, so he resolved to do it afterwards. When Elliot lost the match, he remembered that he and Nanase traditionally kissed afterwards. He didn't want Sarah to find out about his relationship in this way, but he wasn't able to stop Nanase before she kissed him. When Sarah ran out, Nanase realized that it was probably due to her having feelings for Elliot. She interrogated him about his relationship with Sarah (They've known each other all their lives; Yes, Sarah is attracted to him; No, Sarah doesn't know Elliot is aware of her feelings; No, she didn't know about Nanase or that they were dating), then smacked him for avoiding the issue for so long and told him to go and come clean with Sarah. Elliot found Sarah in the nearby ice cream shop and admitted that he knew she liked him; Sarah got upset that he described her feelings as merely a "crush" and said that she loved him. This stunned him, which prompted Sarah to apologize for bringing it up while he was in a relationship and left again. When Elliot came to his senses again, he berated himself for how he had handled things and tried to find Sarah again. Nanase heard him calling and flew over to make sure everything was OK. Elliot explained the conversation and how he was frustrated with himself. Nanase realized that Elliot reciprocated Sarah's feelings, and broke up with him since their own relationship had been little more than "friends with benefits".


Elliot skipped school the next day (a Tuesday), but called and explained the situation to Tedd during lunch. After finally deciding on what to say to Sarah, Elliot was about to call her when Tedd came over. Tedd said that the Transformation (TF) gun was on safety and wouldn't fire, and wanted to fix it at Elliot's house while Grace was distracted. Until Tedd stopped holding the TF gun to his bosom, all Elliot noticed was different about Tedd was that his voice was a little different; Tedd had turned himself female while testing the gun for use against a school bully, and didn't want Grace to see him like that. Elliot objected to the idea of using the gun on an unwilling subject until Tedd assured him that the transformation would wear off in a day; Elliot then decided he wanted Tedd to film it for him (Tedd has yet to follow through on this plan). After Tedd told him that repairing the safety should be a quick fix, Elliot went off to call Sarah. When he came back, he asked Tedd how long it would take for him to turn himself back into a guy, not realizing that he had already done it. His question "provoked" Tedd into shooting him with the TF gun (set to Female variant #5). They spent a few moments arguing, then the TF gun broke completely. Elliot panicked when Tedd told him that he would probably end up stuck being female for a month, worried that Sarah wouldn't like him when he was female. Tedd said that it wouldn't matter, but was interrupted from explaining further by Sarah arriving. Elliot asked Tedd to tell Sarah he couldn't see her, but Tedd screwed it up by taking it literally: he saw no problem with telling Sarah that Elliot had been turned into a girl, thinking that Elliot was merely worried about Sarah seeing him as a girl. Elliot told him he might as well let Sarah in now... When Elliot and Sarah saw each other, Sarah was concerned that she was still attracted to Elliot, but Tedd explained that Elliot's pheromones had been enhanced, making him attractive to anybody regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Tedd also said that Elliot should also theoretically be bisexual while V5'd. Elliot started to object, stopped himself when Tedd took off his glasses, and insisted that they never speak of it again. Elliot sent Tedd home to try and fix the TF gun in less than a month and then asked Sarah to help him get ready for school the next day, not wanting to miss a month of school.

Elliot showed up at school the next day pretending to be a cousin of Elliot's from out of town named "Ellen". Elliot noted that everyone seemed too distracted by his super-pheromones to notice how flimsy his cover story was. Tedd and "Ellen" pretended to meet each other for the first time and were discussing how Elliot would still get credit for schoolwork he did as "Ellen" when Tony interrupted, warning "Ellen" that hanging out with Tedd would ruin her popularity as surely as it had ruined Elliot's. Tony then asked if "Ellen" would like to make out, which allowed Elliot to summon a hammer. Elliot later finished explaining to Tedd his arrangement with the faculty (he used puppy-dog eyes get the staff to back the cover story). Later, on the way to lunch, Elliot sensed "something powerful", but wondered if his mind was playing tricks on him when whatever it was went away. Tedd suggested that it might be PMS, which prompted Elliot to tell him not to joke about it. On the way to the lunch tables, Susan noticed "Ellen" and invited "her" to sit with them. Elliot, uncomfortable around people, tried to insist on sitting with Tedd, but Tedd left to work on the TF gun problem in the library. During lunch, Susan invited "Ellen" to join the school's feminist club. Elliot declined on the grounds that "she" wouldn't be at the school for very long, but suggested that he, Elliot, would join. Susan was dismissive of the idea of a guy joining, and when Elliot suggested that guys could also be concerned about gender equality, she stated that she was in favor of female superiority. When both Elliot and Sarah made their preference for equality clear, Susan claimed that men don't care about how a woman feels as long as they are getting sex. She went on to use what had happened at the dojo as an example, insisting that Elliot hadn't cared about hurting Sarah's feelings. Sarah got upset at this and suggested it would be best if she and "Ellen" sat alone. When they had left Susan behind, Sarah asked if Elliot was OK, noting that Susan had got him crying a little. Elliot blamed it on hormones and tried to apologize again. Sarah interrupted him, telling him he needn't keep apologizing, but made him promise not to kiss her until he was back to normal.

Later that evening, Tedd invited Elliot to come over and hear a solution to his problem that Grace had come up with. Hearing an echo over the phone, Tedd deduced that Elliot was posing in front of the bathroom mirror during their conversation (Elliot denied it, despite it being true). At Tedd's house, Elliot was unsettled to find that Tedd wasn't wearing his glasses. When Elliot asked Tedd to put them back on, he said Grace was playing with the features. When Tedd speculated that she was using an x-ray feature, Elliot decided he didn't want Tedd wearing them after all. Grace continued playing with the glasses' other abilities while Tedd asked Elliot about the girls' locker room. Partway through explaining why he had decided not to dress for gym, Elliot got fed up with how distracting Grace's use of the glasses was getting and took them from her, putting them back on Tedd's face. Tedd blushed deeply, which caused Elliot to realize that Grace must have had the glasses on x-ray vision when he took them from her. She said that it served him right for snatching them from her. Grace then gave a very long-winded explanation of her solution, which Elliot summarized as "So the plan is to sneak me into a government building and have me touch a magical diamond... Great". Tedd asked if Elliot was doubting that magic could work, so Elliot started to explain that his former girlfriend (Nanase) could use magic. Tedd interrupted, asking if she had red hair. When Elliot confirmed that she did, Tedd told Elliot that Nanase was his cousin. On the way to the PTTAOLUTASF, Tedd expressed concern about leaving Grace alone, so Elliot told him that he had asked Sensei Greg to keep an eye on her.

When Elliot and Tedd arrived at the PTTAOLUTASF, Elliot had to climb through a window: Tedd just showed his ID. When he saw the Dewitchery Diamond, Elliot remarked that it was disturbingly conveniently accessible and huge. After Elliot touched it and was flung away, Elliot and Tedd were shocked to see Ellen. Elliot was initially confused, but when he realized he had been duplicated, he suspected that he might have been the duplicate, and came to the conclusion that Ellen would disappear in less than a month. He asked Tedd to help find a way to save Ellen. When Ellen snapped, Elliot questioned Ellen's plan to be his evil twin and tried to stop her when she tried to escape, but failed. He was half prepared to jump out the second-story window after her, but was knocked out by the security guard. When he came to in a cell, Tedd told him of the nature of duplicates created by the Diamond. He was initially happy for Ellen, but realized she would still do damage once she got to Moperville and wondered how she would find her way back since he didn't know himself. He came up with an escape plan involving him feigning sickness, but ended up not needing to use it, since he and Tedd were let go. Elliot decided to use Tedd's Transformation Belt to turn into a cat person so he would be able to run back to Moperville, despite it causing him great pain. Once Elliot and Tedd reached the road, Tedd convinced him that they should hitchhike the rest of the way. Elliot said that he should change back first, but Tedd said he was too weak and they could still get a ride. Sure enough, Hedge pulled up and offered them a ride to Moperville.

When Elliot and Tedd arrived at Moperville North, they found it in the aftermath of the second goo attack. Elliot explained why he was in cat form and how he and Tedd had met Hedge. When Mr. Verres arrived and asked who the duplicate was, Elliot said he was unsure but to treat he and Ellen as having the same status. After Ellen declared it was her and Mr. Verres explained what would happen to her, Elliot was driven to the Verres residence by Sarah along with Ellen and Susan. While there, he viewed the screenshot of Lord Tedd and heard Mr. Verres say that "Grace didn't die in that dimension". After Mr. Verres upset Ellen, Elliot asked Nanase to comfort her. After Mr. Verres told them how Tedd could have avoided this whole situation, Elliot and Ellen got angry at Tedd. When they learned about the spare TF Gun parts Mr. Verres was bringing, Elliot had to restrain Ellen from hurting Tedd. After a while, Elliot decided it was time to transform back to normal, which he had been putting off because of the pain. When Elliot and Ellen got home, with the help of Mr. Verres, Elliot introduced Ellen to his parents and got her integrated into the family. Elliot then had a conversation with his parents about the sleeping arrangements and Ellen's identity relative to Elliot. This freaked him out, and he left while they continued to discuss it. Walking away, Elliot was ambushed by Ellen who hugged him and called him "mommy". This freaked him out even more until she told him she was messing with him. She then revealed that she thought Tedd was cute and therefore he did too while female. Just before going to sleep, Elliot verified to Ellen that the school would be closed the next day, and that he thought of her as a sister as opposed to a daughter. He asked her whether she thought of him as a father, but she had already fallen asleep, so he tucked her in and said goodnight to her before falling asleep himself.

New and Old Friends

When Ellen got home from Tedd's house, she showed Elliot the pictures taken there. When Elliot got to the picture of Ellen in Grace's Claire form kissing Tedd, he was speechless, and Ellen looked embarrassed, telling him it was not her idea and that it wasn't like she thought Tedd was cute or anything. Elliot then reminded her that she had told him that Tedd was cute the week before, and Ellen admitted that she did think of Tedd that way, to Elliot's distaste.

Elliot found Tedd attempting to do some birdwatching and decided to watch them with him. He soon saw that squirrels were eating from the bird feeder Tedd had set up and thought it was funny. When Tedd decided to use a bat on them, Elliot stopped him. Elliot explained he didn't want Tedd to club squirrels, and in any case, it was almost impossible to keep them away from birdseed. The next day, Elliot found that Tedd had put out separate food for the squirrels and commented on how it was more expensive than putting out more birdseed. After the squirrels rejected Tedd's food, Elliot told him to put out more birdseed if he can't find another solution. After other solutions fail, Tedd relents and follows Elliot's advice.

During lunchtime at Moperville North, Elliot and Sarah decided to sit together for lunch, forcing Tedd and Susan, who also wanted to sit with them, to sit together as well. Elliot, noticing that Tedd and Susan did not get along well, decided to have everyone at the table share something about themselves. To begin with, Elliot told the group about his bully hunting and how he had saved Justin that way, though he did not use Justin's name. Next, Sarah shared her drawing of comics, and showed one involving Dan to Elliot. After that, Tedd revealed the functions of his glasses, which prompted Elliot to warn Sarah about the x-ray feature - Tedd then told them he'd had it removed. Next, Susan revealed her hair dying, middle name using, and her parents being divorced, but all that surprised Elliot was her full name. Later, when Tony pushed Tedd, Elliot was prepared to fight him, but Susan hammered Tony before he could engage him, which confused Elliot because he thought it only worked if someone offended a woman. Sarah suggested that maybe Tedd was just that androgynous.

Night Out

While getting ready for martial arts class, Nanase asked Elliot why Ellen wasn't with him. He said that he just couldn't convince her to come. Justin noted that he and Nanase hadn't seen Ellen in almost a month, and that it would be awkward once she started attending school at Moperville South. Elliot suggested that they invite her to do something Friday night while he went to the movies with Sarah, Tedd, and Grace. Nanase agreed that it sounded like a good idea. He suggested that he have Ellen call them if she was interested, but Nanase decided to contact her right away using her Fairy Doll spell, without first explaining to Elliot and Justin. Elliot wondered what she was doing, and Justin suggested that it had something to do with talking to Ellen. Elliot then asked if Justin wanted to be the one to make a wisecrack about the invention of the phone when she snapped out of her trance.

Before Elliot left to go for the movie with Sarah, Tedd, and Grace, he helped Ellen pick out an outfit for her night out. Ellen teased him by asking if various outfits would look good on her, while actually naked and only holding them up to ask about them. Elliot refused to look at her because he now thought of her as a separate person, especially as a sister, and didn't feel comfortable looking at her naked body, despite him looking like that when he was female. When she actually put her clothes on, Elliot thought her outfit was typical of her usual outfits. Ellen told him that Susan, Nanase, and Justin hadn't seen it before, and wished him well on his date.

Elliot and Sarah arrived at Tedd's house and discussed Grace's potential reaction to going to a movie theater for the first time. Sarah expressed her desire to spend time with Grace under relatively normal circumstances. When they rang the doorbell, they heard an unusual conversation going on inside. When the door was opened, they saw Grace and Tedd standing there. When "Tedd" asked Elliot about Ellen joining them, Elliot said he had already told him. Tedd and Grace then went downstairs, apparently to get Grace's favorite t-shirt. When they returned upstairs, "Grace" had apparently assumed her "Claire" form. On the way to the movie, "Tedd" asked what movie they would be watching, to which Elliot reminded "him" that Tedd had picked the movie. "Tedd" then blamed "his" forgetfulness on "Grace's" cuteness. Sarah and Elliot then proceeded to describe the movie. When they got to the theater, "Grace" said he would be going to the restroom and "Tedd" said she would be doing likewise. For some reason, "Grace" quickly made an excuse not to go to the restroom. When "Tedd" insisted on going anyway, "Grace" yelled after her in a language Elliot did not understand, but "Tedd" seemed to understand it. While waiting in line, Elliot and Sarah expressed their suspicions to each other that Tedd and Grace had switched forms (which they had, without telling the others). In the theater, Sarah expressed her weariness at the ads, and Elliot agreed with her. When the movie got underway, Elliot and Sarah expressed their disappointment at it, but Sarah said she enjoyed their cuddling at least. After the movie, Sarah expressed her opinion of it, while Elliot complained about the earworm in the musical scene. Tedd indirectly expressed his sadness at not visiting the ladies room as part of a group. Sarah, feeling sorry for Tedd, said she needed to freshen up and invited Tedd to join her. While Tedd and Sarah were in the restroom, Grace asked Elliot about the dragon from the movie, and Elliot, knowing she was Grace, found her naïveté cute. When Elliot got home, he noticed Ellen hadn't come home yet, and his parents told him that she was sleeping over at Susan's house.

After Elliot got home, he went to his room and began to change out of his clothes. He had just removed his shirt when he heard Nanase yelling at him from behind, startling him. When he turned around, he found Nanase in her fairy doll form and asked her what she was doing there. She responded that she had wanted to be alone, and Elliot had ruined that. Elliot pointed out it was his room in his house, and Nanase admitted her non-attraction to him even when they were dating. When Nanase explained about her being a lesbian, Elliot attempted to comfort her by patting her on the head. Elliot apologized for not being able to do more, and Nanase thanked him for at least listening. He then told her she should get back soon, and Nanase thought he was trying to get rid of her so he could sleep. Elliot then explained that he needed to stay up a little longer to sneak some beer back down to the fridge for Ellen because of Grace's mistake. Elliot then told Nanase that he would keep her secret, but hoped it wouldn't have to be one forever. After that, Nanase returned to her real body, leaving the fairy doll behind. Elliot presumably went through with his plan to sneak the beer back downstairs and then probably went to sleep soon after.

The Morning After

A little after noon on Saturday, March 2, Elliot visited Tedd's house to—as Mr. Verres put it—waste time with Tedd. When Tedd woke up he found that Grace had gotten into bed with him at some point without his realizing it. Elliot was skeptical that he truly hadn't noticed something like that, but Tedd pointed out that while they'd been talking, Grace had snuggled up against Elliott without him noticing. When the doorbell rang, Tedd tried telling Grace to assume her "Claire" form, but since she was fast asleep he asked Elliot to carry her down to the basement to get her out of sight while he answered the door. Grace woke up when they got to the bottom of the stairs, so Elliot told her that she'd need to change to "Claire" if she wanted to go back upstairs. She opted to stay in the basement. Back upstairs, Tedd rushed past Elliot to finish working on the TF gun; telling Elliot to keep his guests occupied and to not worry about them being aliens. Elliot was confused by this until he noticed the Uryuoms William and Gillian standing there, at which he exclaimed that he was having a close encounter of the fifth kind. William responded that some nerd was pointing at him, causing Elliot to realize how rude he'd been. After they explained that they technically weren't even aliens legally (since they had been born on Earth), Elliot apologized and they all introduced themselves. To make small talk, Elliot asked about an object they had brought with them in a baby carriage. The Uryuoms explained that it was an egg, and gave a basic outline of Uryuom reproduction. Elliot then asked what Tedd was doing for them, and they explained that they had come to Mr. Verres looking for someone who could modify their CMD (cosmetic morphing device) to make them look more human, and Tedd had volunteered. Elliot expressed surprise that Tedd had been given the TF gun, saying that he always thought Tedd had made it himself. The Uryuoms finished their explanation by saying that Tedd had needed time to master the TF technology, and that combined with "the lengthy task of teaching him Uryuomoco" it was understandable that it had taken four years. When Elliot asked how long it had taken to teach Tedd Uryuomoco, William said three seconds. Elliot started to ask "How the hell can someone...", during which William quickly rubbed one of his antenna against Elliot's forehead. Elliot finished his sentence as "roulm u rumtauto chug...hucg???" (which translates to "learn a language").

Tedd announced that he was ready for William and Gillian, so they asked Elliot to watch their egg for them. While he was waiting, Grace (as Claire) came upstairs, fuming that she had been kicked out of the basement over what she perceived as the trivial fact that the Uryuoms wouldn't be clothed when they were transformed into humans. Elliot tried to reason with her by saying that it was reasonable that they'd want some privacy and asked if she would have wanted some if their roles were reversed. This backfired when she told him to "talk to the shirt", handing him the shirt she had been wearing.

Grace and Elliot were playing video games when Mr. Verres came into the room asking for Tedd. When told that Tedd was downstairs with the Uryuoms, Mr. Verres told them that he was going to be out on business, and to tell Tedd that he'd be gone for a while. As an afterthought, he told Grace that there was nothing to worry about, but that she should stay away from the doors and windows. This prompted Elliot to note that, "[f]or a guy whose job is covering stuff up, he's really not that good at hiding things". After William and Gillian had left, Grace told Tedd about his dad leaving and the warning to her about staying out of sight, and asked him what he thought it meant. When Tedd said he thought it meant they'd be ordering pizza, Elliot told him to get serious. Grace wondered if her brothers were closing in on her, to which Tedd responded that his dad never would have left them alone if that were the case, and that there was "nothing out of the ordinary to worry about". Grace didn't understand what he meant by ordinary, so Tedd used Elliot being stuck as a girl for a while as an example. Elliot peevishly responded that that had only happened once.

Much later, Elliot left to go on a date with Sarah in the park.

Painted Black

At the park, Elliot and Sarah were on a walking date when Hedge appeared and attacked, wanting to take Elliot captive: he had seen Elliot in cat form earlier, which made him think Elliot was like Grace and the rest of their brothers. Sarah tried lying to Hedge explaining Elliot's cat form, but to no avail. So then she kicked Hedge in the crotch, letting her and Elliot begin to run away. However, Hedge transformed into his half hedgehog form, chased them down, and then hit Elliot with his chain. The resulting stress caused Elliot to transform into his cat form, then collapse from the pain and energy use of transformation. Sarah bravely tried to fend Hedge off, but he easily got past her and took Elliot. As he left, he gave Sarah the cryptic clue that he was taking Elliot to "The Nest".

At the Nest, Elliot woke up to the sound of Hedge arguing with someone, and found himself tied to a pole. He then saw Guineas pop up in front of him after the unknown person left. Elliot asked Hedge only if Sarah was alright, and after receiving confirmation of that, was able to remain calm. Hedge in turn asked how Elliot could be so calm, with the response being that Elliot believed him when he said that Sarah was alright, since Hedge had lied to the unknown person about Elliot being alone, and that he's using a "self-hypnotic suggestion" to keep calm; this made Hedge think he was talking about training for missions: he was actually talking about how he dealt with the weirdness he usually encountered when visiting Tedd. Vlad then came in and scolded Hedge for talking to Elliot, letting Elliot see that he was not just a bat.

Damien then arrived to interrogate Elliot. When asked who he was, Elliot responded with a quote from Lord of the Rings, then asked if Guineas understood the reference. Guineas decided to leave, distracting Damien. Elliot attempted to escape by casting his Tamashii Gekido while Damien wasn’t paying attention, but he couldn’t move his arms right because they were tied down. Damien turned around and threatened Elliot to force the latter to give his name. Elliot told him his name was "Cat" because he was a cat, and Damien demanded to know where Elliot’s “nest” was, how many others lived there, and if they had all escaped. Elliot tried to make up a story about escaping out the laundry system, but Damien did not believe him. Damien left, saying Elliot would not be released and would not be given food until he told Damien everything. Hedge went back to Elliot and told him about why he brought him and about Damien’s plans. Damien intended to use Grace in order to breed an army to take over and destroy the world. He then asked Elliot to tell him about Grace, but before Elliot could respond, Damien came in, punched Hedge for being near Elliot, and told him to guard the other prisoner.

Elliot, who was still tied up and being guarded by Guineas, after a vision from Sensei Greg, turned into his female variant #5 form, slipped his bonds, then turned back into his normal form. He managed to slip away, but was seen by Guineas at the last moment. Elliot was chased by Guineas, ended up where he started, and met with Ellen and Nanase. Soon after, Hedge arrived in the room, followed by Vlad, who let out a loud "Skree". Vlad, Hedge and Guineas faced off against Nanase, Elliot, and Ellen. Elliot changed into his cat form, Hedge into his hedgehog form, and they fought each other. Ellen challenged Guineas to a thumb war, to which a shrugging Guineas agreed. Nanase took to the air. Vlad used his feather antennae beard and showed he could fly with magic as well. Nanase attacked him viciously while Vlad made no attempt to defend himself. When Nanase stopped, he told her that since his painful attempt at human transformation, he can no longer feel any subsequent pain.[8] Vlad flew randomly around Nanase, then flew right up next to her and sonic shrieked her. Nanase plummeted to the ground. When Ellen saw this, she ran to catch her, then used her V5 beam on Vlad, which knocked him out and onto the upper floor.

Grace and Damien squared off; Grace savagely attacked Damien, leaving everyone else in shock. Damien was surprised and used his flamethrower abilities to engulf Grace in flames; however, her fireproof fur left her unaffected. As Elliot watched, he realized that Damien’s abilities normally made up for the fact that he had no skill. Damien realised the possibility that Grace had done enough damage to him to impair his healing ability, and that if that was true, he was not a god. When this occurred to him, he blasted through the roof, and Grace used her antennae to take magical flight to follow him. Elliot, along with everyone else on the ground, had stopped fighting, because they were waiting to see who would win, and they then discovered Dr. Sciuridae in the rubble.

Grace and Nioi arrived on the ground, and Grace immediately noticed that Dr. Sciuridae was hurt. When she found out she had caused that, she apologized. Hedge asked about Damien; Elliot asked who Nioi was. Nioi told them that Damien had blown himself up, and that she was there to help Ellen. She told them more about the Dewitchery Diamond and explained that Ellen’s soul was too young for her body. She asked if she could help Ellen. When Ellen said that it sounded good, Nioi nose-beeped her and left via a dimensional portal. Commander Jaguar and his squad arrived, having been led by fairy-doll Nanase. Nanase explained why she was in her fairy doll form and why her body wasn’t glowing. The squad checked Dr. Sciuridae and decided to take him in for some tests. Dr. Sciuridae had a talk with Grace about why he didn’t contact her, Grace morphed back to human (sans antennae). Vlad then appeared and showed off his new human body, which, due to Ellen's V5 beam, was female. Hedge hugged her and Guineas poked her, and both received a punch for their actions. Vlad asked Grace about how her new body would alter her shape shifter powers; once told that she would have focus hard to change back, she decided to remain in her new female form rather than risk death. Commander Jaguar told everyone it was time to leave, and when Hedge asked where he and his siblings were supposed to go, Jaguar told them that they would be taken into protective custody and given psychological tests to determine if they were of sound mind. When Grace asked why she never needed such tests, she was told she had. Guineas was forced to turn back into a human, only to be revealed as an attractive man. Grace and her siblings hugged, and everyone left. When Elliot and Grace arrived home, Tedd rushed over and hugged them while crying; Sarah came over and hugged them as well. Inside, Justin and Susan, now with blonde pigtails, greeted them. Due to the lateness of the night, everyone had to leave except Nanase, who would have to spend the night. When Ellen and Elliot arrived home, they found Nanase in her fairy doll form. While there, Ellen goaded Elliot into turning into his girl form, only to tackle him and call out “Mommy!” purely to annoy him and break the stress.

Shadows After Dark

During the night after Painted Black, Elliot dreamt he was sitting on a comfy chair in a bathrobe, like a father in the 50's. Ellen approached, hand-in-hand with T.C., and claimed that he was her boyfriend. Both were also in 50's clothing. Elliot voiced his incredulity, and Ellen called for her mother (who was Tedd in the dream). Elliot then achieved lucidity in the dream through his response to Tedd, pointing out the illogicality of Tedd's being Ellen's mother, rather than Elliot. The latter then conformed the dream to 'reality' in terms of relationships as he saw fit, replacing T.C. with Nanase, changed Tedd's relationship to be with Grace instead of him, and made plans to turn Susan into a guy and find a suitable guy for Justin, considering the two a potential couple. He then proceeded to become "Super Elliot" and hung out with Sarah as Super Elliot's reporter girlfriend.

When Elliot saw Ellen the next day, he remarked that she was finally awake. Alarmed, she asked him how long she had been sleeping. He replied 12 hours, but she said it felt like it was 6 years. Ellen then realized that her dreams were the result of Nioi's nose-beep. Ellen explained to Elliot how in her dream she experienced the first 6 years of her life as if she had been born naturally. She told Elliot her theories about the dreams and decided to go to Tedd to reassure him based on what she experienced interacting with him in the dream.

The next day at school, Tedd and Elliot discussed Ellen's actions post-Second-Life-dream toward Tedd. They also discussed Nanase and Grace's time spent reflecting of their revelations: being a lesbian, and having been created to kill Damien, respectively. When Tedd questioned Nanase's introspectiveness, Elliot recalled that Nanase told him about it but decided not to tell Tedd. When Sarah approached Elliot and told him about Susan's Star Trek shirt, Elliot realized he had better talk to Tedd before Tedd did something to set off Susan. When they spied on Tedd and Susan's conversation, they were touched by Tedd's expression of support for Susan.

Before The Party

The next day at school, Tedd indirectly expressed his dread at telling Elliot, Sarah and Susan the theme for Grace's party. When he finally told them at lunch, they were stunned, and Susan accused him of coming up with the idea. Tedd explained why Ellen was excluded from transformation, and laid the onus for the party happening on Elliot's attendance. Elliot, in turn, laid it on Sarah, who promptly agreed. She then gave her reasons for doing so, and Elliot was forced to agree as well. Susan started to object, but before she could say no, she mysteriously conceded and said that she would go, to the confusion of Tedd. Tedd then revealed the clothing swap aspect of the party. Later, Tedd expressed his theories about the nature of Grace being a guy to Elliot. He then told Elliot that Grace was bisexual. Elliot disagreed and said that she was attracted to him no matter what his form was. Tedd then questioned Elliot's resistance to the party and Elliot said "Because it sounds like one big awkward moment." They then discussed the apparent effects of the TF Gun during the Sister story arc and realized the cause of the effects were a mystery. When Elliot got home, he was greeted by Ellen, who was sporting an evil grin. He told her that everyone at school had agreed to the party, and Ellen gave an evil laugh. Elliot complained that he was not given enough notice, but Ellen disagreed.

At the ASMA Dojo, Nanase angrily destroyed a punching bag. Elliot, remaining outwardly calm, wondered what more testosterone would do to her while Justin cowered behind him. Later, Elliot told them about the party's theme, and received a reaction from the two of them that was similar to the reaction the lunch table had given. Seeking a way out of the awkward situation, he attempted to summon the Demonic Duck. Nanase expressed doubts about the safety of using Tedd's gun, saying that things were different for Elliot, due to his ability to transform without the gun; this information surprised Justin. Elliot tried to reassure them with favorable facts about transformation, but Justin pointed out the audacity of the proposal and questioned who would calmly agree to it. Nanase promptly calmly agreed, which shocked both Elliot and Justin. When Justin questioned her motives, she defended Grace, arguing that "her entire perception of normal acceptable social behavior is based on living with Tedd". When Justin asked if he was supposed to blame Tedd, she said that it was standard procedure. Greg, who had overheard Nanase mentioning Elliot's ability to transform, dumped a bucket of water on Elliot, expecting that to transform him. Upon hearing that Elliot didn't transform that way, Greg told Justin to dry Elliot off. Justin enthusiastically agreed, which Elliot seemed to notice. Elliot continued trying to persuade Justin, and succeeded when he said that he would have Tedd give Elliot extra long hair and let Justin do whatever he wanted with it. Greg came over and asked that they tell Grace "happy birthday" for him and also to tell her that he'd be willing to train her in order for her to learn less violent ways to defend herself. He told Elliot to try convincing Ellen to come as well, saying that he had boxed sets he wanted to buy.

The next day at school, Sarah explained to Elliot that she was having difficulty picking out clothes for him. Elliot said he had no such difficulty, since he was a guy and didn't care much for clothes. They then met with Tedd and Susan at an assembly. They soon discovered the purpose of the assembly was to announce the implementation of a mandatory dress code and that decision was made a result of Tedd and Susan's actions during the Red Alert story arc. Matt Cohen described the time frame in which the uniforms would be given out and their appearance, the latter aided by fellow student council members. When he mentioned questions about the dress code, Susan spoke out against it. Principal Verrückt tried to give rationales for the dress code, but Susan was undaunted. Sarah expressed worry about looking good in a uniform. When Elliot tried to reassure her, she decided that she would have Elliot wear the girls' uniform to the party.

Grace's Birthday Party

At the party, Elliot and Ellen were the first ones to arrive, with Grace showing she had antenna again, promising she would not have angst. Elliot warned her that Ellen was carrying some angst even if she denied it. Grace said Tedd was in the kitchen making her a birthday cake, and that he couldn't yet make food that transforms people. When Elliot went to check on Tedd, he found him in female form; Tedd believed he made a better cook in this form because he was "hot". After Tedd finished the cake, he invited Ellen and Elliot to come downstairs with him so he could get changed and they could drop off their party clothes. Downstairs, Tedd explained how the transformation booth would work. Ellen suggested that she should just zap everyone with her beam, but Elliot pointed out that her beam would not change the girls into guys.

After Ellen had fainted and awoken, Elliot told her that she passed out because she skipped breakfast. When Ellen asked why Tedd was a girl, Elliot said because he was Tedd, a reason which Ellen accepted. Tedd asked why Elliot didn't tell the truth (that Ellen had zapped him), and Elliot explained that if he had told the truth, Ellen would have been worried, which would have made Grace worried, which would have put a major damper on the party.

Susan and Sarah arrived while Elliot and Tedd were downstairs, promising not to make fun of each other. Susan asked Elliot where Ellen was, when Elliot didn't know, Susan turned to leave, which allowed Elliot to see her notebook. Elliot asked why she had one, and Susan explained that she was going to keep a record of her manly thoughts throughout the night. Elliot was quite offended by this, and told her so. Sarah went downstairs to find Ellen, and Elliot said he liked her new hairstyle, but preferred her old one. Susan, seeing them, thought it was too corny, and showed her disapproval by gagging in front of them.

In the dining room, Sarah let Nanase sit beside Ellen before Grace carefully opened Ellen's present, which was a Harry Potter book. Next, she opened Nanase's present, which was the movie "The Secret of NIMH". When it came time to open Susan's present, Susan said that she and Justin had purchased one for Grace together and Justin said it was in his car, leaving the room to get it. When he returned, it was revealed to be a catnip plant. After calming down Jeremy, Grace opened Elliot and Sarah's gift, which was the game "Animal Crossing". After that, Tedd revealed his multiple presents for Grace, including nuts, chocolate, stuffed animal toys, and an encyclopedia. When Grace saw them all, she was overcome with emotion and kissed Tedd.

Justin asked Tedd about one's sexual orientation while switched, and Tedd explained how it worked and why. He also explained the safety features of the gun and how they related to pregnancy, which Susan made a joke about. Tedd explained the setup of the transformations they would undergo, and asked who wanted to go first. Justin volunteered, and while Grace made adjustments to Justin's female form, Susan asked why V5 made woman bisexual. Tedd explained that the gun simply amplified lust to make the transition easier for guys. Hearing this, Nanase figured out why Susan had blonde hair during Night Out.

When Grace presented Justin to the others, he complained that his balance was off; Tedd said he was overcompensating. Justin fell backwards and into Elliot's arms. Elliot told Justin that he looked cute and Elliot and Tedd decided to go next so they could take an all-girl group photo. Sarah then startled Justin by taking his picture and introduced her digital camera[9] declaring that "there [would] be many pictures taken [that night]!"

Tedd was mad when he and Elliot ended up wearing the same outfit, and explained to a confused Elliot how he got it and why he wanted to be the only one wearing it. Elliot pointed out that two girls in school uniforms was better than one, which convinced Tedd to go with it.

When Elliot came upstairs, Justin was stunned to see him in a girl's uniform. When Tedd asked about her outfit, Ellen told him Nanase picked it out. Elliot was about to explain the uniforms when he caught Justin staring at him. He started to question him, but was interrupted by Justin's declaration of liking his hair. They moved the furniture to get set up to take the all-girl photo, and Sarah asked Nanase to stand next to Ellen, ostensibly because she had picked the outfit for her and they were planning to have the pairs that picked the outfits for each other stand together. This was, of course, nonsense - she just wanted them to stand together because she and Grace were trying to play matchmaker.

Susan said she would transform next, and told Tedd about her journal. Tedd told her that her thoughts while a guy would be exaggerated for a couple hours, because she was not used to changing her gender; Susan took this as Tedd making excuses for his normal gender. Later, when Elliot asked why he told Susan that, Tedd reminded him of his reaction to him with out his glasses when he had his first experience being a girl during the Sister story arc, to which Elliot reminded him that he had requested they never speak of it again.

Grace announced "man-Susan"'s arrival upstairs, and everyone gathered to look at "him". Sarah was stunned, and Elliot agreed that Susan did look hot. Tedd questioned him, but as Elliot pointed out: "I'm wearing a skirt, and I have boobs. I'm not going to start worrying about my manly image NOW." Sarah asked Susan about her experience, and Susan told Sarah about her perceived strength increase and Nanase took that as a given. When Susan tried to express the extent of her perceived strength increase, Nanase dismissed it. This angered Susan, so she sought to prove her increased strength by challenging Nanase to an arm wrestle. When they did so, Nanase defeated Susan effortlessly.

Nanase asked to transform next and Grace said she needed to talk to Tedd alone. Tedd took this as a bad sign, as she said "need" as opposed to "want". Justin criticized Nanase for defeating Susan so soundly and Nanase she didn't mean to but didn't want to insult her either. Susan overheard this and said Nanase "could have insulted [her] a little".

Elliot noted that almost everyone had been transformed, and was excited at the prospect of everyone being transformed. Ellen noted he was not normally one to get into parties, as he usually held back more than she did. Elliot disagreed and sought Tedd's support, but Tedd sided with Ellen. Ellen said she was more outgoing and less restrained then he, and insulted Elliot. Elliot then became angry, and sought to prove Ellen wrong. Tedd tried to get him to take his shirt off as proof, but Ellen objected due to their physical similarity while Elliot was female. Just then, Grace introduced male Nanase, which surprised Elliot. Justin ran in to see Nanase but was surprised when he noticed Nanase's cockatoo-esque hair. Everyone gathered in the hallway, except Susan, who was stuck under Jeremy. When it was pointed out she could just pick him up and bring him with her, she begrudgingly did so. Susan was surprised at Nanase's male physique and Nanase acted out an impulse to pick up Justin and carry him. When Justin pointed out she still had makeup on, Sarah took a picture of Justin pointing at Nanase's nose while in her arms.

Grace told Sarah that it was her turn to get transformed, and Sarah expressed disbelief at this, and tried to get out of going. When Elliot asked her if something was wrong, a panicked Sarah denied being scared. Realizing that she had just revealed she was scared, Sarah summoned the demonic duck but failed to flee from the situation. When this was pointed out, Sarah said that he had distracted her, too. When asked what she was scared of, Sarah replied that it was the process of being zapped by the TF gun that worried her and asked if anyone else felt the same way: everyone responded that they didn't feel the same way. Tedd tried to reassure her, but Sarah reminded him of the time he turned her into a cat-girl.[10] Nanase brought up the possibility of backing up Sarah's current form. Sarah was uneasy about Tedd having access to a "Sarah clone" form, but when it was pointed out that Sarah herself could use it in the more distant future, Sarah decided to go through with it. Sarah threatened to cause physical harm to Tedd if he used her form for anything with out her permission, and Grace said that after Sarah finished, they were going to order pizza. Sarah commented about the amount of food they would be eating, and jokingly speculated that calories consumed while transformed didn't count after turning back, which Grace confirmed to be untrue.

Elliot said he would go sit on the sofa and Justin wondered if they would all fit, leading them to make a mad dash for the sofa. Tedd ended up on top of Elliot, and Susan, hampered by Jeremy, came in after. Justin was asking Tedd about how the TF gun had a tendency to create large body features, but was interrupted by male Sarah's arrival upstairs, much to Tedd's relief.

When Grace appeared, everyone stared at her huge antennae. Nanase got hit in the face by one of Grace's antenna and told her she had just washed her face to remove her makeup, since Tedd had put some on. Sarah asked Tedd about the makeup and Elliot told her how he changed a couple of times. Sarah turned around to find Elliot behind her. They immediately looked deep into each other's eyes and Justin interrupted their moment be calling attention to the fact that since everybody was transformed they needed to take pictures of male Sarah and Grace and order pizza so Nanase would not go crazy from hunger. Sarah said she forgot the camera in the basement and Justin offered to get it and take pictures for her. Nanase complained that Justin's comment about her going crazy with hunger was unfounded, but Justin said she had a tendency to go on wild rants when not fed. Nanase promptly launched into such a rant as Justin escaped downstairs to retrieve the camera.

Ellen tried talking to Elliot about Nanase's not opening up to her, but Elliot was preoccupied with thoughts of Sarah as a guy.

Justin arrived upstairs and said he thought the Demonic Duck (who hadn't left, as he normally did after the distraction his appearance caused was no longer required) was hitting on him, to which Nanase made a joke. Justin took pictures of Grace, Tedd, Sarah and Elliot, and Jeremy finally got off Susan, much to her delight. When Tedd brought the food into the kitchen, he explained why he was angry with Nanase and why he was afraid of being recognized, and Elliot accidentally revealed Tedd's middle name, Drew, to the group.[11] Sarah recognized the delivery boy as Matt Cohen and pointed out that he was too young to legally deliver stuff by car, which led her to theorize blackmailing him into not revealing Tedd's transformation. When Grace and Ellen returned from hiding in the kitchen bearing plates and napkins, Grace gave Tedd a hug which Tedd initially met warmly before Ellen nervously drew attention to the plates being brought in. Nanase asked why they had been hiding, and Ellen said she didn't want to be seen with Elliot while they were both female, and Grace said she didn't want to morph away her antennae given the energy needed and their size. While they were eating, Susan asked Nanase about her massive intake of food and Nanase explained the magic-related reason for it, and took the opportunity to create a male fairy doll.

While Susan was downstairs, it was decided that they were going to sing karaoke while transformed. Sarah said that it was Ellen's idea and that it would be fun, while Susan disagreed. Tedd explained that the uryuoms Will and Gill were crazy about it. Grace explained how the system worked, and Susan said none of them were good at singing. Grace said Tedd was a good singer based on overhearing him in the shower. Tedd botched his denial of this and Susan was about to ask the relevance of it before realizing he took showers as a girl (which probably did nothing to help her impression of males).

Sarah sang first and reviews were mixed; she got 58 out of 100 and the message "Excellent Effort", which she commented on. Grace defended the system, but was merely reciting the fluff from the machine's manual. They discussed the scoring briefly and Susan said she would not be singing. This incited the rest of the group to give her puppy dog eyes until she conceded. She sang halfheartedly, but still managed to get a 42 and "Sing More, Silly". Grace went third, and sang enthusiastically, to get a 63 and "Full of Spirit". Justin went next, and pulled off a 76. He explained he chose the song strategically, to Sarah's outrage. When Nanase went, she got a 49 and "Good Show", and complained that her current gender screwed her up. When they were deciding the order to finish with, Ellen said she wanted to go last but evaded the question of why. Tedd volunteered to go, and Susan teased him. When he sang, he got an 82, which he had mixed reactions to. Elliot went and got a 55, which was the third lowest score, and Nanase said she wanted a rematch once female again. Finally, it was Ellen's turn; she got Nanase to hold her jacket for her, ostensibly because she "could get hot in it". She was nervous at first, but when she decided to start, she closed her eyes. She sang the song perfectly. When she finished, it displayed a 100 and "Flawless Victory" to the rest of the group's silent awe. Susan and Tedd questioned how she had scored 100, since Elliot had no singing skill that she could have inherited. Ellen revealed that the whole karaoke setup was intended to broach the subject of her Second Life dreams and the result of them. When she finished explaining, everyone expressed their belief in her story, which reassured her. They finished up the karaoke by singing duets and then had cake. They discussed what to do after cake and Grace said they could just hang out while transformed which led to an explanation of how the transformations would wear off.

When Elliot and Sarah found themselves alone, they discussed Tedd and Grace's relationship briefly. Both of them felt awkward and simultaneously decided to go in for a kiss, but ending up conking their heads together. After asking each other if they were OK, they decided to try again. This time, Elliot fell off the couch, and Sarah suggested they use protection. After Elliot freaked out at the prospect, Sarah specified protective gear. They talked about their attraction to each other while gender-swapped, and Sarah brought up her talk with Grace. They discussed costumes, which then led to a tickle fight.

When Tedd and Grace came downstairs, Tedd was about to tell Sarah something, but said he'd tell her at a "less ironic time". Elliot, noticing Grace was female again, asked if they were all going to change back now, and Grace responded that they could if they wanted to and just needed to ask her or Tedd to work the TF gun. Susan and Justin appeared and notified them about the burnt out light. When Tedd asked what they had been doing downstairs, Susan responded that she was "logging" and Justin said he was "providing logging material". Sarah wondered out loud about Ellen and Nanase, which made Grace giddy thinking about it. Tedd asked her why she was smiling like that, and Susan asked if it was due to her lack of pants. Grace lifted up her shirt to reveal her short shorts and Nanase, who had just arrived, was startled by the sight.

Hidden Genesis

On a Sunday morning, Elliot was woken by Ellen, who told him that she had just returned from Tedd's house. They talked of her relationship with Nanase, and Ellen said that Nanase would be contacting her by fairy doll later.

At Tedd's house, Tedd revealed to Elliot his recently created 'free energy machine', which to Elliot's bemused surprise did not work (most of Tedd's inventions did SOMETHING when activated). They discussed the school arrangement and the keeping of secrets. They discussed Grace going to school for the first time, and Tedd told him how Grace was a genius in some respects. Meanwhile, Grace, who was mopping, found she had mopped her herself into a corner and couldn't walk out of it without leaving tracks. Her cries for help were heard by Tedd and Elliot, and they arrived at the kitchen to find her resorting to her Omega form in order to fly out; Tedd, having never seen it before, found it attractive. Elliot told Tedd that he shouldn't have his girlfriend do housework, but Tedd said that she lived there, after all, and that his father would probably allow more parties if the house was clean after the first one. Grace expressed her happiness at Ellen and Nanase getting together, but Tedd was not as pleased: he didn't like the idea of his cousin being a lesbian as he normally found lesbians attractive. Grace and Tedd told Elliot that he had missed seeing Susan with two hair colors, and Tedd surmised that she would not keep it that way: she had expressed annoyance when complimented on it.

At the Dunkels' residence, Ellen was getting packed for school, and Elliot tried to help her by making sure she didn't forget anything. Ellen got annoyed at him, and reminded him what she was, to which Elliot replied that their parents would be just as pestering.

At Moperville North, Tedd was discussing the pros and cons of the uniforms with Elliot when Sarah showed up wearing a beret. Sarah was explaining why she could probably get away with wearing it when Susan appeared wearing a boy's uniform with pants instead of a girl's skirt. Susan expressed her frustration about the uniforms and her plan to do something about them, and was overheard by a student who asked her if she was serious. Upon receiving a confirmation from her, he shouted to the students in the hall of her intentions. This resulted in he students getting excited and coming to her. When they were gathered, Susan elaborated on her plan, and said she wanted the uniforms changed, but not necessarily to get rid of them altogether. When they heard this, they quickly turned against her and walked away. Catalina Bobcat started calling the students 'jackasses' and tried to defend Susan, but only managed to continue calling the students jackasses. Alerted by Catalina's yelling, Principal Verrückt threatened her with detention ... again. At that, she called him a string of rapid fire insults which went over his head. Satisfied that he'd handled Catalina, he turned to Susan, and warned her of the consequences of her continued defiance of the dress code. He then turned to Sarah and was about to admonish her for her beret when he was overcome by its cuteness, as per Sarah's plan. He then declared the beret valid and walked away, to Susan's utter shock. Catalina talked with Tedd and Elliot, making Tedd uncomfortable. She then brought up an after school meeting of the feminist club and expressed her eager anticipation of it before leaving.

While Tedd and Elliot walked to their first class, they discussed Tedd's reactions to Catalina getting close to him and Susan in a guys uniform. Elliot told Tedd that the latter was in love even more than before and that Grace probably thought the same way about Tedd. When Tedd pictured this, he visibly glowed, and was seen doing so by another student, but Elliot was distracted by the bell.

Sister II

At Moperville North, just before lunch, Tedd worried about Grace at Moperville South while Elliot was more worried about Susan, and they discussed who was worse off. Susan then had an outburst of yelling, and said she was stressed out. She also said she would transfer schools if things didn't change about the uniforms. Tedd and Elliot pledged their support for her cause and Susan took Elliot's support for granted saying he would help his worst enemy if necessary (to which Elliot pictured himself kicking Damien off a cliff before responding that he wasn't so sure). Sarah arrived without her beret and Susan told her she liked when she wore it, prompting her to get it. Susan discussed the consequences of her leaving the school and admitted the solution was not ideal. At Moperville North at lunch, Susan put off lunch to work on her plans for the feminist meeting that afternoon, while Tedd explained why he keeps his hair long.

The next day, Elliot woke up to find he had changed to female form while he slept; after calming down, he managed to change back, and his celebration at doing so was misinterpreted by a disturbed Ellen.

At school, Sarah and Elliot met with Susan and everyone wondered where Tedd was; Susan assumed he was doing something childish. They were distracted by a commotion that turned out to be Tedd in a vest (which only the girls were required to wear). The students teased him about it, but he told them off for mocking the people who are trying to get the uniform policy changed. When Sandi expressed her view on it, Tedd rebuked her for hampering Susan's cause instead of doing something about the issue at hand. Tony did not take this rebuke well, but some of the other students apologized. Susan was shocked into stillness and Catalina hugged Tedd. Tedd and Catalina talked about her feelings for Susan and Tedd hugged Catalina to comfort her.

Elliot discussed the possibility of their joining the feminist club with Tedd, and Tedd said Susan would probably want to keep the club "girls only". They were playing a multiplayer card game when Elliot suddenly had an irresistible urge to transform. He excused himself and told Tedd it was something he ate. Elliot rushed to the restroom, and, trying to contain his urge, imagined what Grace might do in his situation. Elliot ended up transforming anyway and two boys walked in. Elliot apologized for being in there before noticing his voice and reflection in the mirror and realizing he looked like a combination of Ellen (or himself) and Grace. Elliot walked out of the restroom and tried to think about why he transformed that way, and tried to find a place to change back. Without realizing, he walked past Tedd, but Tedd did not recognize him because of his appearance. Tedd did, however, text Susan about him (since he was wearing pants, Tedd thought that he was a girl who was also doing the same as Susan). When Susan started walking toward him, Elliot, seeing her, ran away and ended up in the school auditorium, which was empty. While going behind the curtains, he noticed a box that moved, and picked it up. When it turned out to contain a green monster[12] (later identified as a bloodgrem by Edward Verres), Elliot was startled and threw the box, which angered the bloodgrem.

Elliot tried apologizing to it, but the bloodgrem attacked Elliot anyway. When Elliot realized it was going to attack, he grabbed a broom to defend himself. The bloodgrem grabbed on to the end of the broom and Elliot threw it away from him again. The bloodgrem bit the broom in half and prepared to attack with half of the broken broom. Elliot defended himself with a screwdriver before grabbing the broken broom handle from the bloodgrem and kicking it away, thinking that it reminded him of The Goo and Lord Tedd. When it returned, Elliot had changed back to male and the bloodgrem saw that his aura was not of the abomination, Ellen. The bloodgrem ran away and was seen by the Panicked Schoolgirl, who called animal control. The bloodgrem spotted Tony and was about to attack him when Elliot intervened and punched it into a wall, unsummoning it. Elliot recalled Susan's remark about him helping his worst enemy and realized he may have done just that. Elliot found Tedd at the feminist club table with Susan and Sarah and asked Tedd what he was doing there. Tedd responded by asking him where he had been and Sarah expressed concern for Elliot. Susan deduced that it was Elliot who was the girl in the guys uniform she saw earlier and Elliot confirmed her deduction. Susan text messaged Ellen while Elliot discussed his transformation with Tedd and Sarah. Susan asked Elliot a question to verify the nature of his transformation and got annoyed when Elliot tried to question her. Elliot asked for Tedd's cellphone to call Mr. Verres and told Sarah about the bloodgrem. When Susan finished texting she explained more about magic, and realized she was naive to assume female Elliot was really a girl, since he was still wearing the boys uniform, which would have attracted as much attention as had been receiving. Tedd asked Susan to explain more about awakenings but she told him his father could explain more. When Elliot got Mr. Verres on the phone, they discussed the bloodgrem and the fact that he had transformed involuntarily. Mr. Verres told Elliot to transform intentionally whenever possible in a private place and promised to explain further after school. Elliot told him his theory about the connection of the bloodgrem to Lord Tedd and Mr. Verres told him that that it was both unlikely and that the department was already addressing the situation.

After school at Tedd's house, Mr. Verres confirmed both Ellen and Elliot had been through an awakening using a magic analysis wand.[13] He then explained more about the process of awakening, like the fact that they got magic through anime-style martial arts, how Ellen would get out of the phase of magic build-up faster, and with less issues, than Elliot (due to her having being created by magic). He then told them how much harder it would be on Elliot. After Mr. Verres finished his explanation, Sarah got a call from Susan that there was a news crew at Moperville North that showed up to cover the appearance of the bloodgrem. Elliot realized that his fighting of the bloodgrem led to a the opening up of an avenue to publicize Susan's cause, which made him happy to have been of help.

At the Dunkel residence, in order to make light of his needing to stay in a female form overnight, Elliot ran through a checklist ending with his "forgetting" to transform for the night. Ellen, meanwhile, was still guilty for making fun of him earlier and apologized for it. Elliot told her that he preferred that she joke about it, as it lightened the mood of his obligation to transform in order to reduce his energy buildups. Upon hearing this, Ellen tried to make a joke about it, and Elliot brightened up. Ellen then asked him if he was going to do a standard morph and Elliot reminded her that he had shown her, Grace, and Tedd the form he ended up with at school, now named the "Gracelyn" form,[14] which Tedd had fainted at the sight of and Grace had thought was cute. Ellen then suggested Elliot try picturing someone other than Grace while transforming, and specifically suggested "that news lady". To Ellen's surprise, Elliot's clothes changed with him. When Elliot was handed a mirror, he realized he almost exactly like her.[15]

Bringing Silly Back

In Tedd's basement, Tedd ran a series of tests on Elliot's ability to transform into a girl. After testing showed that things like clothes that Elliot transforms remain transformed even when separated from his body, Tedd advised Elliot to make sure no one is in the restroom when he is transforming in a bathroom stall, because Moperville had become a hotbed for paranormal enthusiasts.

Later that night, Elliot told Ellen about his day, and she revealed that she had a new beam ability. She then proceeded to point her hand at Brownie and gradually transformed into a copy of Brownie. When Ellen started talking while still in the Brownie form, Elliot was so surprised that he cursed loudly and fell off his bed. Ellen explained that her new beam allowed her to transform into the person or animal she points it at, she can speak in their voice if they have one and that her clothes turn into the clothes they are wearing, if any. Since Brownie did not have a voice or a collar (which constitutes an article of clothing), Ellen retained her normal voice and her clothes remained untransformed. Mr. and Mrs. Dunkel came upstairs after Elliot's loud outburst of cursing, only mildly surprised by there being two Brownies. Mr. Dunkel announced that they were buying a new TV (and a video game console - possibly a Wii), and were moving the old TV upstairs to the kids' room. However, his parents said that Elliot must go to 'Swedekea' to buy a TV stand, which they would pay for and he would assemble, but of which there was only one left in stock according to the store website. In order to do this, they said Elliot would have to navigate through a maze of passageways and furniture to reach a warehouse where the TV stand would be located.

Upon arrival, Elliot met up with Noah, an androgynous boy who happened to be looking for the same TV stand. The boys quickly realized that the other is a rival for the last stand, and thus began a race for the end of the store. Elliot got the lead up the only escalator in, but Noah somehow beat him to the top and used his knowledge of the store to pull ahead. They tried to distract each other with various items in the store, and used various other techniques to distract the other.

In the end, Elliot managed to pull ahead just in time to get to the slot first, but found it empty. It seemed that the last stand had been sold the day before, and the website does not update in real time. Elliot and Noah were told that the next shipment of stands comes in on Tuesday, and that there will be enough for both of them. Feeling awkward at their pointless race, Elliot proposed they race again on Tuesday, which Noah quickly accepted. A stressed security guard quickly told them that they would be banned from the store if they were caught racing again and that they would have to pay for the pillows they used.

After that, Elliot and Noah ate Mac and Cheese at the food court and talked with each other. Elliot explained he needed the stand for his room, and Noah said he was getting it for his girlfriend. That fact that Noah had a girlfriend surprised Elliot, and though Noah noticed his astonishment, he was unfazed by it. Noah explained that she was not really his girlfriend, but rather someone whom he comforted. This candidness surprised Elliot, and Noah explained that he didn't like secrets because the keeping of secrets was what had resulted in the deaths of his parents. This made Elliot uncomfortable, but Noah apologized and the two formed an uneasy friendship. At the end of the day, Elliot talked about this encounter with Ellen.

Later, while Elliot was being intimate with Sarah, he suddenly realized he needed to take a break to transform. Sarah said they could have fun with it, and asked him to transform into her. However, when he did so he concentrated on her face at the expense of not modifying his breasts from their default (Ellen) size. Sarah was annoyed at this and Elliot apologized, making both of them feel awkward. Just then Sarah's phone rang and Susan told Sarah about the hammers, which had stopped working.

About a week later, Elliot woke up wearing a super heroine costume that he had apparently morphed into while sleeping. Ellen asked him to morph up a super hero costume for her on Friday when she planned to have Nanase come over.

Later that day, Elliot, Nanase, and Justin found out from Sensei Greg that he would be closing down the dojo due to the Super Mutant Principle (and the fact that they are his only remaining students). Greg would be teaching at a new dojo, could give Grace private lessons, and could help Justin get to the level that Nanase and Elliot have reached. After leaving, Nanase felt they should do something to toast the ASMA dojo. Elliot suggested ice cream and Nanase agreed, but Justin left for home. Elliot noticed he was taking the closing hard and Nanase explained it was because he and Elliot would not get to do things together anymore. As they walked to the ice cream shop, Elliot suggested they play basketball with Noah. Nanase was surprised and confirmed that it was the same Noah that was dating Melissa, which made Elliot decide against inviting Justin to come play basketball with them. He then suggested that he hang out with them at the comic shop, but Nanase said he would be bored there based on Ellen's behavior there.

When Elliot came to the shop, George asked him if he had any reason to be at the shop other than to hang out with Justin; when Elliot could only think of Superman and Scrabble, George called him a 'fail'. After George left, Elliot and Justin talked until a customer came to Justin for his monthly comic orders; while Elliot wandered around the comic store, he saw people arguing about comic books, trading cards, sci-fi TV shows, and Silver-Age Superman.

Later in the day, Elliot needed to transform, so he asked Justin where the bathroom was; once he left, George appeared and was mad that Elliot was using the bathroom, but his rant was interrupted by an "EEEEEK" from outside. When Justin jumped over the counter top to see what was happening, he discovered that there was a large humanoid creature made of fire outside. Justin tried to talk to him, but the creature just attacked him. Justin managed to avoid the attack and punched the creature into a parked car. The fire creature responded by spitting a fireball at Justin which was blocked by Elliot, suddenly appearing in his superhero form. Justin tried to talk to the creature again, but it just spat more fireballs at him. Finally Elliot punched the creature toward Justin, who roundhouse kicked it into the river, defeating it.

After the fight was over, Elliot expressed surprise over Justin's fighting ability, and George was distraught with his car being ruined. Justin told Elliot the latter needed to leave because he looked like Ellen, and Elliot quickly flew away. Mid-flight he realized the significance of being able to fly and got lost in the thrill of flying.

A few minutes later Elliot came upon a gas station and decided to change forms in its bathroom despite being grossed out by the thought of a stereotypically unclean gas station bathroom. Upon entering it, however, he found it to be sparkling clean. He thought for a minute about what the best plan of action would be and decided on a third, female form to prevent notice either of the superheroine costume or a man exiting a woman's restroom. By the time he thought this, he had already morphed into a different, bespectacled form, reminiscent of Velma Dinkley from Scooby-Doo.

Elliot, shocked, examined his new form, and discovered that he actually needed the glasses, supposed that it was part of the superheroine spell, and then was shocked to realize that he was unconsciously talking (to himself) in a 'mild-mannered' way.

Some time later, he appeared at the door of the Verres house, and attempted to prove himself to be Elliot by speaking Uryuomoco to Mr. Verres. This was not good enough, however, and after letting Elliot in, he performed a noisy and explosive but apparently harmless spell which confirmed Elliot's identity and gave Mr. Verres information on the spell Elliot was using. Elliot began to ask about the mechanics of the superheroine spell, but Mr. Verres replied by asking how long it had been since Elliot had read his spellbook. Upon Elliot's reply ("March?") Mr. Verres declared that Elliot's 'current girliness' was the only thing protecting him from a smack upside the head.

Elliot then introduced his new form to Grace and Tedd, who were in the den. Elliot then managed to say "Damn" at Mr. Verres' suggestion (thus proving that the mild-mannered effect on his mind caused by the form could be overridden), with a little concentration. His exultant expression immediately afterward was found to be "disturbingly adorable" by Grace, which Tedd confirmed. Elliot then began to explain what had happened, but found that the Verres had been following the incident via various media. Elliot then noticed that Carol Brown the reporter, who was revealed to be Sarah's sister (every character present already knew this, which Dan lampshaded), was covering the fire creature (which was confirmed to be a summon) story for the local news channel by interviewing Justin, and then, somewhat panicked, worried that he had looked too much like Ellen. The Verres reassured him that the brightness of the fire creature had obscured its face, and Mr. Verres suggested he morph his face a bit next time. Elliot was surprised that the spell had that ability, and Mr. Verres asked Grace to smack him upside the head. Grace refused, however, on the grounds that her every instinct told her to hug [Elliot] instead.



Ellen is, legally-speaking, Elliot's twin sister, but she is actually his female duplicate; she was created when Elliot touched the Dewitchery Diamond.[16] They enjoy a typical sibling relationship, and sleep in the same room with no problems (this is probably due to the circumstances regarding Ellen's creation and the fact that Elliot must sleep as a girl).


Elliot met Grace shortly after she arrived at Tedd's house. At first, he thought she was a robot or had been kidnapped, because he could not believe she could have been in Tedd's lab of her own free will. After she came back from shopping with Sarah as a squirrel girl, Elliot was suspicious of her, sensing that she was more powerful then she seemed.


Elliot saved Justin from being bullied,[17] and introduced him to the Anime Style Martial Arts dojo. Elliot is oblivious to Justin's crush on him.


Nanase was Elliot's girlfriend at the start of the comic, and they both trained at the Anime-Style Martial Arts dojo. When she found Sarah loved him, she broke up with him because she was not physically attracted to him[18] and had already suspected that their relationship wouldn't work.

After breaking up,[19] they remained friends with very little awkwardness, which is partially due to the fact that shortly afterwards, Nanase discovered that she is a lesbian.[20]


After his relationship with Nanase was over (see above), Sarah became Elliot's girlfriend, but later they broke up[21] because Sarah realized Elliot was too passive and Elliot realized he Sarah is more like a sister to him. This made sense to Sarah, and Susan actually later pointed out that she MIGHT have been feeling the same when Elliot transformed into a woman.[22] They remain very close friends.


Tedd is Elliot's best friend, and they have known each other since the third grade when Elliot saved him from bullies.[23] Elliot's father has warned him to be careful around Tedd, since he thinks something is not quite right with the boy.


Before the uniform policy was instituted,[24] Elliot knew of Susan mainly through Sarah and Susan's own expressions of straw feminism. During the uniform rebellion, he felt sorry for her, and upon hearing that she would switch schools if the policy didn't change, he pledged his support to her.

Later, he started working in the video rental store with her.[25] They started doing movie reviews together, and he has started to feel attracted to Susan, but has not acted on these feelings for fear of losing her friendship.


Ashley became Elliot's girlfriend after Sarah. He first met her when he returned her cell phone, which she had dropped, by running on a wall over a crowd of people.[26] He met her formally when she accidentally witnessed him transforming in the stairwell.[27] In the So a Date at The Mall story line they went on a date together at the mall, which turned out more similar to Nanase and Ellen's dates than anyone expected.


Grocery store

Before The Goo, Elliot had a summer job working as a cashier in a grocery store. It was a nightmarish experience for him.[28][29]

Video Rental Store

Elliot in Video Rental

In Summer, he asked Susan if the video rental store she worked at was hiring, and she recommended him to her boss. Due to his catastrophic failure in recognizing movie references,[25] Mr. Tensaided didn't want to hire him and only agreed when Susan mentioned that Elliot knows Cheerleadra.[30]

Later Elliot was shown to be very good at the work, and better with Susan. Tensaided recognized this and talked them into doing movie reviews together.[31]



Anime Style Martial Arts

Tamashii Gekido
  • Heightened senses: Through his martial arts training, Elliot has the ability to detect the power of certain supernatural beings, such as the Goo.[32]
  • Togateiru Fohku Kohgeki This is a 'martial arts technique' consisting of throwing a fork at your opponent; the name translates to 'Pointy Fork Attack'.[33]
  • Tamashii Gekido: The Tamashii Gekido (魂激怒?, Soul Fury) is a powerful martial arts technique Elliot developed during his time at Sensei Greg's dojo.[34]
  • Illusion Glowing Through his training, Elliot has gained the ability to cast some illusions, like make his eyes and body glow in order to make himself look cooler.[35]

Dewitchery Diamond abilities

  • Female Variant #5 transformation: When Ellen was split from him by the Dewitchery Diamond, Elliot retained the magical ability to transform into his previous form at will. His physical appearance when transformed is almost identical to Ellen's.[36]
  • Cat form transformation: When Elliot used Tedd's Transformation Belt to temporarily assume the form of a cat person, the still lingering magic of the Dewitchery Diamond added that form to his still undiscovered transformation ability.[37] This ability was revealed when he involuntarily transformed during a confrontation with Hedge.[38]


Elliot Morphmap 1

Elliot's forms and which transitions are possible between them, with question mark for currently unknown.

  • Girl transformation: As Elliot's first new spell after the abilities granted directly by the Dewitchery Diamond, he found himself with the ability to transform into a female form of his own choice. Besides physical appearance, this spell also allows him to transform his clothes into what he pictures the form to be wearing, although there may be limitations.[39] His clothes will not automatically transform back when he takes them off[40] or when he transforms back[41] - they will stay morphed for around a day.[42]
Utilized forms:
  1. Gracelyn[14][43]
  2. The News Lady (Carol Brown)[15]
  3. Idealized Sarah (busty and curvier)[44]
  4. 'Ellen' (basically the straight female version of Elliot, now only used accidentally)
  5. 'Blonde Ellen'[45]
  6. Minor variations on other forms (e.g. a non-angsty version of the Angsty Goth)
Note: There is no shortage of forms ... in fact, Elliot complained that it's hard to transform to exactly the same form twice[46] (except Ellen). Picturing exactly what he wants is WAY easier to screw up that one would think.[47] On the other hand, Helena mentioned he can transform into the Gracelyn form again because he's already used that form[15] ...
  • Superhero (aka Cheerleadra): The superhero spell transforms Elliot into a costumed female super hero[42] and includes three "alter ego" forms.[48][49] While in the hero form, Elliot can fly, withstand dangerous amounts of damage, and has an accelerated healing factor.[50] He also resists cold.[51][52]Due to the hero form having a skirt that slightly resembles that of a cheerleader, the public has decided to refer to him in that form by the name "Cheerleadra".[53]
Partially confirmed that cheerleadra would likely stack with any other enchantment.[54]
Superhero alter egos: These three forms are 'part' of the superhero form[49] and can only be accessed by first turning into Cheerleadra.[55] All of these forms significantly change Elliot's personality to the point where he will accidentally take actions that he would never normally consider. This is not typical for the EGS universe and was unique for these forms when introduced. Personality morphing could be viewed as an entirely new power if Elliot ever learns to control it.
The personality changes include changes in sexual preference.[56][57]
  1. Mild-mannered[48] - Due to the spell feeding off Elliot's subconscious desire to be like Superman (Clark Kent), this form alters his instinctive behavior to be mild-mannered, though Elliot can consciously override this.[58] He also needs glasses to see clearly in this form. To his great discomfort, Elliot has found himself attracted to Justin in this form.[56][59]
  2. Angsty Goth[42] - Elliot has only used this form to sleep in (after morphing away the 'angsty' part) and it's been called 'disturbingly hot'[60] by Ellen. This form is inspired by Peter Parker (and Marvel's entire lineup, probably).
  3. Party Animal Socialite[61] (aka Heidi) - This form was named by Melissa. [62] This is Elliot's favorite alter ego form in that he enjoys how spontaneously extroverted she is and that it's just fun[63] - to the point he's using it for relaxation.[64] Although on first try this has led to problems when he gave Carol the news reporter a friendly kiss (which made his then-girlfriend Sarah very jealous... Carol is Sarah's sister). She seems bisexual but is actually asexual (but friendly).[56] This form mirrors Tony Stark's personality.

Character Traits

Elliot the Boy Scout

The reason Elliot got the superhero spell is likely tied to the fact he keeps helping people,[65] especially against bullies - that's how he met both Tedd[23] and Justin.[17][66] It's true that it was partly because he liked fights,[67] but him questioning his motivations actually supports the conclusion that he's a good guy - possibly TOO good. Edward Verres commented that he thinks Elliot was born wearing a scout's uniform,[68] Sarah complained that he's too afraid of pregnancy to risk sex with her[69] (he also "failed at perversion"[70] by being unable to choose someone to morph to for sex-related purposes, which Sarah considered "monkish" levels of restraint, but Susan considered commendable[71]), and Susan commented that he would help even his worst enemy[72] (although Elliot rejected that, imagining Damien) and later called dibs when Tensaided called him a misguided henchman for a charismatic super villain waiting to happen.[73]

We also know that Ellen - back when she viewed herself as just a copy of Elliot - completely failed at being his evil double despite actively trying.[74]

Elliot Stick in the Mud

Elliot tends to be Tedd's voice of reason. As Edward Verres quickly noticed, Ellen is more impulsive.[75] Ellen didn't forget to tease Elliot about that at the party describing him as being "stick in the mud"[76] and likely later as well. She also reminded him when voicing her surprise about Elliot talking with Noah[77] and tried to convince him there are other ways how to stop being stick in the mud than using his party secret form, failing to realize that she ALSO had help by being turned into woman before getting more impulsive.[63]


  • Beta Ellen (Beta Universe) - NOT to be confused with his magically-created twin sister or any of her alternates, Beta Ellen is Beta Tedd's girlfriend.
  • Elliot (April Fool's 04/Oblivious Wand Waving‏‎) - Oh hang on, this isn't an alternate, he's "exactly the same". Except for the whole part about Tess being his girlfriend and wearing a white shirt.
  • Ellen (Magus) - Despite being born female, Ellen Magus identifies as Elliot's alternate rather than Ellen Dunkel's. In his native reality, he was training to be a battlemage, and transitioned permanently to male for the increase to physical strength and endurance. He had a tempestuous relationship with that universe's iteration of Tedd.


—(Multiple Instances)
"Let us never speak of it again."
—(Multiple Instances) EGS Main Story Comic for 2002-06-15 ("A Very Awkward Moment") EGS Main Story Comic for 2010-03-08
"I'm too young and too male to be the mother of a seventeen-year-old female me!!!"
EGS Main Story Comic for 2003-02-19 ("At Least Ellen's Adjusting")
"Because it sounds like one big awkward moment."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2005-01-28 ("Elliot’s Essentially Summed Up All Of El Goonish Shive In One Sentence")
"Of course, he might just want to stare at my magic boobs."
EGS Main Story Comic for 2010-03-03
EGS Main Story Comic for 2010-03-22
"She was just asking for directions!"
—(Elliot completely missing what is noteworthy of helping a griffin) EGS Main Story Comic for 2013-10-20


Picture gallery

Basic Elliot

Elliot's Forms




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