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"It's not nudity if no naughty bits are showing"
—Dan explaining why his furry characters don't need clothes

Dan is the EGS-character representation of Daniel Elliot Shive, the author of EGS. Dan has multiple forms, though most often is an anthropomorphic squirrel (male or female). He exists in a universe built around his creation of EGS. As such, any character from any other dimension can interact with him, and the fourth wall is broken regularly.

Comic productionEdit

Dan is seen multiple times creating comics - or, rather, failing to create comics, whether it is by "computer failure", Writer's Block, illness, or just being late. To help him churn out the comics on time, he has the assistance of an uryuom named Minion. He also appears frequently in EGS:NP and the sketchbook, where bizarre things tend to happen to him, including having living carnivorous ottomans (i.e. footrests) released on him for scouting a furniture store to gather information on furniture dimensions.[1]

Character interactionsEdit

Dan most commonly interacts with his minion, Minion, but during the second question session Dan used his powers to turn people at the beach into women alongside Amanda and Dr. Germahn.[2] When Susan tried to hammer him, he turned into his female form to avoid it.[3] At the end of the storyline, he had a water balloon fight with her. During the third Q&A he dropped by to say it's not nudity if no naughty bits are showing.[4] During the fourth Q&A period Lisa yelled at him about Chika`s watch.[5] During the fifth Q&A period Dan received a suggestion from Chika.[6]

Stories involving DanEdit

Dan in the MUDEdit

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Drawn by SarahEdit

Dan's avatar makes a single lone appearance in the Main Universe, when Sarah (an artist) shows several of her sketches to her friends during lunch one day; she admits to writing a comic, and shows a sketch of Dan.[7]

Dan's formsEdit

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