Dame Tara was the cloaked figure Charlotte's Angels decided to investigate, who turned out to be a female griffin (with a tiger pattern), searching for her wife. Voltaire "helped" her with her search in a way which made her believe Elliot was her wife's captor. Upon meeting Elliot in the Moperville Shopping Mall she confirmed his identity and interaction with her wife, Andrea. She interpreted his partial knowledge and confusion as evasion, attempted to attack him and then chase him. Luckily, Ashley was able to interrupt her chase, deliver information about what she sought and thereby cause her to resume non-violent discussion. She eventually figured out Voltaire's deceit with the help of Helena and Demetrius, departed the mall, and regrouped with Elliot, Ashley Nanase, Ellen, Diane, and Charlotte at a empty parking lot some distance away.

When she explained what her aura sensing ability detected, she identified Elliot as Cheerleadra, Nanase as having magic strength typical of royalty in her world, Ellen as Elliot's twin with different sort of magic potential and Diane as potential vampire hunter. She first appeared in the EGS Main Story Comic for 2015-03-11.

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