DES Comics was a comic drawn by Daniel Elliot Shive for his college newspaper, and is now on indefinite hiatus.[1] It is closely related to certain standalone NewsPaper strips both in style and subject matter, but has a continuous set of characters.

It was previously hosted under Keenspot on Dan's personal site That site no longer exists, and Wayback has not kept the comics themselves, but all but one comic are available on Dan's DeviantArt.

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What do the shadows hide? Edit

Occurs in the DES comics universe, but in a rather different style (it was created for a different purpose). This is the first appearence of Alex, as she is called in Dan's commentaries.

The comic shows Alex getting into bed and turning the light out. Sensing a presence, she turns the lamp back on to reveal that she is surrounded by several raccoons (or perhaps tanuki), which promptly leave. She finishes up lying in bed without turning the light off.

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Dandave noticed a girl wearing a cool outfit and asked Steve whether it would creep the girl out if he complemented her. Steve asserted that it would, but that he (Steve) would have dates for the weekend were he to do the same.

Steve and Dandave were shopping in the university store. Dandave noticed that stethoscopes were for sale and seemed quite excited about this, in spite of being a graphic design major. Steve pointed that out, upon which Dandave pointed out that Steve (an acting student) was buying a lab coat. Steve justified this as costume supply for hypothetical mad scientist auditions. Both stubbornly went ahead and purchased their selections, with Steve also buying a bubble pipe as part of his sketch comedy supply list.

Subsequent this, it becomes apparent that Steve actually wanted the lab coat for the purpose of womanising. Steve approached some girls, one of which had repeated a myth about goldfishes, denounced it (amazing said girls with his "scientist" appearance), and proceeded to elaborate by spouting nonsense aimed purely at wooing the girls further.

Meanwhile, Dandave was approached by Tori, who proceeded to query precisely why Dandave (who she originally called "Dave" as a guess from his appearance) had purchased a stethoscope, while he could have spent his money on books and alcoholic beverages. Dandave mentioned that he is a teetotaler, prompting a comment from Tori, and that his stethoscope was more functionally useful than Steve's lab coat, upon which what Steve was doing became apparent. Dan offered to listen to Tori's heartbeat, but she declined.

Tori was questioned by her instructor about her "life drawing". She had discarded a literal depiction of the fifty-year-old female subject in favour of a younger, gender flipped (male), streaking figure. She dismisses this as artistic license.

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