El Goonish Shive is mostly self-contained universe: Dan didn't draw any crossover comics or at least didn't put them in comics archive. But other comics did referred EGS occasionally ... and the non-canon EGS-Con 2006 story arc referred other comics indirectly.

L.P.Hogan's list Edit

L.P.Hogan included EGS list of cameos in his archive, but it includes one-off arts and links which are not working anymore.

EGS-Con Edit

In the non-canon EGS-Con 2006 story arc, Susan seem to find Melonpool character[1] ... but it turns out it's actually puppet. The fact it's puppet is mentioned soon, but only the puppet appears on frame until last frame, where the puppeteer is show.[2]

Troutman[3] is met by Sarah and later hands another puppet, Sporkman,[4] and The Teague appears.[5]

Crossover Wars Edit

Squirrel Wars Edit

In supposedly canon Squirrel Diplomacy story line, which was originally created for compilation which didn't happen,[6] Tedd creates squirrel statue.[7]

This statue is later stolen as part of Squirrel Wars by Sash from RoCR and Lynette from Sharing A Universe.[8] They've met some EGS characters: Demonic Duck, two Female variant#5 girls with TF Gun (one of them might be Elliot or Ellen), William and Gillian and the Goo.[9]

Forum involvement Edit

In early 2007, a band of villains known as the Evil Overlords United, led by the sinister Editor,[10] launched an attempt to conquer the webcomic universes. Using a technology called DRACO (Dimensional Realities Arcane Crossover Organiser), they subdued world after world in devastating blitzkriegs, leaving the inhabitants reeling.[11] Then one day, EGS appeared[12] on one of their monitors...

In response to their observations of EGS, the Bunnies in the Main Forum[13] (now moved to 910CMX) began arming themselves against an attack from the EOU, believing it to be coming soon. However, the Overlords noticed the arming of the Bunnies and decided that attacking a place geared up for war would be suicide, and seemingly focused their efforts elsewhere.

The EGS itself was never attacked, but the forum WAS, and EGS technology based on Transformation Gun[14] - was heavily used by both sides of conflict.[15]

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