EFTM - Part 3, short for Escape From The Mall - Part 3 is the thirty third story arc in EGS:NP. It started with EGS:NP Comic for 2016-11-21 and ended with EGS:NP Comic for 2017-03-10. It's canon and it features Catalina Bobcat and Rhoda, continuing exactly where the previous part ended. It features the hijinks promised in EGS:NP Comic for 2016-09-05.

The problems start with Catalina and Rhoda noticing Diane and Lucy.[1] Rhoda doesn't want to risk Diane recognizing her even taller, so she escapes, starts to panic and gets another spell - a disguise one. Akiko sees the transformation,[2] and Catalina changes too, due to being inside Rhoda's jacket pocket. Rhoda gets more confidence when no one can recognize her (maybe too much, as commented by Tensaided), but then Catalina starts getting bigger and Rhoda smaller, meaning Catalina is forced to jump from the pocket ... in front of several people who see that.[3] Also, Rhoda changes into a catgirl too. As an amused Pandora explains, originally their problem was just combining two enchantments on Rhoda which should have lead to both ending sooner. But the disguise spell linked all the enchantments both of them had together,[4] which caused them to affect both of them but less (they are now both smaller and taller, but bigger than Catalina was and not as much taller as Rhoda was) and also means that them wanting the disguise (which seems likely) can keep all the enchantments going indefinitely (given the ambient energy and Rhoda's talent, powering four enchantments is no problem either). This meant it was too late to try ending only Catalina's catgirl enchantment ... even if they decided to try.

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