Daniel Elliot Shive is the creator, author and artist of El Goonish Shive. From what can be inferred from this illustration on his deviantART account, Dan attended the College of DuPage since it matches the floor plan of the college's Arts Center seen here. Given the date of the illustration, he attended the school for at least the 2007-2008 academic year.

EGS publication historyEdit

Daniel Elliot Shive

Dan early in the morning and with a cold

Solo effortEdit

EGS's first comic hit the web on January 21, 2002. Installments to the comic (story and/or filler) were added daily, except for a few months that were erratic but usually had three story comics a week.

The official forum in this era was hosted on, the forum for TopWebComics (TWC). A second official forum was hosted on SuddenLaunch, due to TWC downtime. Only the latter is still online.


Dan joined Keenspot in September 2003.[2] The contemporary official forum was hosted under Keenspot.


Dan moved to 910CMX on February 2, 2009.[3] The official forum is hosted under 910CMX.


Dan moved again to Hiveworks in the year 2013. The 910CMX forum remains official, although Dan no longer frequents it.

Art styleEdit

Dan has changed art styles throughout the existence of the comic, however he currently uses a style involving both sketching and computer editing. Usually these transitions are marked with delays in updates due to Dan spending more time figuring out the new system and experimenting with it. The comics also started grayscale, but changed to full color and back three times, being in grayscale now.

Color changes Edit

Sketchbook Edit

Note that while sketchbook contains not only color and grayscale images, but also true sketches, color images are more common than in normal comics ; whole year 2002 is color, almost all images since EGS Sketchbook Comic for 2013-11-09 are color and selected panels from grayscale comics often feature colored in sketchbook. This contrasts with NewsPaper section, which is so far completely grayscale.

Other style changes Edit

Interaction with fansEdit

EGS online forumEdit

Historically, Dan frequented the official EGS forum and commented or responded to the goings on, operating as a moderator or administrator.

He left because the forum had become a less than civil place,[4][5][6] with negative attitude being encouraged by the community,[7] which uncivility has since been resolved,[8][9] largely by means of substantial moderation work by The Old Hack,[10][11] who has stated "I do not for a moment blame him for having no particular desire to come back"[4] and "It's a good deal better now, but I still don't blame Dan for staying away."[5]

Dan withdrew his endorsement of the forum in late 2016, due to being unable to vouch for its status without frequenting it.[12][13]

Social mediaEdit

Dan maintains and interacts with fans using accounts on Twitter and Tumblr, and runs a Facebook page and closed group.[14] He is also a moderator of the /r/elgoonishshive subreddit.[15]


Dan is on Patreon.[16]


Dan has a DeviantArt account and is promoting it shamelessly.[17]

Comic-Con and other appearancesEdit

At San Diego Comic-Con 2006, Dan knighted Lord Killerfish and seven others into the Order of the Bunny.[18]

Dan was a guest on the Keencast podcast, and discussed EGS among other things.[19] The podcast is no longer available through Keencast; click here to listen to an archived copy.

Reading Edit

Dan exclusively reads book series starring wizards named Harry.[20] Specifically, Harry Potter and Harry Dresden (Dresden files). He also read Hobbit but didn't make it through Lord of The Rings, and considered reading Discworld.

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