Dr. Germahn[1] is a "stereotypical German scientist" who pops in to provide "scientific" explanations. As the amount of suggestive gags involving the main cast has decreased, the crew of Germahn Labs has been picking up some of the slack. Dr. Germahn is a bit of a pervert, and likes to use Amanda for his various experiments, predominantly shrinking.

Note that while Germahn Labs cast is appearing more often, Dr. Germahn himself doesn't. He is still around, but he doesn't need to be physically present all the time, using high definition cameras instead.[2]

Only 100% canon mention of Dr. Germahn is when it's implied that he developed the radio watches Tedd, Grace, Nanase and Ellen were using when infiltrating the Nest.[3]

Quotes Edit

"I'm a mad scientist! Testing crazy things on myself and those who are close to me is my job."
—Dr. Germahn to Amanda on EGS:NP Comic for 2004-09-21 ("Respect - Part XIII")

References Edit

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